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Vegeterranean : Italian Vegetarian Cooking -- Other book format: Simoes, Malu/ Musacchio, Alberto: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Vegeterranean : Italian Vegetarian Cooking -- Other book format
Vegeterranean : Italian Vegetarian Cooking -- Other book format
出版社 : Simon & Schuster Ltd
出版年月 : 2008/03
ISBN : 9781847371959

BookWeb価格 : A$ 61.45
会員価格 : A$ 55.31

在庫情報 : 出版社からお取り寄せします。

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements                                   8  (2)
Note From Grace                                    10 (1)
The Country House Montali                          11 (4)
    Ingredienti & Tecniche (Ingredients &          15 (8)
    Nozioni Prime (Basics)                         23 (24)
      Two Treasures Of Italy: Truffle and          37 (1)
      The Sultan of Perugia                        38 (4)
      The Brazilian Flower                         42 (5)
    Prima Colazione (Breakfast)                    47 (18)
      From The Ground Up                           58 (4)
      Architecture                                 62 (1)
      The Law And Vegetarian Outlaws               63 (2)
    Antipasti (Starters)                           65 (48)
      Damiano                                      108(5)
    Primi (First Courses)                          113(50)
      The Restaurant Business                      156(3)
      Life At Montali: An Honest Portrayal         159(1)
      Apprentices                                  160(3)
    Secondi (Second Courses)                       163(48)
      The Wedding On Fantasy Island                206(5)
    Assortito (Sides)                              211(6)
      A La Salute!                                 214(3)
    Pane, Focacce E Pizza (Breads)                 217(16)
      Montali Bloopers                             228(5)
    Dolci (Desserts)                               233(55)
      London                                       280(1)
      La Dolce Vita                                281(5)
      Anecdote On Running An Hotel                 286(2)
Index                                              288

This collection of the best vegetarian recipes from the kitchens of the Country House Montali is truly inspirational. Here, the Italian classics calzone, ravioli, gnocchi and lasagne are transformed into stylish, contemporary dishes, while Fagottini di Pasta Sfoglia Farcite con Couscous (Puff Pastry Envelopes Filled with Couscous) or Cappucini di Asparagi (Asparagus Cappuccino) reveal just how exciting vegetarian cuisine has become. Recipes are divided into chapters mainly corresponding to courses. The first chapter - Basics - encourages you to make your own sauces, stocks, pesto and other essentials. This is followed by Breakfast recipes that include wonderful fruit dishes and muesli. The 'Antipasti' section has a variety of dishes that stand alone or can be mixed together to make a fun platter. 'Primi', 'Secondi' and 'Dolci' chapters all include unusual and outstanding recipes, including soups, risottos, pasta dishes, tarts and pastries and wonderful desserts. Chapters on Sides and Breads finish the book off with more inspiring ideas.It has recently been announced that Vegeterranean has been voted best UK vegetarian cookbook in the prestigious Gourmand 2008 World Cookbook Awards. it has been nominated for the 'Best in the World' award to be announced in May.