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Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Regan, Lesley: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Your Pregnancy Week by Week
Your Pregnancy Week by Week
作者: Regan, Lesley
出版社 : Dorling Kin
出版日期 : 2010/06
ISBN : 9781405348799

BookWeb售价 : MYR 108.05
纪伊国屋KPC会员价 : MYR 97.25

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This is the new edition of this bestselling guide - find out what to expect from conception to birth. From the moment after conception to feeding your newborn baby, Professor Lesley Regan - world-renowned obstetrician - draws on her professional expertise and personal experience to explain exactly what is happening week-by-week, to you and your baby during pregnancy. Demystifying complex medical jargon, enabling you to make educated choices about your pregnancy, Lesley guides you through your own physical and emotional changes and antenatal care. Find explanations, advice and reassurance to ensure you have the best possible understanding of this extraordinary and wonderful time. Stunning state-of-the-art imagery and specialist up-to-the-minute research and information describes your baby's remarkable progress in the womb. With week-by-week real life scan images revealing each stage of a baby's development throughout pregnancy.