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Fast, Fresh, Simple -- Paperback: Hay, Donna: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Fast, Fresh, Simple -- Paperback
Fast, Fresh, Simple -- Paperback
作者: Hay, Donna
出版社 : Hardie Grant Books
出版日期 : 2011/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781742702063

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纪伊国屋KPC会员价 : MYR 101.27

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Table of Contents
      savoury                                      10 (42)
      sweet                                        52 (16)
      savoury                                      68 (42)
      sweet                                        110(16)
      savoury                                      126(38)
      sweet                                        164(14)
    style                                          178
glossary & measures                                190(10)
index                                              200

Fast, fresh, simple is not just a cookbook, it's the Donna Hay antidote to toady's whirlwind life. With Donna's help and the confidence of tested shortcuts and time saving tips to freshen up every recipe, you can rediscover entertaining and cooking as the wonderful, relaxing shared adventure it's meant to be. The fast chapter offers sweet and savoury options for cooks who need to deliver big results in the barest minimum of time. Home at six and dinner on the table by six-thirty? Donna's recipes are bound to save the day. In the fresh chapter, Donna looks to the classics and explains how to deliver all the flavour without the fuss of time-consuming preparation. Donna reinvents the old favourites and gives them a fresh edge. If there is a short cut, trust Donna to have found it. In the simple chapter, she reveals how to take fresh produce and a few store-bought standbys and turn them into a collection of recipes that will become essential weapons in your culinary arsenal. No Donna Hay food journey is complete without the tips, hints and know-how to pull everything together.We eat with our eyes first and Donna knows the way to our hearts through images and presentation that lift smells, texture and tastes off the page and onto our plates.communities function, and how they interact with off-shore systems, are explored in detail. Human influences, notably pollution, over-fishing and the introduction of alien species, are discussed in the context of rocky shore conservation and future management strategies. A final chapter offers guidance on methods of study, techniques, and experimental approaches.

Preface ; 1. The shore environment ; 2. The diversity of shore organisms ; 3. Coping with life on the shore: adaptations of littoral organisms ; 4. Primary producers on the shore: the autotrophs ; 5. Utilizing autotrophic resources: the grazers ; 6. Suspension feeders: how to live on floating food ; 7. Eating flesh: the predators ; 8. Vertical distributions: 'zonation' and its causes ; 9. How organisms are gathered together: communities on the shore and the effects of wave exposure ; 10. The functioning of rocky shore communities ; 11. Human influences on rocky shores ; 12. Methods and experimental approaches ; Appendix: Name changes of ecologically important taxa ; Further reading ; References ; IndexMeaning of Diminutives, p89; 25. 2. Semantic Function of the Suffix, p90; 26. 3. Semantic Function of the Base, Diminutive Derivatives as Lexemes, p100; 27. 4. Role of the Context, p133; 28. 5. Conclusions: Semiotic Typology of Diminutives, p145; 29. Notes, p147; 30. V. Pragmatic Analysis of Diminutives, p149; 31. 1. Introduction: Questions to Be Posed, p149; 32. 2. The Synthetic Type, p150; 33. 3. The Analytical Type, p158; 34. 4. The Combined Type, p164; 35. 5. Conclusions, p174; 36. VI. Semantic Structure of Derived Substantives, p177; 37. 1. Introduction: Questions to Be Posed, p177; 38. 2. Modificational Derivatives, p177; 39. 3. Mutative Derivatives, p196; 40. 4. Conclusions, p217; 41. Notes, p217; 42. VII. Typology of Emotive Signs, p219; 43. 1. Introduction: The Concept of Emotive Sign, p219; 44. 2. Symbolic Indices, p219; 45. 3. Pure Indices, p220; 46. 4. Types of Symbolic Indices, p220; 47. 5. Conclusions, p228; 48. VIII. Emotive Semantics, p231; 49. 1. Emotive Language vs. Emotive Discourse, Functions, p231; 50. 2. Typology of Emotive Meanings, p235; 51. 3. Potentiality of Emotive Signs, p247; 52. Notes, p248; 53. Conclusions: Perspectives, p249; 54. Sources and Their Abbreviations as Used in Text, p251; 55. Bibliography, p255Contents of Volume One, p333Plato: The limits of language, p177; 50. 7. Aristotle: The function of language, p188; 51. 8. The Hellenistic period: Philosophy and philology, p200; 52. 9. Apollonius Dyscolus: The role of semantics in syntactic theory, p206; 53. 10. Augustine: Semantics and theology, p210; 54. 11. Semantics and translation, p213; 55. 12. Conclusion, p216; 56. 13. Suggestions for further reading, p218; 57. 14. Bibliographical references, p220; 58. Part IV The Arabic tradition, p225; 59. 1. Introduction, p227; 60. 2. From speaker to text: The exegetical tradition, p233; 61. 3. From text to language: Sibawayhi, p239; 62. 4. The role of semantics in Arabic linguistic theory, p244; 63. 5. The relationship between logic and grammar, p251; 64. 6. The relationship between rhetoric and grammar, p259; 65. 7. Towards a theory of signification, p266; 66. 8. Conclusion, p274; 67. 9. Suggestions for further reading, p277; 68. 10. Bibliographical references, p279; 69. Meaning in four linguistic traditions: a comparison, p285; 70. 1. Introduction, p285; 71. 2. From exegesis to semantics, p286; 72. 3. The role of canonical texts, p287; 73. 4. Beginnings of linguistic thought within canonical texts: etymology, p289; 74. 5. Exegesis, p290; 75. 6. Beginnings of semantic theory: influence from other disciplines-distinction of sound and meaning, p293; 76. 7. The locus of meaning, p294; 77. 8. Incongruity between form and meaning, p295; 78. 9. The nature and origin of language, p295; 79. 10. Contacts between languages: translations, p296; 80. 11. An area of disagreement: The status of exegesis, p298; 81. Chronological Table, p302; 82. Index of names, p305; 83. Index of subjects, p311
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