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Manager's Guide to Business Writing (Briefcase Books) (2ND): Fitzgerald, Suzanne Sparks: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
Manager's Guide to Business Writing (Briefcase Books) (2ND)
Manager's Guide to Business Writing (Briefcase Books) (2ND)
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Published Date : 2011/09
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780071772266

BookWeb Price : A$ 24.94
Kinokuniya Card Member Price : A$ 22.45

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A48400300 A48142300
Place of Publication: United States
Edition: Subsequent
Continuations: Monograph Series,any number
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Phoenix Public Library Holdings (Internal Code for CLS)
Table of Contents
Preface                                            ix
    1 Write for Your Readers                       1  (16)
      Know Your Readers                            2  (1)
      What If You Don't Know Your Readers?         3  (6)
      Check for Readability                        9  (2)
      Write from the Reader's Perspective          11 (1)
      Build Reader Rapport                         12 (1)
      Come to Terms with Gender                    13 (3)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 1            16 (1)
    2 From Purpose Through Process                 17 (14)
      Know Your Single Purpose                     17 (4)
      Writing in Four Stages                       21 (7)
      Five-Step Revision and Edit                  28 (1)
      Help for Your Grammar                        29 (1)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 2            30 (1)
    3 The Power of Words to Express, Not Impress   31 (14)
      Make It Clear, Economical, and               31 (7)
      Avoid Trite Phrases, Cliches, and Jargon     38 (2)
      Accentuate the Positive                      40 (1)
      Make It Active                               41 (1)
      Avoid Typographical Excess                   42 (1)
      Avoid Noun and Adjective Stacks              43 (1)
      Choices and Consideration                    43 (1)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 3            44 (1)
    4 Structure Your Writing to Reach Your         45 (20)
      Techniques to Engage the Reader              45 (1)
      Traditional Letter Form                      46 (3)
      E-Mail Form                                  49 (3)
      Tips for Writing at Chip Speed               52 (1)
      Five Formats for Letters and E-Mail          53 (9)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 4            62 (3)
    5 The Power of Visuals, White Space, and       65 (10)
      Visuals: Into the Head Through the Eyes      65 (4)
      White Space: Making the Most of Nothing      69 (1)
      Headings: Signposts and Signals              70 (2)
      Summary                                      72 (2)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 5            74 (1)
    6 Writing Basics: Grammar and Style            75 (16)
      Style                                        76 (2)
      Vocabulary                                   78 (2)
      Grammar                                      80 (6)
      Spelling                                     86 (1)
      Punctuation                                  86 (2)
      Layout                                       88 (2)
      Going Beyond This Book                       90 (1)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 6            90 (1)
    7 How to Start and Stop                        91 (12)
      Gaining Attention                            91 (3)
      Effective Openings                           94 (2)
      Holding Your Readers                         96 (2)
      Ending Strong                                98 (3)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 7            101(2)
    8 Writing for Social Media                     103(8)
      Blogs                                        103(2)
      Tweeting                                     105(2)
      Facebook                                     107(1)
      Summary                                      108(1)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 8            109(2)
    9 Zero-Based Writing                           111(10)
      Move from Assumptions to Perspective         111(1)
      Master Process Writing                       112(1)
      Write Clear, Practical Descriptions          113(1)
      Write Simple Instructions                    114(6)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 9            120(1)
    10 Dealing with Tough Situations               121(10)
      Breaking Bad News                            122(3)
      Reacting to a Predicament                    125(2)
      Above All, Do No Harm                        127(1)
      Turning Negatives into Positives             128(1)
      Competence and Confidence                    129(1)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 10           130(1)
    11 Reports, Reports, Reports                   131(20)
      Basics for All Reports                       131(3)
      Occasional Report                            134(2)
      Activity Report                              136(4)
      Status or Progress Report                    140(3)
      Formal Report                                143(5)
      Evaluating Your Report                       148(2)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 11           150(1)
    12 Persuading Your Readers                     151(14)
      How to Persuade in Three Difficult Steps     152(1)
      Ten Rules of Persuasion                      153(6)
      Use a Problem/Solution Format                159(1)
      Write Powerful Proposals                     160(3)
      Conclusion                                   163(1)
      Manager's Checklist for Chapter 12           164(1)
Appendix Postscript: Top 10 Tips for Writing       165(4)
Well in Business
Index                                              169

Write every business correspondence with speed, precision, and power The number one prerequisite for effective management is effective communication--and writing is a critical part of it. Simply put, whether it's a quick e-mail or a 20-page report, your writing is a reflection of you--and people will make judgments accordingly. Manager's Guide to Business Writing, Second Edition, provides everything you need to give colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders the most information accurately and quickly. Learn how to express yourself as a serious professional by writing everything with clarity, quality, and decisiveness. Manager's Guide to Business Writing teaches you how to: Know your audience and your purpose before you start writing Engage readers' curiosity from the first sentence Compose instructions that are easy to understand and follow Write effectively on social media platforms and blogs Master the foundations of effective writing--grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and style Briefcase Books, written specifically for today's busy manager, feature eye-catching icons, checklists, and sidebars to guide managers step-by-step through everyday workplace situations.Look for these innovative features to help you navigate each page: - Clear definitions of key terms and concepts - Tactics and strategies for applying writing skills to management issues - Tricks of the trade for crafting clear and effective documents - Examples of successful business writing - Cautions for when things can go wrong in composing memos, e-mails, and reports - Practical advice for avoiding common errors - Specific procedures for planning and executing your writing on the job