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Books: A Living History: Lyons, Martyn: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
Books: A Living History
Books: A Living History
Publisher : Thames & Hudson Ltd
Published Date : 2011/10
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9780500251652

BookWeb Price : A$ 47.27
Kinokuniya Card Member Price : A$ 42.54

Availability Status : Available for order from suppliers.
Usually dispatches within 4 weeks.

Book Description
Table of Contents
Introduction: The Power and Magic of the Book      7  (7)
    1 Ancient And Medieval Worlds                  14 (40)
      Ancient China
      Papyrus, Parchment, Paper
      Ancient Greece
      The Great Library of Alexandria
      Ancient Rome
      Japanese Concertina Books and The Tale of
      Ancient Buddhist Texts
      From Scroll to Codex
      Monastic Libraries
      The Life of a Scribe
      The Book of Kells
      Books of Hours
      The Koran and the Islamic World
      The Hebrew Book
    2 The New Culture Of Print                     54 (40)
      Gutenberg and his Bible
      How Printers Worked
      Printing Conquers the World
      Latin and the Vernaculars
      Luther's Bible
      Books of the Scientific Revolution
      Atlases and Cartography
      The Printed Page
      Aldus Manutius and the Classics
      Elzevir and the `Dutch Miracle'
      Christopher Plantin's Polyglot Bible
      The Inquisition and the Index
      Mesoamerican Codices
      Don Quixote
      Ars moriendi: Books on How to Die
      Emblem Books
    3 Enlightenment And The Masses                 94 (36)
      Literacy in the West
      Evolution of the Printing Workshop
      Censorship in the Age of Enlightenment
      Forbidden Books
      Making a Profit
      Diderot's Encyclopedie
      The Art of the Book
      Roman versus Gothic Type
      The Struggle for Copyright
      The Pilgrim's Progress across the World
      Walter Scott as a Global Bestseller
      On the Margins of Europe
    4 The Publisher Arrives                        130(36)
      The Mechanization of Printing
      Nineteenth-century Book Illustrators
      The Publisher's Role
      Copyright and Royalties
      The Rise of the Bookstore
      Circulating and Lending Libraries
      The World of the Brothers Grimm
      Novels by the Month
      Dime Novels
      The Russian lubki
      Japanese Prints of the Floating World
      Masters of Mass Fiction
    5 Knowledge For All                            166(42)
      New Technologies
      The Romance of the Encyclopaedia
      Penguins and the Paperback Revolution
      Consumer Culture in Weimar Germany
      The Romance Novel: Mills & Boon
      Japanese Manga
      The Contemporary Arab World
      The Nobel Prize for Literature
      Children's Books
      Book Illustration and Design
      Illustrated Books
      Global Media
      Globalization and Cultural Identity
      Enemies of the Book
      The Virtual Book
      The Rise and Rise of Digitization
Conclusion: The New Age of the Book                208(6)
Glossary                                           214(2)
Further Reading                                    216(2)
Illustration Credits                               218(1)
Index                                              219

This lavishly illustrated volume explores one of the most versatile, useful and enduring technologies ever invented: the book. "Books: A Living History" charts the evolution and influence of books around the world, from the cuneiform tablets of ancient Sumer through the development of movable type and the emergence of the modern information revolution. A feast for traditional book-lovers, as well as an inspiration for those excited by new electronic technologies, this beautifully produced volume celebrates the enduring power and magic of books.projects of Robert Smithson; and the relationship between medieval relics and Duchamps readymades. Alongside an analysis of 20th-century medievalist theorists such as Brecht, Joyce and Eco, Nagel considers a wide range of celebrated artists. This is a radical new reading of art that will profoundly broaden our understanding of both premodern practices and the art of the 20th and 21st centuries.context; designs; the weaving nations, territories and regions; weaving groups.