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A Handbook of Project Management : A Complete Guide for Beginners to Professionals: Dobie, Colin: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
A Handbook of Project Management : A Complete Guide for Beginners to Professionals
A Handbook of Project Management : A Complete Guide for Beginners to Professionals
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Published Date : 2007/09
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781741141252

BookWeb Price : A$ 59.95
Kinokuniya Card Member Price : A$ 53.96

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A48404244
Academic Level: Professional
Table of Contents
        List of acronyms and abbreviations         vii
Acknowledgements                                   ix
Introduction                                       x
  Part I: An overview                              1  (30)
    What is project management?                    3  (9)
    The elements of project management             12 (19)
  Part II: Initiation                              31 (30)
    Initiating the project                         33 (13)
    Scope management                               46 (15)
  Part III: Planning                               61 (168)
    Project planning                               63 (10)
    Time and cost management                       73 (32)
    Project quality management                     105(25)
    Project risk management                        130(28)
    Human resource management                      158(28)
    Communications management                      186(19)
    Contract and procurement management            205(24)
  Part IV: Delivery                                229(74)
    Monitoring and control                         231(28)
    Project integration management                 259(26)
    Contract performance                           285(18)
  Part V: Finalisation                             303(81)
    Project finalisation                           305(8)
    Conclusion                                     313(71)
      Activities and tasks associated with         321(3)
      lifecycle phases
      Organisational maturity model                324(4)
      Project scope definition template            328(4)
      Business case template                       332(6)
      Project plan                                 338(5)
      Task definition pro forma                    343(1)
      Project quality checklist                    344(1)
      Corrective action request                    345(1)
      Preliminary risk assessment                  346(11)
      Risk management plan                         357(6)
      Responsibility assignment matrix             363(1)
      Communications management matrix             364(1)
      Communications network diagram               365(3)
      Periodic progress report                     368(2)
      Contracts glossary of terms                  370(2)
      Project status report                        372(1)
      (Integrated) activities undertaken by        373(2)
      Integration techniques: delivery phase       375(5)
      Partnering charter                           380(1)
      Project finalisation checklist               381(1)
      Project completion report                    382(2)
References                                         384(4)
Index                                              388

This is a comprehensive and practical guide to everything you need to know about successful project management.Whether you are creating a new product or designing a power station, you need to know how to manage the myriad elements in a project to ensure it is completed on time, on budget, and to a high standard."A Handbook of Project Management" is a comprehensive and practical guide to project management for large and small projects in both the public and private sector. It systematically maps the four phases in the lifecycle of a project - initiation, planning, implementation, and finalization - it then goes on to outline the processes and techniques of the nine functions of project management, and how to apply them.Drawing on international standards and numerous case studies, as well as more than 35 years of practical experience, this is an invaluable resource for project managers everywhere.

IntroductionPART 1elements of project managementPART 2: INITIATION3. Initiating the project4. Scope managementPART 3: PLANNING5. Project planning6. Time and cost management7. Project quality management8. Project risk management9. Human resource management10. Communications management11. Contract and procurement managementPART 4: DELIVERY12. Monitoring and control13. Project integration management14. Contract performancePART 5: FINALISATION15. Project finalisation16. ConclusionAppendicesReferencesIndex