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Tell the Wolves I'm Home (OME C-Format): Brunt, Carol Rifka: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Tell the Wolves I'm Home (OME C-Format)
Tell the Wolves I'm Home (OME C-Format)
著者名 Brunt, Carol Rifka
出版社 : Pan Macmillan
出版年月 : 2012/06
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781447202134

BookWeb価格 : A$ 30.71
会員価格 : A$ 27.64

在庫情報 : 在庫がありません。


My sister Greta and I were having our portrait painted by our Uncle Finn that afternoon because he knew he was dying. There's only one person who has ever truly understood fourteen-year-old June Elbus, and that's her uncle, the renowned painter, Finn Weiss. So when he dies far too young of a mysterious illness that June's mother can barely bring herself to discuss, June's world is turned upside down. At the funeral, she notices a strange man lingering just beyond the edges of the crowd, and a few days later, June receives a package in the mail. Inside is a beautiful teapot she recognizes from Finn's apartment, and a note from Toby, the stranger, inviting her to meet up with him at a local train station. As it turns out, June isn't the only one who desperately misses Finn, and the secret and forbidden friendship that springs up between the two of them will break your heart, even as it heals theirs. Tell the Wolves I'm Home is the story of a meeting of two lost souls - a lonely girl and a mysterious stranger - and the ways in which their lives become intertwined as they each try to come to terms with their grief.