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Contemporary Art in the Middle East: Muller, Nat/ Moore, Lindsey/ Demos, T. J./ Cotter, Suzanne: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Contemporary Art in the Middle East
Contemporary Art in the Middle East
Publisher : Black Dog Pub Ltd
Published Date : 2009/07
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9781906155568

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Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A02304048
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Geographic Designator: Middle East/North Africa
Choice Reviews 2010 June
LJ Reviews 2009 November #2

"Contemporary Art in the Middle East" is the first in the cutting-edge new ARTWORLD series which opens up the most challenging and under-exposed art scenes in the world. Showcasing the most explosive, dynamic and provocative art coming out of the region, "Contemporary Art in the Middle East" shatters common stereotypes and presents a new way of looking at one of the most complex and misunderstood areas of the world today. Artists from opposite ends of the spectrum come together in a vivid confrontation of diverse styles across boundaries; from the brash pop art of Shirin Aliabadi to the restrained calligraphic minimalism of Golnaz Fathi; from the provocative conceptualism of Mona Hatoum to the vibrant installations of Farhad Moshiri; from the slick beauty of Yousseff Nabil to the edgy realism of Afshin Dehkordi. All feature together in a formidable collage of artistic expression. Lavishly illustrated profiles of the most influential artists working today are supported with essays by writers who represent the diversity of voices from this region: Suzanne Cotter has curated exhibitions at the Hayward Gallery and the Serpentine Gallery, Nat Muller is an independent curator and the first curator-in-residence at the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Lindsey Moore author of Arab, Muslim, Woman and TJ Demos lecturer at University College London. Contemporary Art in the Middle East provides a new way of understanding the Middle East outside the headlines and through the engaging medium of of the company to nourish its customers, employees and neighbors. Roshan has worked on nation building, creating physical infrastructure in Afghanistan, a country decimated by war. UPS has worked to understand its impact on the planet, building a materiality matrix of the issues that matter to its stakeholders, while working to create a culture that fosters social innovation and seeks to understand constructive dissatisfaction. Ford is redefining its mission, imagining a different future in which it provides mobility solutions, rather than only manufacturing cars. Ford is working with Toyota to co-create technologies to combat climate change.This book sets out a manifesto for Social Value Creation, which is defined as a strategy that combines a unique set of corporate assets (including innovation capacities, marketing skills, managerial acumen, employee engagement, scale) in collaboration with the assets of other sectors and firms to co-create breakthrough solutions to complex economic, social and environmental issues that impact the sustainability of both business and society. Social innovation differs from corporate responsibility in two significant ways: it is strategic and it leverages a wide range of corporate assets and core competencies. Creating Social Value has been designed as a manual for change. It will be essential reading for business students, entrepreneurs and all of those wishing to effect positive, generative change in larger organizations.

Foreword Acknowledgements Introductionsocial value 1 Strategy and innovation 2 Nation-building 3 Addressing environmental and social needs 4 Creating social value through social entrepreneurship 5 Social innovation in hiring and Path-Making 6 Co-creating new sources of recycled materials 7 Sustainability by design 8 Creating Shared Success 9 Combining social value with business opportunity 10 Serving new markets 11 Leadership and social value creation Concluding thoughts Index