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The Like Economy : How Businesses Are Making Money with Facebook: Carter, Brian: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The Like Economy : How Businesses Are Making Money with Facebook
The Like Economy : How Businesses Are Making Money with Facebook
Publisher : Que Pub
Published Date : 2011/11
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780789749062

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Language : English

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Academic Descriptors: A93663643 A48500300
Place of Publication: United States
Textual Format: Computer Applications
Academic Level: Professional
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Earn Big Business Profits on Facebook * Practical, specific, proven, and revenue-oriented! * Packed with real-world lessons you can use right now Here's your complete, start-to-finish plan for making money on Facebook! Brian Carter offers step-by-step techniques and practical lessons drawn from his 11 years of experience helping companies double and triple their revenue online. This revenue-focused book is packed with up-to-date ideas and proven solutionswith all the details you need to execute crisply, avoid costly mistakes, and reap big profits. You'll learn how to identify your best Facebook profit opportunities!craft Facebook programs that reflect your unique offerings, brands, and customers!use Facebook to supercharge your existing marketing programs!attract super-affordable targeted clicks and fans with Facebook ads!repel negative "brand-bashers."!increase visibility!deepen your customer interactions!translate "community" into cash! Your customers aren't just "on" Facebook: Nowadays, that's where they're most engaged. That's where you need to reach them.Marketing on Facebook is no longer optional--but the field is cluttered with hype, foolishness, and "fake" solutions that don't deliver results. This book gives you what you really need: a complete, proven, step-by-step plan for maximizing your ROI on Facebook. Building on techniques he's used to help dozens of companies supercharge their online revenues, Brian Carter delivers up-to-the minute, ground-level solutions that work. The devil's in the details, so Carter gives you all the specifics you need to implement these strategies quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you're an entrepreneur, marketer, or social marketing specialist, this book will help you attract more visitors and fans at lower cost!convert more visitors into profitable buyers!repel "brand-bashers" and encourage positive, productive posts!continually measure and optimize your performance!transform your Facebook presence from an experiment into a robust, highly profitable market channel.* Leverage the five most direct routes to Facebook profits Construct your most powerful Facebook marketing mix * Transform FaceLookers into FaceBuyers Master the 13 best Facebook sales and influence techniques * Avoid six missteps that destroy Facebook marketing programs Learn from the pioneers' costly mistakes * Achieve non-revenue goals while you're earning bigger profits Gain branding and positioning benefits at the same time as you're building sales

1 The Like EffectDecrease Costs and Increase Profits ...2 Likes Increase Sales ...2 Likes Give You Control of the Customer Conversation ...3 Likes Prove People Are Paying Attention ...3 Likes Solidify Loyalty ...4 Likes Create Evangelistic Customers ...5 There's No Dislike Button ...5 Can You Do Fear-Based Marketing on Facebook? ...6 Google and Wikipedia "Like" the Like Button ...6 Facebook Is About Passions and Interests ...7 How Often Do Facebookers Like Things? ...8 Facebook Users Are More Trusting ...9 Facebook Groups: Off-the-Charts Positivity ...9 Facebook Page Brag Boards ...10 Easy Testimonials ...10 I Just Posted to Say "I Love You" ...10 Emotions on Facebook Are Contagious ...11 Gross National Happiness ...11 2 You Can't Tell a Facebook by Its Cover: The Case for Facebook Marketing... 13 Why Facebook Marketing Is So Important ...14 Facebook Is the Biggest Thing Since Google and Might Be Bigger Than Google ...14 The Facebook Ad Platform Is the Most Powerful Marketing Tool in History ...16 Google Dooms You to Price Wars, Whereas Facebook Creates Loyalty and Increases Your Value ...16 Facebook Fans Are the New Email Subscribers ...17 Facebook Is Heir to the Browsing Empire Yahoo! Lost ...17 00_9780789749062_fm.qxd 11/8/11 9:08 AM Page IV Myths and Misconceptions About Facebook for Business ...18 Social Media Users Don't Buy Products ...19 Social Media Users Don't Buy Soon Enough and the Sales Cycle Is Too Long ...22 Twitter Is the Only Social Media Channel Worth Using . .23 Facebook Is Just for Kids ...27 People Don't Click On Ads ...29 Who Harbors These Misconceptions and Why? ...29 Some Businesses Profit on Facebook, and Some Don't ...30 Common Mistakes ...30 Success Stories ...31 Here's What Facebook Marketing Successes and Failures Do Differently ...32 Facebook's Strengths: Advantages for Your Business ...32 3 FaceFirst: How Facebook Fits In to Your Business and Other Marketing Efforts ... 33 How Is Social Media Supposedly Changing Business? ...34 Conversation ...34 Transparency, Honesty, and Trust ...35 Availability and Responsiveness ...36 Marketing ...37 Evaluating Social Media Experts ...38 What Businesses That Profit from Facebook Do ...38 Can Facebook Change Your Business? ...38 How Can Facebook Fit In to Businesses in Different Ways? ...39 How Do You Synch Up Your Other Marketing Efforts with Your Facebook Campaigns? ...39 Facebook + Print, Web, and Email ...40 Facebook + Google Marketing ...40 Facebook + PR ...41 Facebook + Email Marketing ...41 Facebook + TV ...42 Facebook + Radio ...43 4 FaceBucks: Five Ways Businesses Achieve Profits with Facebook ... 45 How Facebook Advertising Helps All Five Revenue Models ...46 Reaching Potential Buyers ...46 Positive Alignment ...47 Cheap Clicks, Cheap Fans, and Profits ...47 Should You Try Facebook Marketing Without Fans First? ...48 Five Facebook Revenue Strategies ...49 Strategy #1: Advertising Direct to e-Commerce ...49 Strategy #2: Advertising and Email Marketing ...50 Strategy #3: Fan Marketing for e-Commerce ...53 Strategy #4: Fans for Blogging and Advertising Revenue .55 Strategy #5: Fans and Affiliate Marketing ...57 5 How Not to Fall on Your Face: Six Mistakes That Block Facebook Profitability... 61 1. Viability and Profitability ...62 The New Online Business ...62 The Successful Online Business Now Testing Facebook Marketing ...66 Figuring Out Facebook Marketing Profitability ...67 2. Head in the Sand: No Analytics ...67 3. Too Many Hoops: The Arduous Conversion Funnel ...68 The 1% Rule: Only 1% Of People Will Do What You Ask Them to Do Online ...68 The Effect of the 1% Rule on Internet Sales Processes ...69 4. Why Should I Care? Unmotivated Customers ...70 Why Should They Care? ...70 WIIFM? ...70 Incentives ...70 Facebook-Specific Landing Pages on Your Website ...71 5. You've Got the Wrong Guy: Unqualified Fan Base ...72 6. Let's Get It On: No Warm-up ...73 Start with Generosity ...73 Warming It Up on the Web ...73 Warming It Up on Facebook ...74 6 Facing the Facts: How to Continuously Get Better Results with the Five Steps of Optimization ... 75 The Five Steps of Optimization ...76 Step One: Establish One Clear Goal ...79 Facebook Marketing Goals ...80 Prioritizing Goals and Reconciling Conflicts ...81 Step Two: Quantify the Goal with a Key Metric ...82 Balancing Metrics ...83 Estimating the Likelihood of Success ...83 Tracking ...84 Facebook Marketing Metrics ...84 Step Three: Look at Where You're Starting ...85 Resources ...86 Obstacles ...86 Capabilities ...87 Step Four: Choose Tactics to Test ...88 Ad Copy Tests ...88 Ad Image Tests ...88 Facebook Post Tests ...89 Testing Post Types ...90 Landing Pages ...90 Step Five: Optimize Based on Results ...90 7 Selling the Dream: Going Beyond Benefits to Arouse Your Fans' Desire for What You Offer... 93 Facebook Is Not About You: Curing the "Me Me Me" Epidemic ...94 Your Favorite Words Versus the Customers' ...94 Disinclination to Better Understand the Potential Customer ...95 Can You Really Say, "I Am the Best Example of Our Target Customer"? ...97 Obsession with the Artistic Parts of the Marketing Process, to the Detriment of Other Aspects ...97 Lack of Interest in Measuring Results and Changing Strategies and Tactics to Get Better Results ...98 Facebook Is the Consumer's Playground: So Play by the Rules ...98 Do Pushy Sales Messages Turn People Off? ...99 Facebook Is Like a Conference: How Do You Sell at a Conference? ...99 Sales Is a Journey of Four Steps ...100 What Is AIDA? ...100 "Hot Donuts Now" ...100 "I'm on a Horse" ...101 Social Media Selling Is So Romantic ...101 How AIDA Works on Facebook ...102 How to "Sell the Dream" ...103 The Desire Phase Is Critical in Fan Marketing ...103 The Features Versus the Benefits ...103 The Benefits Versus the Customer's Dream ...104 Examples of Selling the Dream ...105 12 Things People Dream About ...107 How to Figure Out Your Customer's Dream ...107 How to Get Fans Thinking and Talking About the Dream ...108 8 Putting Your Best Face Forward: Setting Up Your Facebook Page to Get More Fans and Sales... 109 Pages, Groups, and Profiles: The Mad, Mad World of Facebook ...110 Other Facebook Opportunities ...113 Can You Market with a Personal Profile? ...114 What's Better, Pages or Groups? ...114 Understanding Admins for Pages and Groups ...116 How Do Pages and Groups Work Together? ...116 Why Are Facebook Groups So Powerful? ...117 Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Page Setup ...118 What to Put in Your Page's Main Picture ...119 How to Get a Vanity URL ...119 Are Custom Tabs Overhyped? ...120 Most People Never See Your Welcome Tab ...120 Why Most People Will Never See Your Tabs ...121 Easiest Ways to Create Welcome Tabs ...121 Other Great Uses of Custom Tabs ...123 9 The Face of Advertising: How to Capitalize on the Most Powerful Marketing Tool ... 125 Why Facebook Advertising Is Critically Important ...126 Comparing Google Search Marketing with Facebook Marketing ...127 How Ready Are They to Buy Now? ...127 Cost of Permission Marketing ...127 Facebook Ads for Different-Sized Businesses ...128 Mistakes and Misconceptions ...129 How to Do Facebook Advertising ...130 1. Analyze Your Business and Customers ...131 2. Target Your Audiences ...132 3. Create Your Advertisements ...136 4. Optimizing Your Campaigns and Ads ...144 Advertising to Existing Fans ...151 How to Be a (Boring) Rock Star for Just $30 per Month ...152 10 FaceHook: Capturing Qualified Prospects as Fans and Group Members... 155 Why Fan Marketing Can Be So Profitable ...156 Paid Media Versus Owned Media on Google ...156 Paid Media Versus Owned Media on Facebook ...156 Unwise Ways to Get Fans ...158 The Contest and Giveaway Trap ...158 Buying Fans from Companies That Get Fans for You ...159 Marketing 101: Targeting and Return on Investment ...159 Wrong Fans? Bad Return on Investment ...160 A Few Fan Growth Campaign Case Studies ...161 How to Get Cheap, Targeted Fans ...163 The Best Ad Settings for Cheap Fan Acquisition ...163 Target-Ad Consistency: Tightly Grouping Targets with Image and Message ...164 An Alternative Targeting Approach ...165 No-Brainer Marketing: Simplicity Gets Results ...165 Ad Copy Formulas ...165 Ad Copy Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization ...166 Ad Headline Issues ...166 How to Choose Images for Fan Acquisition Ads ...167 The Key Metric for Fan Generation and How to Find It 167 Notes on Business-to-Business Fan Acquisition ...171 Business-to-Business Fan Generation Advertising Tips .171 11 Talking Till You're Blue in the Face: How to Get More Likes and Comments... 173 How People Use Facebook ...174 Your Fans See the People and Pages They Interact With . .174 The Average Page's Posts Are Seen by Less Than 10% of Its Fans ...175 The Mysterious EdgeRank Algorithm ...177 Post Metrics and Benchmarks ...177 Dancing on the EdgeRank: Increasing Response and Visibility ...179 What the Heck Is Web 2.0? ...179 Leading the Community You Create ...181 Formulas for Posts ...181 Incorporating Selling the Dream ...184 Learning from Your Previous Posts ...185 Engagement Milestones ...186 Guiding Your Community ...186 Balancing Engagement and Selling Types of Posts ...188 Ratio and Frequency ...188 Ideas for Posting ...189 Feedback Rate and Sales Posts ...190 12 FaceMessage: Achieving Other Corporate Goals on Facebook... 191 Non--Revenue-Oriented Facebook Goals ...192 Branding and Positioning ...192 Customer Service ...194 Public Relations ...196 Journalistic Best Practices for Interaction ...200 13 Face-alytics: Analyzing Your Facebook Results... 203 Which Web Analytics Package Should You Use? ...204 Google Analytics Overview ...205 Taking Analytics with a Grain of Salt ...207 The Untrackables ...208 Uneven Accountability ...210 Last-Click Bias ...211 Inconsistencies and Inaccuracies ...211 Tracking Facebook Visitors with Google Analytics ...212 Tracking Visitors from Facebook Posts ...213 Tracking Visitors from Facebook Ads ...214 How to Get Advanced Facebook Page Insights ...216 1. How Often Should You Post on Your Facebook Page? ...217 2. What If the Demographics of Your Most Engaged Fans Is Different from Your Average Fan? ...217 3. What Types of Posts and Post Content Get You the Best Feedback Rates? Which Get the Worst? ...218 4. What's the Best Time to Post to Your Fans? ...218 5. Which Sources Get You Fans Who Will Ultimately Unlike Your Page? ...218 How to Use These Tips to Get Better Results from Your Posts ...219 14 FaceFluence: Turning FaceBrowsers into FaceBuyers--13 Sales and Influence Tactics... 221 When Influence Comes into Play ...221 Sales and Influence Tactics for Increased Facebook Profits ...222 Applying Influence Principles to Facebook Marketing ...223 Reciprocity ...223 Commitment and Consistency ...230 Social Proof ...232 Liking ...233 Authority ...234 Scarcity ...235 Applying Time-Tested Sales Tactics to Facebook Marketing ...237 Discounts ...237 Bonuses ...238 Upsells ...238 Selling the Value ...238 Testimonials ...239 Truth and Consequences ...240 15 FaceBusiness: Seven Principles for Success... 243 Harness the Power of Positive Marketing ...245 Embrace the Entire Sales Funnel ...246 Leverage the Facebook Advertising Platform Now ...246 Know Your Customers Much More Deeply ...247 Test, Track, and Optimize Your Marketing ...248 Start Fascinating Conversations ...248BD BE BF BG BH BI BJ BM BN BO BR BS BT BW BY BZ CC CD CF CG CH CI CK CL CM CN CO CR CS CU CV CX CY CZ DE DJ DK DM DO DZ EC EE EG EH ER ES ET FI FJ FK FM FO FR GA GD GE GF GH GI GL GM GN GP GQ GR GS GT GU GW GY HK HM HN HR HT HU ID IL IN IO IQ IS IT JM JO JP KE KG KH KI KM KN KP KR KW KY KZ LA LB LC LI LK LR LS LT LU LV LY MA MC MD MG MH MK ML MM MN MO MP MQ MR MS MT MU MV MW MX MY MZ NA NC NE NF NG NI NL NO NP NR NU OM PA PE PF PG PH PK PL PM PN PR PS PT PW PY QA RE RO RU RW SA SB SC SD SE SG SH SI SJ SK SL SM SN SO SR ST SV SY SZ TC TD TF TG TH TJ TK TL TM TN TO TR TT TV TW TZ UA UG UM UY UZ VA VC VE VG VI VN VU WF WS YE YT ZM ZWExporting Reports to a .CSV File or to Excel 490 Emailing Reports 493 15 Reviewing Your Data 495 Importance of Reviewing Your Data 495 Reviewing the Balance Sheet 495 Account Types 497 Prior Year Balances 497 Bank Account Balance(s) 498 Accounts Receivable 498 Undeposited Funds 499 Inventory 500 Other Current Assets 501 Fixed Assets 502 Accounts Payable 503 Credit Cards 503 Payroll Liabilities 503 Sales Tax Payable 504 Other Current Liabilities and Long-Term Liabilities 505 Equity 505 Reviewing the Profit & Loss Report 505 Other Reviews 506 Tracking Changes to Closed Accounting Periods 506 Using the Audit Trail Report 507 Using the Credit Card Audit Trail Report 508 Reporting on Voided/Deleted Transactions 510 Viewing the Transactions List by Date Report 511 Troubleshooting Open Balance Equity Account 512 16 Sharing QuickBooks Data with Your Accountant 517 Overview 517 Benefits for the Business Owner 517 Benefits for the Accountant 518 QuickBooks File Types 518 Choosing a Method to Share Data 520 Data Sharing for the Business Owner 522 Reviewing Your QuickBooks Data 523 Creating an Accountant's Copy of Your Data 523 What the Business Owner Can and Cannot Do 529 Importing Your Accountant's Changes 530 Canceling an Accountant's Copy 536 Data Sharing for the Accountant 537 Creating an External Accountant User Type 538 Preparing Your Client for Data Exchange 538 Receiving an Accountant's Copy File 539 What the Accountant Can Do 542 What the Accountant Cannot Do 545 Returning the Accountant's Copy Change File to the Client 545 What to Request from the Client When the Import Is Complete 549 Converting the Accountant's Copy to a Regular Company File 549 17 Managing Your QuickBooks Database 551 The QuickBooks Database 551 System Requirements 552 Installing QuickBooks for Single-User Mode 554 Installing QuickBooks for Multi-User Mode 554 The QuickBooks Database Server Manager 555 Windows Permissions Required for QuickBooks 557 Using the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 558 Keeping Your Software Current 559 Upgrading Your QuickBooks Version 559 Installing a QuickBooks Maintenance Release 560 Protecting Your QuickBooks Database 561 Creating a QuickBooks Backup 561 Protecting the QuickBooks Operating Environment 564 Using Intuit Data Protect Online Backup Service 567 Monitoring Your QuickBooks Database 567 The Product Information Dialog Box 567 Using the Verify Data Utility 569 QuickBooks Database Corruption 570 Common Causes of Corruption 570 Signs of Data Corruption 570 The QBWin.log File 571 Repairing List Corruptions 574 Reducing Database File Fragments 575 Rebuilding Your Company File 576 Using the QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool 577 Resolving QuickBooks Program File Corruption Issues 579 18 Using Other Planning and Management Tools 581 Planning and Budgeting 581 Create a Budget 581 Edit a Budget 584 Print Budget Reports 585 Delete a Budget 587 QuickBooks Loan Manager 587 Information to Collect 587 Getting QuickBooks Ready 587 Setting Up a New Loan 588 Setting Up a Loan Payment 589 Using the Year-End Guide 591 Synchronizing QuickBooks Lists with Microsoft Outlook 592 Using the QuickBooks Timer 596 Installing the QuickBooks Timer 596 Preparing the Timer for Activities 597 Tracking Time with the Timer 597 Exporting Timer Activities 598 Importing Timer Activities into QuickBooks 599 A Client Data Review 601 B QuickBooks Statement Writer 657 C QuickBooks Shortcuts 687 TOC, 9870789749185, 7/19/2012