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Managing Change/Changing Managers: Randall, Julian: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
Managing Change/Changing Managers
Managing Change/Changing Managers
Publisher : Routledge
Published Date : 2004/09
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780415323123

BookWeb Price : A$ 129.75
Kinokuniya Card Member Price : A$ 116.77

Availability Status : Out of stock.
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Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Textual Format: Textbooks,Lower Level
Academic Level: Graduate
Table of Contents
        List of figures                            ix
        List of tables                             x
        List of boxes                              xi
Acknowledgements                                   xii
Introduction                                       1  (2)
    Finding your way in: managing change or        3  (24)
    changing managers
      Introduction                                 3  (2)
      Managing change                              5  (1)
      Examining different contributions            6  (1)
      Different voices in the management of        7  (1)
      Textbooks                                    8  (2)
      Learned articles and periodicals             10 (2)
      Theoretical assumptions underpinning         12 (1)
      management and change
      The subjective--objective dimension          13 (2)
      Order and conflict                           15 (2)
      The context of change literature             17 (1)
      A historical perspective on the              17 (1)
      management of change
      The managerial paradigm                      18 (1)
      Interventional approaches                    19 (1)
      The excellence literature and human          20 (1)
      resource management
      The radical shift towards interpretation     21 (1)
      Underlying theoretical debates               21 (1)
      Addressing significant questions             22 (1)
      Discussion questions                         23 (1)
      References and further reading               24 (3)
    Thinking about change: stages, process or      27 (26)
      Introduction                                 27 (1)
      Different types of change                    28 (4)
      Theoretical underpinnings of change          32 (3)
      Planned interventions and the management     35 (2)
      of change
      The enduring problem of resistance           37 (3)
      Emergent change and the management of        40 (3)
      Emergent change and changing managers        43 (4)
      Discussion questions                         47 (2)
      References and further reading               49 (4)
    Managing systems: open or closed?              53 (26)
      Introduction                                 53 (3)
      Organization as system                       56 (3)
      The systems thinking approach                59 (1)
      Managing resistance to change                60 (2)
      Resisting management and change              62 (2)
      Summary issues arising                       64 (3)
      Practical examples                           67 (7)
      Discussion questions                         74 (2)
      References and further reading               76 (3)
    Individuals and change: manageable or not?     79 (26)
      Introduction                                 79 (8)
      Individual learning: theory and practice     87 (1)
      Schemas, frames and scripts                  88 (4)
      Motivational theory                          92 (2)
      Individual learning theory and change        94 (1)
      Basic assumptions and enforced change        95 (1)
      Basic assumption and reframing               96 (2)
      Same song or new tune?                       98 (2)
      Discussion questions                         100(2)
      References and further reading               102(3)
    Cultural transformation: behaviours or         105(28)
      Introduction                                 105(10)
      Culture as an operational construct          115(1)
      Culture and Human Resource Management        116(1)
      The formation of cultures                    117(2)
      National cultural typing                     119(2)
      Cultural transformation                      121(2)
      Culture as a metaphor and metaphors for      123(1)
      Managing cultural transformation             124(2)
      Emergent approaches to cultural change       126(1)
      Discussion questions                         127(1)
      References and further reading               128(5)
    N-step models: practice, performance or        133(24)
      Introduction                                 133(3)
      The stepped change approach                  136(9)
      Theoretical underpinnings of n-step          145(1)
      Phase analysis and organizational            146(3)
      Benefits of the phase model                  149(1)
      Upbeat or downbeat?                          150(3)
      Discussion questions                         153(2)
      References and further reading               155(2)
    Programmed approaches to organizational        157(28)
    change: rhetoric and reality
      Introduction                                 157(1)
      The rhetoric of radical programmed change    158(7)
      The rhetoric of quality programmed change    165(3)
      TQM and underpinning theory                  168(3)
      The content of TQM                           171(2)
      Steps in the TQM process                     173(1)
      Questions arising for TQM practitioners      174(1)
      Management competencies and TQM              175(1)
      Business Process Re-engineering revisited    176(1)
      Emerging evidence of unease                  177(2)
      Postscript on New Public Management          179(1)
      Summary                                      180(1)
      Discussion questions                         181(1)
      References and further reading               182(3)
    Project management: facilitation or            185(34)
      Introduction                                 185(1)
      What is a project and how is it managed?     186(2)
      Some examples to work on                     188(2)
      Trying it out                                190(3)
      Management by objectives                     193(3)
      A broader view of project                    196(4)
      Ways in for the change agent                 200(1)
      Facilitating discussion                      201(2)
      Implementing change programmes               203(3)
      Action research and action learning          206(1)
      Evaluating change                            207(4)
      Emergent change strategies                   211(1)
      Evaluating training interventions            212(1)
      Discussion questions                         212(1)
      Points to examine                            213(1)
      References and further reading               214(5)
    Change agency: managing change or changing     219(28)
      Introduction                                 219(4)
      Summary                                      223(2)
      Leadership and management                    225(1)
      The management and leadership connection     226(1)
      Different roles of change agents             226(1)
      What change agents need                      227(2)
      So, how many change agents are needed?       229(1)
      The use of experts as change agents          230(2)
      Context of change agency                     232(1)
      Managing the culture                         233(2)
      Stages involving change agents               235(1)
      Critical change situations                   235(2)
      Gaining and making alliances                 237(1)
      Process consultation                         238(2)
      Return to leadership                         240(1)
      What the good leader does                    240(2)
      Discussion questions                         242(1)
      References and further reading               243(4)
    Conclusions                                    247(6)
      Introduction                                 247(1)
      Rethinking organizational change             248(1)
      The deeper theoretical debate                249(2)
      The way ahead                                251(1)
      References and further reading               252(1)
Index                                              253

The topic of change management presents students with many challenges. One of the most difficult is making sense of the plethora of guru and hero-manager literature. Managing Change/Changing Managers is an innovative textbook that encourages readers to rigorously question popular management theory, presenting a challenging review of existing literature in the change management field. The author brings together an overarching perspective on the most influential writings in the area, but unlike other textbooks, provides a much-needed criritque of the material and its implications for management practice. Arguing that the majority of management guru literature makes the art of managing change appear simple and foolproof when it is not, this text is refreshingly critical, guiding and enhancing the reader's own criticality. The book also draws the best practice out of the traditional theory, using cases to illuminate the practical side to change management. Primarily a guide for managers and post-graduates entering the territory of the change management, this invigorating book is essential reading for all those studying or working in change mangement.

1. Introduction to the Management of Change 2. Underlying Assumptions 3. Systems Models 4. Individuals and Change 5. Cultural Transformation 6. N-step Models 7. TQM and BPR 8. Project Management 9. Change Agency 10. Review and Way Ahead