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Carolina Moon -- Paperback: Roberts, Nora: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Carolina Moon -- Paperback
Carolina Moon -- Paperback
作者: Roberts, Nora
出版日期 : 2009/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780749940720

BookWeb價格 : A$ 21.26
紀伊國屋會員價格 : A$ 19.13

庫存資料 : 暫時缺貨。


Tory Bodeen grew up in a small, rundown house where her father ruled with an iron fist and a leather belt. But she had Hope, who lived in the big house nearby, whose friendship allowed Tory to be the girl she wanted to be - the girl she could never be at home. But when Hope is brutally killed one terrible night, Tory's life falls apart. Now Tory has returned to her home town, determined to put the nightmare behind her and settle down to a fresh life. Forging a bond with Hope's brother Cade, she wonders if their shared loss will unite them or drive them apart. Either way, she's willing to open her heart, just a little, and try. But living so close to those unhappy memories is more difficult and dangerous than she ever expected. Because Hope's killer is still free - and has been waiting patiently for Tory's return...