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Rip It Up: The Radically New Approach to Changing Your Life (Unabridged): Wiseman, Richard: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Rip It Up: The Radically New Approach to Changing Your Life (Unabridged)
Rip It Up: The Radically New Approach to Changing Your Life (Unabridged)
作者: Wiseman, Richard
出版社 : Macmillan
出版日期 : 2012/07
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780230752078

BookWeb售价 : MYR 83.39
纪伊国屋KPC会员价 : MYR 75.05

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Table of Contents
A Brief Introduction
      It's time to Rip It Up                       1  (6)
    1 How to be Happy                              7  (46)
    2 Attraction and Relationships                 53 (58)
    3 Mental Health                                111(62)
    4 Willpower                                    173(52)
    5 Persuasion                                   225(52)
    6 Creating a New You                           277(58)
Conclusion                                         335(10)
Rip it up                                          345
Acknowledgements                                   340(10)
Notes                                              350

Rip up this book and unleash your hidden potential Most self-help books encourage you to think differently; to think yourself thin, imagine a richer self or to visualize the perfect you. This is difficult, time consuming and often doesn't work. Drawing on a dazzling array of scientific evidence, psychologist Richard Wiseman presents a radical new insight that turns conventional self-help on its head: simple physical actions represent the quickest, easiest and most powerful way to instantly change how you think and feel. So don't just think about changing your life. Do it. *Discover the simple idea that changes everything *Lose weight * Stop smoking * Feel instantly youngereven more complex, ambiguous and fascinating figure than ever before.makes a good travel narrator. He reminisces on the past, he provides political commentary, and generally uses the loose fabric ofhis novel to voice his pet themes. His reflection on his youthful travels in Germany are an example: It was unfair of us - and we knew it. But we resolutely put the unfairness out of our minds.The mark tumbled, and the Austrian crown tumbled, and the Hungarian crown tumbled, and we brandished our pound notes and wallowed in the misfortunes of others. We bought their wine for a few pence and their cigars for a farthing and their theatre tickets for an old song, and boasted about it, while they were half-starved and desperately frightened for the future. But they never once reproached us for our profiteering and our arrogance - and never, through all the semi-starvation and the fear, did the sound of laughter entirely die away in the Salzkammergut. It is unbelievable to think of now. In those days we had just finished fighting a bloody war against those very people. We had been trained on Europe's pet curriculum of Hatred. We had been told by innumerable fat sergeant-majors and over-Kummelled major-generals that there was no good Hun except a dead Hun. New introduction by Alan Sutton