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Words of Love : A Collection of Beautiful Poetry, Prose and Quotations: Carlson, Isobel: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Words of Love : A Collection of Beautiful Poetry, Prose and Quotations
Words of Love : A Collection of Beautiful Poetry, Prose and Quotations
Publisher : Summersdale Pub Ltd
Published Date : 2012/01
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9781840247176

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Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Textual Format: Readings/Anthologies

'Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking in the same direction' - Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Romantics everywhere will be charmed by this delightful collection of poetry and prose dedicated to the most inspirational subject: love. Some of the greatest writers, from Christina Rossetti to Lord Byron, share their thoughts on romance, passion and friendship, celebrating love in all its forms.transformation of the detective novel, we follow his agonised efforts to probe and confront both his own motives for, and the consequences of, his crime. The result is a tragic novel built out of a series of supremely dramatic scenes that illuminate the eternal conflicts at the heart of human existence: most especially our desire for self-expression and self-fulfilment, as against the constraints of morality and human laws; and our agonised awareness of the world's harsh injustices and of our own mortality, as against the mysteries of divine justice and immortality.writings contextualises his work in the United States of the Great Depression, in his evocation of 1930s Hollywood (where he worked as a writer of screenplays), and in the larger context of his Eastern European Jewish background, and, particularly, his reading of Dostoyesvky. The text comes with extensive annotations, a note on the textual history of West's writings, and a guide to further reading for both the student and the general reader.(1878-1927), Liliana Albertazzi; Christian von Ehrenfels (1859-1932), Alfred Zimmer; Wilhelm Frankl (1878-1933), Giovanni Grandi; Fritz Heider (1896-1988), Elisabeth Baumgartner; A. Hofler (1853-1922), Thomas Blackmore; Ernst Mally (1879-1944), Gerhard Zecha; Ernst Schwarz (1878-1938), Wilhelm Baumgartner; France Veber (1890-19175), Matjaz Potrc; Stephan Witasek (1870-1915), Andrea Haberl-Zemljic. Part 3 Topics in Meinongian philosophy: psychology - presentation and production, Liliana Albertazzi, Meinong on psychological content, Johann C. Marek, assumption, Roberto Poli, Meinong on the objects of sensation, Robin Rollinger, the legacy of the Graz psychologists, Liliana Albertazzi; logic, ontology and metaphysics - general thesis of the theory of objects, Roberto Poli, "aussersein" of the pure object, Dale Jacquette, nuclear and extranuclear properties, Dale Jacquette, Meinong's theory of meaning, Edgar Morscher and Peter Simons, the Meinongian logic of fiction, Jacek Pasniczek, Meinong's main mistake, Reinhardt Grossmann, what is alive and what is dead in Russell's critic of Meinong, Alberto Voltolini; value theory - Meinongian aesthetics, Karl Schuhmann, value theory in Ehrenfels and Meinong, Karl Schuhmann.