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Building Restaurant Profits : How to Ensure Maximum Results (Food Service Professionals Guide To, 9): Hudson Taylor, Jennifer/ Brown, Douglas R.: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Building Restaurant Profits : How to Ensure Maximum Results (Food Service Professionals Guide To, 9)
Building Restaurant Profits : How to Ensure Maximum Results (Food Service Professionals Guide To, 9)
Publisher : Atlantic Pub Co
Published Date : 2003/01
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780910627191

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Professional
Table of Contents
  Getting Started
    Write a Great Business Plan - If You           9  (2)
    Haven't Already!
    Financial Analysis                             11 (1)
    The Present Financial Status of The Food       11 (5)
    Service Industry
  Profit Planning and Cost Control
    Cost Control Records - Get it Right            16 (1)
    Get Computerized                               17 (1)
    Chart of Accounts                              18 (2)
    Point-of-Sale Systems                          20 (2)
    Crucial Elements of Cost Control - Profit      22 (3)
    Accurate Day-to-Day Cost Control               25 (1)
    Standards are Key to Any Cost-Control          26 (1)
    Cost Ratios                                    26 (2)
    Cost Calculations - The Basics                 28 (2)
    Essential Sales and Turnover Calculations      30 (2)
    Profitability Ratios                           32 (3)
    The Balance Sheet                              35 (1)
    Why Should the Balance Sheet be Important      36 (2)
    to You?
    The Statement of Cash Flows                    38 (2)
    Simple Tactics to Help You Compile Your        40 (1)
    Financial Reports - Faster!
    Controlling Food Costs                         41 (1)
    Yield Costs                                    41 (4)
  A Financially Profitable Menu
    Menu Sales Mix                                 45 (1)
    The Menu Itself                                46 (2)
    Menu ``Do Nots''                               48 (1)
    Analyze and Classify Your Menu Sales Mix       48 (3)
  Pricing Successfully
    Pricing                                        51 (1)
    Determining Prices                             52 (1)
    Other Factors That Will Help You Determine     53 (1)
    Internal Controls                              54 (2)
    Purchasing and Ordering                        56 (1)
    Inventory, Storage and Accounts Payable        57 (1)
    Labor Productivity                             58 (1)
    Pricing Beverages                              59 (1)
    Beverage Inventory Control                     60 (3)
  Pleasing Customers
    Service Guarantees                             63 (1)
    Meeting Expectations - First Impressions       63 (2)
    Customer Response - Actively Seek Feedback     65 (1)
    Better Service, More Tips - Fifteen Top        66 (3)
    Provide Taste Samples                          69 (1)
    Healthy Food Preparation and Cooking -         70 (3)
    Without Sacrificing Taste and Flavor!
  The Restaurant Interior
    A Place to Impress                             73 (1)
    Create a More Inviting Ambiance                74 (2)
    Attention to Detail                            76 (1)
    Drowning Out Operation Noises                  77 (1)
    Keep Temperatures Comfortable                  78 (1)
    Inviting Furniture                             79 (2)
    Buying Carpet                                  81 (1)
    Other Environmental Considerations             82 (1)
    Cleanliness, Tidiness and Comfort - A Few      83 (2)
    Basics You Can't Ignore
    Clean, Presentable Restrooms                   85 (2)
  The Extra Mile
    Food and Entertainment                         87 (1)
    Expand Your Services                           88 (1)
    Handling Customer Complaints                   89 (2)
    Turn Negatives into Positives                  91 (1)
    Offer a Fast Lunch                             92 (1)
    Provide ``Add-Ons'' and Specialty Items        93 (2)
    Provide Consistently Excellent Service         95 (2)
    Your Staff is Your Best Selling and            97 (1)
    Cost-Cutting Resource
    Practical Training Strategies                  98 (3)
    Proper Conduct                                 101(1)
    Written Job Descriptions                       102(2)
    Hiring Strategies                              104(2)
    It's All in the Attitude                       106(2)
    Managing Employees and Coworkers               108(3)
    Set Standards of Staff Performance             111(2)
    Impressive Uniforms                            113(2)
  Marketing For Profitability
    The Real Value of Marketing - Spend Your       115(1)
    Money Where it Counts!
    Develop a Unique Selling Position              116(1)
    Build a Web Site                               117(1)
    Other Online Marketing Opportunities           118(1)
    Traditional Marketing Techniques               119(1)
    Other Innovative Marketing Techniques          120(2)
    Get to Know Your Customers                     122(1)
    Actions That Grab Attention                    123(1)
    The ``Do Nots'' of a Profitable Business       124(1)
    Maximize Wine Sales                            124(2)
    Manage Costs - Increase Sales                  126(1)
    Other Cost-Saving Tips                         127(4)
  Behind The Scenes
    Managing the Flow in the Kitchen               131(2)
    Safety in the Restaurant                       133(1)
    Kitchen Safety                                 134(1)
    General Safety Factors                         135(1)
    Create a Food Safety - HACCP Plan              136(2)
    The Power of Purchasing - Be an Astute Buyer   138(2)
    Develop a Buying Plan                          140

"Building Restaurant Profits" is designed as a quick reference manual to help you take quick and easy actions to maximize profits from your restaurant business. You won't find complicated theories that require additional interpretations or lengthy explanations. What you will find are actual tips that produce profitable results, without consuming all your time in unnecessary research, or worse, experiences of painful trial, risk and error. This book lists company names and contact information with corresponding tips, where appropriate. "Building Restaurant Profits" is efficiently organized, with easy-to-recognize subject headings and highlighted bullets that lead you directly to the answers that you need. Unnecessary descriptions are replaced with the basic facts. This book is no ordinary textbook. Instead, it offers you actionable strategies and tips that provide profitable results for today. This book is part of the new series from the editors of the "Food Service Professional Magazine. With 15 books on the most relevant food service subjects, theses are the best and most comprehensive books for serious food service operators available today. These step-by-step guides on specific management subjects are easy to read, easy to understand and will take the mystery out of the subject. The information is "boiled down" to the essence. They are filled to the brim with up-to-date and pertinent information. These books cover all the bases, providing clear explanations and helpful, specific advice. All titles in the series include the phone numbers and Web sites of all companies discussed.