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Hello Kitty Must Die -- Paperback: Choi, Angela S.: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Hello Kitty Must Die -- Paperback
Hello Kitty Must Die -- Paperback
作者: Choi, Angela S.
出版社 : Vintage
出版日期 : 2012/05
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780099570493

BookWeb售价 : MYR 47.37
纪伊国屋KPC会员价 : MYR 42.63

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Meet Fi. A 28 years old lawyer with a six figure salary and an 80 hour working week, Fi has no intention of being another pretty, passive Hello Kitty type, stuck on a conveyor belt of kids, cooking and cleaning. It's just a shame on her parents won't stop setting her up with undesirable men. Meet Sean. Fi's childhood best friend and teenage delinquent, he's now a very successful surgeon. But there's something you should know about Sean. Some men cook in their spare time, others play sports. Sean kills people. Meet Freddie, Fi's blind date. Poor Freddie. This really isn't going to end well...