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Lone Wolf: Picoult, Jodi: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
作者: Picoult, Jodi
出版社 : Allen & Unw
出版日期 : 2012/03
ISBN : 9781742379067

BookWeb價格 : A$ 32.98
紀伊國屋會員價格 : A$ 29.68

庫存資料 : 暫時缺貨。


Edward Warren, twenty-four, has been living in Thailand for five years, a prodigal son who left his family after an irreparable fight with his father, Luke. But he gets a frantic phone call: his dad lies comatose, gravely injured in the same accident that has also injured his younger sister Cara. With her father's chances for recovery dwindling, Cara wants to wait for a miracle. But Edward wants to terminate life support and donate his father's organs. Is he motivated by altruism, or revenge? And to what lengths will his sister go to stop him from making an irrevocable decision? Lone Wolf explores the notion of family, and the love, protection and strength it's meant to offer. But what if the hope that should sustain it, is the very thing that pulls it apart? Another tour de force from Jodi Picoult, Lone Wolf examines the wild and lonely terrain upon which love battles reason.