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Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English: Carey, Russell: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English
Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English
作者: Carey, Russell
出版社 : Cambridge Univ Pr
出版日期 : 2011/08
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780521136105

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语言 : English
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This coursebook is a lively introduction to the study of literature in English at IGCSE level, encouraging both the enjoyment of literature and rigorous academic study. It provides a comprehensive overview of the various components of Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English syllabus (0486 and 0476). In keeping with the spirit of the syllabus, the book stresses the importance of informed personal responses that arise from close textual study. It contains a range of stimulating literary material from around the world, including extracts from plays and prose fiction, as well as complete poems.

Unit 1. Introduction; Unit 2. Overview of the Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English Syllabus; Unit 3. Responding to Poetry; Unit 4. Responding to Prose; Unit 5. Responding to Drama; Unit 6. Developing Effective Writing Skills; Unit 7. Preparing for the Unseen Paper; Unit 8. Preparing for the Set Texts Papers; Unit 9. Preparing for the Coursework Portfolio; Glossary; Acknowledgements.substantiate and/or refute conceptual points, such as redistributive justice and costs to individuals, in this ongoing debate.

Acknowledgements List of Contributors 1. Communitarian Politics in Asia Chua Beng Huat 2. Communitarian Philosophy and East Asian Politics Daniel A. Bell 3. Predicament of Communality: Lessons from Japan Tatsuo Inoue 4. The Anti-Communitarian Family? Everyday Conditions of Authoritarian Politics in South Korea Chang Kyung Sup 5. Communitarianism Without Competitive Politics in Singapore Chua Beng Huat 6. The Ethics of Care and Political Practices in Hong Kong Ho Mun Chan 7. Shariah Formalism or Democratic Communitarianism? The Islamic Resurgence and Political Theory 8. The Failure of State Ideology in Indonesia: The Rise and Demise of Pancasila Vedi R Hadiz 9. 'Community in the East' Towards a New Human Rights Paradigm Anthony Woodiwiss(University of Aberdeen); 4. Scott's Jacobitical Plots, Caroline McCracken-Flesher (University of Wyoming); 5. History and Historiography, Catherine Jones (University of Aberdeen); 6. Scott's Worlds of War, Samuel Baker (University of Texas, Austin); 7. Scott and the Reformation of Religion, George Marshall (independent scholar); 8. Romancing and Romanticism; Fiona Robertson (Birmingham City University); 9. Monarchy and the Middle-Period Novels, Tara Ghoshal Wallace (George Washington University); 10. Scott and Political Economy, Alexander Dick (University of British Columbia); 11. Late Scott, Ian Duncan (University of California, Berkeley); 12. Afterlives and Artefacts, Nicola J. Watson (Open University).end of Czechoslovakia The Polish guarantee The drift to war Anglo-Soviet relations The outbreak of war Key debate: To what extent was Chamberlain a 'guilty man'? Interpreting British Foreign Policy 1919-39 Study guide Chapter 5 The Second World War 1939-45 From Chamberlain to Churchill 1939-40 Britain alone 1940-1 The Grand Alliance 1941-2 The turn of the tide 1942-3 Victory 1944-5 Key debate: How great a war leader was Winston Churchill? Study guide Chapter 6 Britain and the Second World War: The Home Front The Phoney War The Churchill coalition The economic impact of the war The social impact of the war Morale, propaganda and civil liberties Britain post-1945 Key debate: Was the social and economic impact of the war on Britain positive or negative in the years 1945-60? Study guide Glossary
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