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Criminology : The Basics (The Basics) (2ND): Walklate, Sandra: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
Criminology : The Basics (The Basics) (2ND)
Criminology : The Basics (The Basics) (2ND)
Publisher : Routledge
Published Date : 2011/06
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780415575546

BookWeb Price : A$ 35.44
Kinokuniya Card Member Price : A$ 31.90

Availability Status : Available for order from suppliers.
Usually dispatches within 4 weeks.
Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Edition: Subsequent
Textual Format: Textbooks,Lower Level
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Table of Contents
        List of illustrations                      viii
Preface to the second edition                      ix
Acknowledgements                                   xi
    1 What is criminology?                         1   (28)
    2 Counting crime                               29  (23)
    3 How much crime?: Challenging myths about     52  (27)
    crime and offenders
    4 The search for criminological explanation    79  (24)
    5 Thinking about the victim of crime           103 (18)
    6 Crimes of the suites: An introduction to     121 (20)
    critical criminology
    7 A question of justice                        141 (31)
    8 Crime prevention                             172 (27)
    9 Developing your criminological imagination   199 (16)
Glossary                                           215 (4)
Appendix                                           219 (2)
Bibliography                                       221 (8)
Index                                              229

As crime continues to be a high profile issue troubling politicians, the public and the media alike, the study of criminology has boomed. Providing an international and comparative introduction to the discipline, Criminology: The Basics is an accessible guide to the theoretical and practical approaches to the phenomena of crime. Topics covered in this new edition include: challenging myths about crime and offenders the search for criminological explanation thinking about the victim of crime introduction to critical criminology crime prevention and the future of crime control looking to the future, cultural criminology and terrorism. Easy to read, concise and supported by a glossary of terms and pointers to further reading, Criminology: The Basics is a perfect introduction to this important and popular subject.

List of Figures and Tables. Acknowledgements. Preface 1. What is Criminology? 2. Counting Crime 3. How Much Crime? Challenging Myths about Crime and Offenders 4. The Search for Criminological Explanation 5. Thinking about the Victim of Crime 6. Crimes of the Suites: An Introduction To Critical Criminology 7. A Question of Justice 8. Crime Prevention and the Future of Crime Control 9. Developing your Criminological Imagination. Glossary of Terms. Appendix. Bibliography