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    epic fantasy

    The Immortals of Meluha
    The Secrets of Nagas
    The Oath of Vayaputras
    Amish Tripathi

    In 2011, The Immortals of Meluha was a breath of fresh air for Indian publishing – not only a fantasy of epic proportions, but a reinvention of the story of Shiva. Inspired by roots both mythological and historical, this trilogy envisions Shiva as a man whose legend made him a god, but the narrative never once forgets that he is human, struggling with his prophesised destiny. Fantasy readers and mythology buffs looking for something different will delight in these books, which will undoubtedly leave them looking for more.

    light novel

    Aincrad(Sword Art Online)
    Reki Kawahara

    Aincrad – “an impossibly huge castle of rock and iron, floating in an endless expanse of sky.” Made of one hundred floors stacked above one another, this castle contains multiples of villages, towns, forests, lakes... anything you might find in the real world. It is also the entire setting for Sword Art Online, a VRMMORPG that allowed complete immersion into the game’s world. But when it finally went live, the gamers realised that SOA’s most distinguishing feature may not be its best – it lacks a log-out button. Trapped in Aincrad, these players are told that they needed to conquer all of its one hundred floors in order to be released from the game. For Kirito, a self-proclaimed anti-social gamer who preferred to venture solo, life in Aincrad offers a certain irony, as he finally forges bonds with others in-game.

    graphic novel

    This One Summer
    Jillian Tamaki & Mariko Tamaki

    Rose was used to summers at Awago Beach; she goes with her parents every year. In Awago, she spends her days with Windy, who’s like the little sister she never had. This year, too, Rose and Windy divide their time between swimming, snacking, and watching horror movies – except that it’s different, somehow. Rose’s mother is withdrawn, and her parents are fighting all the time. Rose might be developing a crush – or an obsession. And one of the local teens seem to be heading towards a tragedy, involved in something that only Rose and Windy knows about. This one summer, changes happen. This one summer, the girls see hope, and heartbreak, and get a glimpse at what growing up might mean.

    literature The Rise and Fall of Great Powers
    Rom Rachman

    Tom Rachman’s follow-up to his best-selling debut The Imperfectionists is a brilliant, intricately woven novel. Tooly Zylberberg, owner of a bookshop in the Welsh countryside, spent most of her life reading. Yet there’s one tale that never made sense: her own life. When she was little, she was taken away to Asia, Europe, and America for many years by various people. But who were the people that brought her up? And what ever happened to them? She preferred not to mention the strange events of her youth, even as they still worried her. However, an unexpected message from an ex-boyfriend prompted her to trace her life’s unusual trajectory, and her secrets are gradually revealed. The Rise and Fall of Great Powers is a beautifully written and profoundly sad story about how the lives we lead can be indecipherable even to ourselves, and of the unexpected connections and revelations that changes everything.

    political science The Tragedy of Great Power Politics
    John J. Mearsheimer
    The Tragedy of Great Power Politics

    The Tragedy of Great Power Politics is a book by American scholar and University of Chicago professor John J. Mearsheimer on international relations theory. Even though it is a formidable subject, this updated edition of the classic treatise on the behaviour of great powers is presented in an organized and easy-to-read format. Historical evidence from the French Revolution to the present day, are used to support his systematic analysis of power. Although written more than a decade ago, many of the subjects that he touches on are still relevant to the present political struggle between superpowers, especially of America and China. Perhaps many political science aficionados and scholars may nod in agreement with the content of this book, but for those who do not, it will sure provoke debate and produce further academic opinions. Either way, it is an important book.


    business Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
    Greg McKeown
    Essentialism : The Disciplined Pursuit of Less -- Paperback

    Do you ever feel overworked, busy but not productive? If the answer is yes, then you should pause and read this book. This book teaches you to live an essentialist life by doing less but better. Greg McKeown lays out his ideas of essentialism into four parts. Understand the core mindset of an essentialist and recognize the vital few from the trivial many. Then, find ways to eliminate the trivial many. Lastly, execute the vital few things almost effortlessly. With this systematic discipline, you can regain control of the decisions you make for the things that really matter.

    science Neurocomic
    Dr. Matteo Farinella

    Have you ever wondered how our memory functions? What is a neuron and how does it work? If you’re curious but not the fan of going through the serious textbook-ish explanations, here’s the book for you. Neurocomic unravels the mysteries of the human brain in graphic format. Read and learn in a fun way, the brief history of the sci entists who contributed their findings on human brain and how it functions.

    design Graphic Content: True Stories from Top Creatives
    Brian Singer
    Graphic Content : True Stories from Top Creatives

    Ever wonder what is going on in the mind of top designers from creative fields? What shapes them to be who they are today; and what makes them do what they do in life? Amongst the contributors are creative directors, founders of design studios, web developers, writers and award-winning graphic designers. They share about stories based on first-hand experience -- tales that are funny, exhilarating, embarrassing, frustrating but inspiring nonetheless.

    food & drink Done
    James Patterson

    Now that you’ve armed yourself with a few recipes and some basic cooking skills, you’re ready to conquer the kitchen! Or are you? Award-winning food writer James Peterson’s latest offering will make you think otherwise. Because even if you know the steps – how do you know that that dish is done to perfection? Covering the most basic yet difficult items like omelettes and sauces to meats and seafood, Peterson tells you how to know you’re done in words and pictures. Arm yourself with this handy book, and you’ll never doubt yourself again on when to dish it!

    music Ukulele for Kids Starter Pack

    Ukelele, or uke in short, has long been regarded as uniquely Hawaiian. In the 19th century, it was the Hawaiian interpretation of the machete, small guitar-like instrument, brought into the islands by Portuguese immigrants. The art of playing has then spread to all over the world, and it has created a feverish craze in the recent years! It is fun and entertaining, easy to learn and play, even for the younger beginner. This Starter Pack comes with a high-quality four-string, 12-fret soprano ukulele, Ukulele for Kids method book/CD, a carrying case and ukulele chords poster.

    children's picture book The Most Magnificent Thing
    Ashley Spires

    A little girl and her best friend (aka pet dog) had a brilliant, most magnificient idea and they set out to make it real. However, despite knowing how it looks and what it’s for, the thing doesn’t seem to come out correctly! Numerous failed ‘things’ later, she is ready to throw in the towel in a fit of frustration but then, her trusty assistant suggests a walk to calm down.  She returns with renewed determination to create that ‘most magnificient thing’, finally. A superbly multilayered picture book with a girl inventor, it encourages creativity and perseverance, and most importantly, delivers the message to young readers on how to deal calmly with frustration and failure, instead of in anger.

    young adult fiction

    We Were Liars
    E. Lockhart

    According to Cadence Sinclair Eastman, she was once blond, but now her hair is black. She used to be pretty, but now she looked sick. She had an accident, after which she suffers migraines. She does not suffer fools. And she likes a twist of meaning. In We Were Liars, Cadence bares all about the beautiful Sinclair family – wealthy, privileged, successful. All of which are true. But it is also a story of a girl in love, and about stories and legends and how we all live within our own mythologies – and how dangerous that can sometimes be.  It is a story about truth, told by a girl who likes a twist of meaning.

    手芸 かんたん&かわいい動物のフェルトマスコット


    完全保存版 春夏秋冬365日レシピ

    graphic トランスフォ-マ-ジェネレ-ション vol.1




    歷史小說 大秦帝國:第一部 黑色裂變(上、下)



    人文 旅讀書店: 尋訪全球最美的20間書店



    儿童繪本 五味太郎的生活繪本:怎麼做才對?


    五味太郎的生活繪本:怎麼做才對? 讓想像無限飛翔,讓心靈豐富成長!33項日常生活搭配五味流的獨特見解將改變你看事情的角度,讓思考變成快樂、讓生活充滿趣味
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