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The World's Greatest Idea : The Fifty Greatest Ideas That Have Changed Humanity (Reprint): Farndon, John: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The World's Greatest Idea : The Fifty Greatest Ideas That Have Changed Humanity (Reprint)
The World's Greatest Idea : The Fifty Greatest Ideas That Have Changed Humanity (Reprint)
Publisher : Icon Books
Published Date : 2011/08
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781848312456

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Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Library Journal - Reference Supplement 2012
Table of Contents
    Abolition of Slavery                           282
    The Aerofoil                                   31 (143)
    Arable Farming                                 174
    Banking                                        86 (127)
    Bread                                          213
    Calculus                                       168
    Capitalism                                     61 (47)
    Coffee and Tea                                 108(151)
    Computer Programming                           259(40)
    Contraception                                  299
    Copper and Iron                                80 (157)
    Democracy                                      237
    Electricity Grids                              188
    Epic Poetry                                    50 (227)
    Evolution by Natural Selection                 277
    Feminism                                       208
    Government                                     163
    Honour                                         43 (213)
    Hope                                           256(54)
    The Internet                                   310
    Laws of Motion                                 132(117)
    Logic                                          249
    Marriage                                       13 (143)
    Marxism                                        156
    Mass-production                                127
    Monotheism                                     36 (258)
    Music                                          294
    Pottery                                        101(100)
    Printing                                       201
    Qi                                             55 (139)
    Quantum Theory                                 194
    Refrigeration                                  150
    Romance                                        120
    The Sail                                       75 (196)
    The Scientific Method                          271
    The Self                                       180(86)
    Sewerage                                       266
    Simplified Chinese                             144
    The Steam Engine                               93
    The Stirrup                                    26 (199)
    The Telephone                                  225
    Universities                                   138(151)
    Use of Fire                                    289
    Vaccination                                    218
    Weaving and Spinning                           20 (48)
    Welfare State                                  68 (175)
    The Wheel                                      243
    Wine                                           116(189)
    Writing                                        305
    Zero                                           231

An exploration of mankind's greatest-ever ideas, from the author of the bestselling Do You Think You're Clever? Where would humanity be now without fire, vaccinations, farming ...or wine? A great idea is one that has changed the path of human civilisation. But which is the greatest of them all? John Farndon, author of the bestselling Do You Think You're Clever?, has set out to find the answer. A distinguished panel of experts agreed on a list of 50 ideas, and each chapter of The World's Greatest Idea sees Farndon explore the argument for a different one. The candidates are intriguingly varied: Electricity grids enable us to power our cities, but then sewers allowed those cities to grow. Without the wheel, modern civilisation would be pretty much impossible, but take away Logic and we'd lose the essential structures for rational thought ...But then what would be the point of all of this without the idea of romance? The World's Greatest Idea is an enthralling voyage of discovery through the most powerful intellectual, social, scientific and creative brainwaves humans have ever had. They are ranked in the book determined by a public vote on But will you agree with the verdict?