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Fashion and Music: Miller, Janice: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Fashion and Music
Fashion and Music
作者: Miller, Janice
出版日期 : 2011/09
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781847884138

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語言 : English
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Source: ENG
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Subject Development: History
Academic Level: Graduate

The relationship between popular music and fashion has been a culturally significant one since the 1950s, and this book explores how music and musicians play a key role in the shaping of identity, taste and consumption. Using a range of historical and contemporary examples, this book uncovers the way in which fashion and music have worked to shape contemporary attitudes to bodies and identities. Focusing on performers as much as fans, on the mainstream as much as the underground, Fashion and Music provides a lens through which to examine themes of gender, sexuality, ageing and youth, ethnicity, body image, consumer culture, fandom and postmodernity.

IntroductionClothes and Consumption 2. Gwen Loves Vivienne: Branding, Fashion and Music 3. Witchy Women: Fashioning the Womanly Body of the Female Singer-Songwriter 4. White Suited Men: Style and the Marketing of the Boyband 5. Dressing your Age: Fashioning the Ageing Body of Performers and Fans 6. Styling, Race and Nation 7. Spectacle and Sexuality: Clothes, Concerts and the Carnivalesque Conclusion: Image, Music IndexWritten in a clear, accessible style, The Fall of the Western Roman Empire is a perfect introduction for newcomers to the subject, and essential reading for undergraduate students and specialists in archaeology and ancient history.

Preface IntroductionFall of the Late Roman West: Contexts of Change, AD 200-500 2 Defending the Late Roman West I: Armies, Commanders and Enemies 3 Defending the Late Roman West II: Frontiers, Forts and Towns 4 Towns and Urban Society in the Late Empire 5 Three Capitals of the West: Rome, Milan, Ravenna 6 Pagans and Christians in the Late Roman West 7 Communications, Trade and Land 8 The Ends of Rome in the West Conclusions: An Empire Lost and Transformed Bibliography Index