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Decision Book : Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking -- Hardback: Krogerus, Mikael/ Tschappeler, Roman: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
Decision Book : Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking -- Hardback
Decision Book : Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking -- Hardback
Publisher : Profile Books Ltd
Published Date : 2010/10
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9781846683954

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Book Description
Table of Contents
Instructions for use                               5  (5)
    How to Improve Yourself
      The Eisenhower matrix: How to work more      10 (2)
      The SWOT analysis: How to find the right     12 (2)
      The BCG box: How to evaluate costs and       14 (2)
      The project portfolio matrix: How to         16 (4)
      maintain an overview
      The John Whitmore model: Am I pursuing       20 (2)
      the right goal?
      The rubber band model: How to deal with a    22 (2)
      The feedback model: Dealing with other       24 (2)
      people's compliments and criticisms
      The family tree model: The contacts you      26 (2)
      should maintain
      The morphological box and SCAMPER: Why       28 (4)
      you have to be structured to be creative
      The Esquire gift model: How much to spend    32 (2)
      on gifts
      The consequences model: Why it is            34 (2)
      important to make decisions promptly
      The conflict resolution model: How to        36 (4)
      resolve a conflict elegantly
      The crossroads model: So what next?          40 (6)
    How to Understand Yourself Better
      The flow model: What makes you happy?        46 (2)
      The Johari window: What others know about    48 (2)
      The cognitive dissonance model: Why          50 (2)
      people smoke when they know it's unhealthy
      The music matrix: What your taste in         52 (2)
      music says about you
      The unimaginable model: What do you          54 (2)
      believe in that you cannot prove?
      The Uffe Elbæk model: How to get to    56 (2)
      know yourself
      The fashion model: How we dress              58 (2)
      The energy model: Are you living in the      60 (2)
      here and now?
      The SuperMemo model: How to remember         62 (2)
      everything you have ever learned
      The political compass: What political        64 (2)
      parties stand for
      The personal performance model: How to       66 (2)
      recognise whether you should change your
      The making-of model: To determine your       68 (4)
      future, first understand your past
      The personal potential trap: Why it is       72 (2)
      better not to expect anything
      The hype cycle: How to identify the next     74 (4)
      big thing
      The subtle signals model: Why nuances        78 (2)
      The network target model: What your          80 (2)
      friends say about you
      The superficial knowledge model:             82 (4)
      Everything you don't need to know
    How to Understand Others Better
      The Swiss cheese model: How mistakes         86 (4)
      The Maslow pyramids: What you actually       90 (2)
      need, what you actually want
      Thinking outside the box: How to come up     92 (2)
      with brilliant ideas
      The Sinus Milieu and Bourdieu models:        94 (4)
      Where you belong
      The double-loop learning model: How to       98 (4)
      learn from your mistakes
      The Al model: What kind of discussion        102(2)
      type are you?
      The small-world model: How small the         104(2)
      world really is
      The Pareto principle: Why 80 per cent of     106(2)
      the output is achieved with 20 per cent
      of the input
      The long-tail model: How the internet is     108(2)
      transforming the economy
      The Monte Carlo simulation: Why we can       110(2)
      only approximate a definitive outcome
      The black swan model: Why your               112(2)
      experiences don't make you any wiser
      The chasm - the diffusion model: Why         114(4)
      everybody has an iPod
      The black box model: Why faith is            118(2)
      replacing knowledge
      The status model: How to recognise a         120(4)
      The prisoner's dilemma; When is it worth     124(6)
      trusting someone?
    How to Improve Others
      The Drexler-Sibbet team performance          130(4)
      model: How to turn a group into a team
      The team model: Is your team up to the       134(2)
      The gap-in-the-market model: How to          136(2)
      recognise a bankable idea
      The Hersey-Blanchard model (situational      138(4)
      leadership): How to successfully manage
      your employees
      The role-playing model: How to change        142(4)
      your own point of view
      The result optimisation model: Why the       146(2)
      printer always breaks down just before a
      The world's next top model                   148(8)
    Now It's Your Turn
      Drawing lesson 1                             156(2)
      Drawing lesson 2                             158(9)
      My models                                    160
      Bibliography                                 167(2)
      Illustration credits                         169(2)
      Final note                                   171(1)
      Thanks                                       172(1)
      The authors                                  173

Most of us face the same questions every dayI get it? How can I live more happily and work more efficiently? A worldwide bestseller, The Decision Book distils into a single volume the fifty best decision-making models used on MBA courses and elsewhere that will help you tackle these important questions - from the well known (the Eisenhower matrix for time management) to the less familiar but equally useful (the Swiss Cheese model). It will even show you how to remember everything you will have learned by the end of it. Stylish and compact, this little black book is a powerful asset. Whether you need to plot a presentation, assess someone's business idea or get to know yourself better, this unique guide will help you simplify any problem and take steps towards the right decision.
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