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    asian literature The Lives of Others
    Neel Mukherjee

    The Lives of Others narrates the story of the ageing patriarch and matriarch of the Ghosh family, set in 1960s Calcutta. They preside over their large household, consisting of five adult children and their respective children. Each set of family members occupy a floor of the home, in accordance to their standing within the family. From the outside, the Ghosh family may seem as one united front, but on the inside, that fragile image threatens to shatter against buried rage, hatred and jealousy. Amidst their internal wars, the eldest grandchild Supratik leaves home to join an extremist political activist group – an action that further catalyzes the decay of their family. Shortlisted for the 2014 Man Booker Prize, Neel Mukherjee delivers a powerful epic of family and nation.

    fantasy A Stranger in Olondria
    Sofia Samatar

    “What I knew, what I learned, was the map of a heart, of the longings of Lunre of Bain: I walked in the forests of his desire and bathed in the sea of his dreams.” Growing up in the Tea Islands, Jevick of Tyom was obsessed with the stories of Olondria, where his tutor Lunre came from. When presented with the opportunity to finally travel to Olondria, he did so; living in the land he had previously only dreamed about. But then he became haunted by the ghost of a woman from his homeland, sending him amidst a conflict between two factions fighting for control over the written word. Winner of the 2014 British Fantasy Award, Sofia Samatar’s first novel both question the value of the written word over the oral tradition, and how our respective cultures shape our way of thinking.

    literature The Bookman’s Tale 9780143125389/ 9781846883026
    Charlie Lovett

    Peter Byerly, a young antiquarian bookseller, immerses himself in his trade to overcome his grief over the loss of his wife Amanda. Relocating from North Carolina to an English countryside, he returns to work where he hopes to rediscover the joys of life through his passion for collecting and restoring rare books. But when he opens an 18th century study on Shakespeare forgeries, he discovers a Victorian miniature portrait of a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to his wife. And so begins an obsessive hunt to find the origins of this painting. As he follows the trail back to the 19th century, and to Shakespeare’s time, Peter learns the truth about his own past, and unearths a book that might prove the truth about the Bard’s real identity.

    manga Takasugi-san's Obento Vol.1
    Nozomi Yanahara

    Takasugi Harumi is a 31-year-old underachiever working part-time to support himself, despite having a PhD in Geography. His days were carefree, if dull - until he finds out that his estranged aunt had passed away, leaving him with the care of her painfully shy 12-year-old daughter, Kururi.  Between his haplessness and desire to be a good guardian, and her being a target to the school bullies, both of them have a lot to work on, especially as the only thing they had in common was their memory of Miya’s (Harumi’s aunt and Kururi’s mother) cooking. Takasugi-san’s Obento is more of a heart-warming slice-of-life than a food manga, but food remains a prevalent theme, showing how it has the power to bring people together.

    current affairs Dirty Wars: the World is a Battlefield
    Jeremy Scahill

    The recent beheading of 2 American journalists in Syria is more or less an indirect result of the American government imposing actions in their combat on terrorism and their foreign policy in the Middle East. Ever since 9/11, America no longer accord to the Geneva Convention rules of fighting uniformed enemies and national militaries. Those days are replaced by night raids, secret prisons, cruise missile attacks and drone strikes. Jeremy Scahill’s Dirty Wars tells us these horrible stories that were never reported on prime news. Through this book, we meet al Qaeda figures in Yemen, US backed warlords in Somalia, CIA spies in Pakistan and Special Operations commandos tasked with hunting down people deemed to be enemies of America. Through his brave reporting, the true nature of America's wars across the globe is exposed.

    business Driving Honda 9780670920563/ 9781591844730
    Jeffrey Rothfeder

    As Soichiro Honda said, “Success can be achieved only through repeated failure and introspection. In fact, success represents one percent of your work, which results only from the ninety-nine percent that is called failure.” Learn the Honda story from this readable book that reveals how Honda became one of the world’s iconic automakers and engine manufacturer by adapting their Honda way.

    science The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success
    Kevin Dutton/ Andy McNab

    Here comes a unique book that is a guide to success. Unlike from other self-help books, this book shows you success via the psychopath way. You don’t need to own a chain saw to cut through your success because this book will guide you to become a good psychopath in order to succeed in your life. Drawing from cutting-edge psychology labs and Special Forces tips from one of the British Army’s most famous soldiers, you learn why 8pm is the best time to sell insurance and why taking a cold shower might help you to get a raise. Be a good psychopath today.

    art & design reference Design Fundamentals: Notes on Color Theory
    Rose Gonnella (author) & Max Friedman (illustrator)

    We are surrounded by colours - yes. Ever wonder what their stories are? Do not be stressed by the word ‘theory’ as this is some fun notes that clarify (1)what is colour; (2)how it works and (3)its relation to us. Sounds boring? Not really. The concept of colour is not only discussed in written words but it is also demonstrated through entertaining illustrations. Besides, there are suggested exercises and projects for you to experiment and play with colours. Above being an indispensible reference book for all design students, it is also a pleasant read for anyone who is interested in the subject.

    music Infographic Guide to Music
    Graham Betts

    Infographic Guide to Music presents unique, witty and surprising facts about every music genre, from pop, rock, indie, house, dance, electronic, rap, country and classical. Mixing musical stats with facts on all your favourite leading legends, it features infamous and often ludicrous tales of the music business. More than just a book of words, with graphs, Venn diagrams and charts, this book provides a unique overview of the music world, boasting over 100 original artworks and illustrations and at-a-glance facts to amaze and astound readers. (text courtesy of Cassell Illustrated)

    hobbies & crafts Little Fixes
    Disney Powless

    We all have favourite pieces of clothing that we never want to throw out despite the fact that they become so used and even too small to wear. What about our kids? They, too have their much-loved tees and dresses, and not only that – kids tend to attract dirt, spills and tears, let alone out-growing their clothes before you can budget for the next wardrobe shopping trip! Turn to this handy book for clever ideas to make your kid’s wardrobe last longer by reusing, repurposing and restyling before you decide to cut them up for the rag-bag.

    young adult Since You’ve Been Gone
    Morgan Matson

    Emily spent most of her life in her best friend Sloane’s shadow. She defines herself by their friendship - she is the more reserved of the two, while Sloan is outspoken and captivating. The two are never apart, and Emily is looking forward to spending the summer together when Sloan disappears. She leaves Emily with nothing but a list of tasks, ranging from picking apples at night to kissing a stranger. Hoping that they would bring her closer to Sloan, she dedicates her summer to completing them, finding new experiences and meeting new people along the way. An unconventional, but addictive read depicting how friendships evolve and change, and a girl getting to know who she is outside of that friendship, Since You’ve Been Gone is the kind of book readers would fall completely in love with.

    children's non-fiction The Animal Book : A Collection of the Fastest, Fiercest, Toughest, Cleverest, Shyest--and Most Surprising--animals on Earth

    Steve Jenkins

    Steve Jenkins’ books have always been beautiful beyond reality. Utilising collage (cut and torn paper), his animals remain realistic and detailed. Beyond his artwork though, it is actually his ideas of how non-fiction can be presented differently, playfully and interestingly that makes his work stand out. A book on animal eyes; or deep sea animals; or the fastest/biggest/strongest; and even one of tails and the uses – these are only a few among his wide range of titles. Yet, nothing can beat The Animal Book for its sheer comprehensiveness, beauty and fun.


    Gillian Flynn




    科學 大數據
    Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Kenneth Cukier



    繪本 永遠愛你
    Robert Munsch


    無論養兒育女的過程如何辛苦,每到夜晚,媽媽總是在孩子睡著時,輕輕的把他摟在懷裏,輕輕的唱著... ...我永遠愛你,我永遠疼你,在媽媽的心裡,你是我永遠的寶貝。

    漫畫 幸福麵包屋(全)
    田中つかさ, 大和田聡子






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