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Birdwatching with Your Eyes Closed : And Introduction to Bird Song -- Paperback (2 Rev ed): Barnes, Simon: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Birdwatching with Your Eyes Closed : And Introduction to Bird Song -- Paperback (2 Rev ed)
Birdwatching with Your Eyes Closed : And Introduction to Bird Song -- Paperback (2 Rev ed)
作者: Barnes, Simon
出版社 : Short Books Ltd
出版日期 : 2012/05
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781780720470

BookWeb售价 : MYR 53.30
纪伊国屋KPC会员价 : MYR 47.97

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Learning birdsong is not just a way to become a better bird-spotter. It is tuning in: a way of hearing the soundtrack of the planet earth...Why do birds sing? What are they trying to say? Birdsong is not just about natural history. It is also about our history. We got melody from the birds as we got rhythm from the womb. This vital book - with a free podcast - takes you from winter into deepest spring, teaching you to how recognise song after song as the chorus swells. You start with robin, and end up listening to nightingales. Along the way, you will learn something of the science of birdsong - the difference between song and call, the physiology of songbirds, what birdsong tells us about evolution, and indeed the very beginnings of life itself. The aim is to give you a flying start in birdsong so that, after reading this book, you'll be listening to order, not chaos, to Bach, not white noise. You will be more aware of the wild world, and better able to understand it.

First Winter 1 Muzak to my ears 3 Songs of life and death 5 Robin 8 Double figures 12 A place of my own 16 Wren 19 Talking birds 22 Pee-oo! 26 How to see round corners 28 Dunnock 31 Time and space 33 Birdsong to save your life 37 Long-tailed tit 40 First Spring 45 How to make spring last longer 47 Great tit 50 Keeping it simple 52 Song thrush 54 Get a load of that repertoire 58 Chaffinch 62 Saying your own name 64 Blue tit 67 Great spotted woodpecker 69 How we stole the music 72 Blackbird 76 When the singing began 80 Greenfinch 84 How I invented music 86 Skylark 89 A breath of fresh air 92 Blithe spirit 94 Chiffchaff 99 Crisis relocation 102 Cuckoo 106 Last cuckoo? 109 Swallow 111 Vertebrate chauvinism 114 Pigeons 117 Why warblers 122 Blackcap 126 Demise of the willow wren 129 Willow warbler 133 First Year Birdlistening 137 Turn on, tune in 139 Seagulls 142 Herring gull 144 Swift 147 And now your free gift 150 Seaside waders 154 Hello 158 Crows 161 Bleeding obvious 165 Two more crows 169 World Cup birding 172 Freshwater birds 175 But does it really count? 178 Geese 183 Song of the butterfly 186 Birds of prey 188 Silence 191 Owls 195 Winter thrushes 199 Second Spring 203 Birds and Venice 205 Mistle thrush 209 Starling 212 Learning curve 215 Mozart's starling 218 Goldcrest 221 Green woodpecker 223 Portrait of the artist 225 Goldfinch 231 Yellowhammer 234 The rhythmician 236 Nuthatch 239 Coal tit 241 Rhythm section 243 Pied wagtail 246 Meadow pipit 248 Peasant and phartridge 250 Be happy! 252 House martin 254 Garden warbler 256 Whitethroat 258 Nightingale 260 Heartache 265 Sweet music 270Role of Comets and meteorites in the Origin of Life; J.M. Trigo-Rodriguez. Astronomical Constraints for Life on Terrestrial Planets; P. Ehrenfreund and E.L. Martin. Prerequisites for the Evolution of Life on Exoplanets; H. Lammer, et al. Life as an Unfolding Biocosmos; J. Svoboda. We Have Not Detected Extraterrestrial Life, Or Have We?; C.H. Lineweaver. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence; S. Shostak. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence; J. Krupicka. An Alternative Method for the Scientific Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life: The "Local SETI"; M. Teodorani. The Destiny of Life in the Universe. Destinies of the Universe and Life: The Final frontiers of Cosmology and Astrobiology; J. Chela-Flores. Destiny of Life and Religious attitudes; G. Coyne. PART 3: DEEPER ISSUES OF THE PHENOMENON OF LIFE. Philosophical and Theological Aspects of Life. Life in the Universe: Philosophical and Theological issues; R.J. Russell. Consciousness; R.J. Aumann. The Soul and the World-to Come According to Maimonides; G. Laras. Science and Religion: Some Suggestions for Conceptual Harmonizing Constraints; Y. Ne'e-man. Understanding the Nature of Life: A Matter of Definition or Theory?; C.E. Cleland. "And You Shall Choose Life"; S. Riskin. When Form Outlasts Its Medium; A. Elitzur. Epistemological Pluralism: Realities as Species-specific Interpretations of the Material World; T. Shah. Temperature Gradients as a Major Impetus Driving Prebiotic Evolution; K. Matsuno. Human Life as a Social Phenomenon. Life during Clinical Death: The "Near Death Experience" Phenomenon; N. Gadoth. Beauty in Nature; N. Gunde-Cimerman and P. Zalar. All Things Bright and Beautiful: The Hidden Cosmos of Microscopic Planktonic Algae; G.W. Beakes. Life and Pro Sports; L. Funderburke Artificial Life. Artificial Life: From Life-As-We-Know-It to Life-As It-Could Be; M. Sipper. Life-Cycles of Life; N. Umiel. PART 4: Summary and Conclusions. What do We Call Life? A Brief Outlook on Life; J. Seckbach, et al. Organism Index. Subject Index. Alphabetical List of authors/pages.Stacks.- Understanding the Role of Strain in Si-Ge Devices.- Electro-Thermal Simulations of Strained-Si MOSFETs under ESD Conditions.- Simulation of the Cross-Coupling among Snap Back Devices under Transient High Current Stress.- Simulation of the Failure Mechanism of Power DMOS Transistors under Avalanche Stress.- An Accurate and Comprehensive Soft Error Simulator NISES II.- Impact of Scattering on Random Dopant Induced Current Fluctuations in Decanano MOSFETs.- Analysis of Random Doping and Oxide Thickness Induced Fluctuations in Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices through Poisson-Schrodinger Computations.- Stable Simulation of Impurity Fluctuation for Contact Resistance and Schottky Diodes.- Impact of the Floating Body Effect on Noise in SOI Devices Investigated by Hydrodynamic Simulation.- Examination of Spatial Frequency Dependence of Line Edge Roughness on MOS Device Characteristics.- Simulation of Lithography-Caused Gate Length and Interconnect Linewidth Variational Impact on Circuit Performance in Nanoscale Semiconductor Manufacturing.- Optimization of Recessed and Elevated Suicide Source/Drain Contact Structure Using Physical Compact Resistance Modeling and Simulation in Ultra-Thin Body SOI MOSFETs.- A New Backscattering Model for Nano-MOSFET Compact Modeling.- Fully-Depleted SOI-MOSFET Model for Circuit Simulation and Its Application to 1/f Noise Analysis.- Modeling of Carrier Transport Dynamics at GHz-Frequencies for RF Circuit-Simulation.- SPICE-Compatible Macro Model for Split-Gate Compact NVM Cell with Various Gap Sizes.- SET Accurate Compact Model for SET-MOSFET Hybrid Circuit Simulation.- 2D Quantum Mechanical (QM) Charge Model and Its Application to Ballistic Transport of Sub-50 nm Bulk Silicon MOSFETs.- Effective Bohm Quantum Potential for Device Simulators Based on Drift-Diffusion and Energy Transport.- Single Ion and Multi Ion MOSFETs Simulation with Density Gradient Model.- Modeling and Simulation of Combined Thermionic Emission-Tunneling Current through Interfacial Isolation Layer.- Experiments on Minority Carrier Diffusion in Silicon: Contribution of Excitons.- Accurate Temperature Drift Model of MOSFETs Mobility for Analog Circuits.- Accurate Modeling of Lattice Site-Dependent Ionization Level of Impurities in ?-SiC Devices.- Strain Scaling for Ultra Thin Silicon NMOS Devices.- CMOS Scaling Analysis Based on ITRS Roadmap by Three-dimensional Mixed-Mode Device Simulation.- Comparison of Nanoscale Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors.- Numerical Analysis for the Structure Dependence on the Subthreshold Slope of Floating Channel Type SGT(FC-SGT) Flash Memory.- A Monte-Carlo Method for Distribution of Standby Currents and Its Application to DRAM Retention Time.- Optimal Contact Placement in Partially Depleted SOI with Application to Raised Source-Drain Structures.- Simulation of Microstructure Formation during Thin Film Deposition.- Effect of Stress on Pattern-Dependent Oxidation of Silicon Nanostructures.- The Evolution of the Resistance and Current Density during Electromigration.- 3-D Physically-Based Electromigration Simulation in Copper-Low-K Interconnect.- 3D Feature-Scale Simulation of Sputter Etching with Coupling to Equipment Simulation.- Automatic Optimization Algorithm for a Direct 2D and 3D Mesh Generation from the Layout Information.- Genetic Algorithm for Optimization and Calibration in Process Simulation.- Performance Evaluation of Linear Solvers Employed for Semiconductor Device Simulation.- An Analysis of the Effect of Surrounding Gate Structure on Soft Error Immunity.- Analytical Modeling of Ge and Si Double-Gated (DG) NFETs and the Effect of Process Induced Variations (PIV) on Device Performance.- Proposal of Physics-Based Compact Model for Nanoscale MOSFETs Including the Transition from Drift-Diffusion to Ballistic Transport.- A New Methodology for Efficient and Reliable Large-Signal Analysis of RF Power Devices.- Small-Signal Modeling of RFCMOS.