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Great War for Civilisation : The Conquest of the Middle East -- Paperback: Fisk, Robert: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
Great War for Civilisation : The Conquest of the Middle East -- Paperback
Great War for Civilisation : The Conquest of the Middle East -- Paperback
Published Date : 2006/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781841150086

BookWeb Price : A$ 24.99
Kinokuniya Card Member Price : A$ 22.49

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Book Description
Table of Contents
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                                   vii
LIST OF MAPS                                       xiii
PREFACE                                            xvii
  1 'One of Our Brothers Had a Dream...'           1
  2 'They Shoot Russians'                          40
  3 The Choirs of Kandahar                         85
  4 The Carpet-Weavers                             112
  5 The Path to War                                170
  6 'The Whirlwind War'                            219
  7 'War against War' and the Fast Train to        267
  8 Drinking the Poisoned Chalice                  318
  9 'Sentenced to Suffer Death'                    361
10 The First Holocaust                             388
11 Fifty Thousand Miles from Palestine             437
12 The Last Colonial War                           493
13 The Girl and the Child and Love                 557
14 'Anything to Wipe Out a Devil ...'              631
15 Planet Damnation                                720
16 Betrayal                                        793
17 The Land of Graves                              845
18 The Plague                                      881
19 Now Thrive the Armourers                        921
20 Even to Kings, He Comes ...                     973
21 Why?                                            1020
22 The Die Is Cast                                 1096
23 Atomic Dog, Annihilator, Arsonist, Anthrax      1157
and Agamemnon
24 Into the Wilderness                             1234
SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY                                1287
NOTES                                              1299
CHRONOLOGY                                         1331
INDEX                                              1335

Robert Fisk's bestselling eyewitness account of the events that have shaped the Middle East is alive with vivid reporting and incisive historical analysis. The history of the Middle East is an epic story of tragedy, betrayal and world-shaking events. It is a story that Robert Fisk has been reporting for over thirty years. His masterful narrative spans the most volatile regions of the Middle East, chronicling with both rage and compassion the death by deceit of tens of thousands of Muslims, Christians and Jews. Robert Fisk's remarkable history is also the tale of a journalist at war - learning of the 9/11 attacks while aboard a passenger jet, reporting from a bombed-out Baghdad, interviewing Osama bin Laden - and of the courage and frustration of a life spent writing the first draft of history.he planned to reveal it to the world, Renko makes a startling discovery that propels him deeper into Tatiana's past - and, at the same time, paradoxically, into Russia's future.
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