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The Daring Book for Girls: Buchanan, Andrea J./ Peskowitz, Miriam/ Seabrook, Alexis (ILT): BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
The Daring Book for Girls
The Daring Book for Girls
出版社 : William Morrow & Co
出版日期 : 2007/11
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9780061472572

BookWeb售价 : MYR 113.62
纪伊国屋KPC会员价 : MYR 102.25

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语言 : English

Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: X11930000 X10500000
Place of Publication: United States
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"The Daring Book for Girls" is the manual for everything that girls need to know--and that doesn't mean sewing buttonholes Whether it's female heroes in history, secret note-passing skills, science projects, friendship bracelets, double dutch, cats cradle, the perfect cartwheel or the eternal mystery of what boys are thinking, this book has it all. But it's not just a guide to giggling at sleepovers--although that's included, of course Whether readers consider themselves tomboys, girly-girls, or a little bit of both, this book is every girl's invitation to adventure.