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Feng Shui Bible : Godsfield Bibles (Godsfield Bible Series) -- Paperback: Brown, Simon: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Feng Shui Bible : Godsfield Bibles (Godsfield Bible Series) -- Paperback
Feng Shui Bible : Godsfield Bibles (Godsfield Bible Series) -- Paperback
作者: Brown, Simon
出版日期 : 2009/07
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781841813691

BookWeb售价 : MYR 88.81
纪伊国屋KPC会员价 : MYR 79.93

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From understanding the basic principles of feng shui to mastering floor plans and using remedies to cure real-life problems, this definitive guide covers everything you need to know about this ancient art. It includes advice on moving house, tailoring feng shui to your personal requirements, choosing furnishings and deciding when to redecorate.The comprehensive directory shows you how you can apply feng shui to every aspect of your life - including your home, health, relationships, finances, career and spiritual life - to help you achieve your full potential, take control of your destiny and create a happier atmosphere at home.

Feng shui basics The Building blocks of feng shui The Feng shui directory Feng shui and your home Feng shui and your health Feng shui and your moods Feng shui and your relationships Feng shui and your creativity Feng shui and your finances Feng shui and moving home Feng shui and your family Feng shui and your career Feng shui and nature Feng shui and your spiritual life Glossary Index About the author Acknowledgements