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Body Language of Love -- Paperback: Pease, Allan/ Pease, Barbara: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Body Language of Love -- Paperback
Body Language of Love -- Paperback
出版社 : Orion Publishing Co
出版年月 : 2012/01
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781409121015

BookWeb価格 : AED 46.00

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Table of Contents
Introduction                                       1  (4)
    Understanding the Mating Game: Why Women       5  (14)
    Hold the Rulebook...and Men Haven't Even
    Read It
    How to Play the Mating Game: The Art of        19 (30)
    Courtship and Flirting Signals
    How to Make Yourself More Attractive to the    49 (26)
    Opposite Sex: Using Body Language to
    Increase Your Mating Rating
    Speed-Dating, First Dates, Parties,            75 (28)
    Internet Dating and Other Suicide Missions
    For Better or for Worse: Finding a             103(22)
    Long-Term Mate, Proposing and Dealing with
    Relationship Problems
    The Secrets of Successful Relationships        125(26)
Conclusion                                         151

Learn the body language that will boost your confidence when it comes to relationships: " Understanding the opposite sex " The art of flirtation and courtship signals " The importance of eye contact " Does body language mean the same thing for him and for her? From first impressions to long-term relationships, BODY LANGUAGE OF LOVE will help you to identify and correct the body language which could be letting you down.BG BH BI BJ BL BM BN BO BR BS BT BV BW BY BZ CC CD CF CG CH CI CK CL CM CN CO CR CU CV CX CY CZ DE DJ DK DM DO DZ EC EE EG EH ER ES ET FI FJ FK FM FO FR GA GD GE GF GG GH GI GL GM GN GP GQ GR GS GT GU GW GY HK HM HN HR HT HU ID IL IM IO IQ IR IS IT JE JM JO JP KE KG KH KI KM KN KP KR KW KY KZ LA LB LC LI LR LS LT LU LV LY MA MC MD ME MF MG MH MK ML MM MN MO MP MQ MR MS MT MU MV MW MX MY MZ NA NC NE NF NG NI NL NO NP NR NU OM PA PE PF PG PH PK PL PM PN PR PS PT PW PY QA RE RO RS RU RW SA SB SC SD SE SG SH SI SJ SK SL SM SN SO SR ST SV SY SZ TC TD TF TG TH TJ TK TL TM TN TO TR TT TV TW TZ UA UG UM UY UZ VA VC VE VG VI VN VU WF WS YE YT ZM ZW BQ CW SXFurther Reading IndexCouncil Presidency II: From Berlin Declaration to Road Map 5. The German Council Presidency III: From Road Map to Mandate 6. The IGC Mandate and the Draft Reform Treaty 7. The 2007 Intergovernmental Conference 8. Ratification and Implementation 9. The Treaty of Lisbon and the Future of EU Treaty Reform References IndexFoucault and the 'Invention' of Sexuality 3. Psychoanalysis 4. Queer Theory PART II: REPRESENTATIONS 5. Introduction 6. Homosexuality 7. Lesbianism 8. Heterosexuality 9. Teenage Sexuality 10. Sex and Violence PART III: SEXUAL CULTURES 11. Shopping for Sex 12. S&M, Fetishism and the Limits of Tolerance 13. Cybersex 14. ConclusionEast Choir of the Church of St Catherine (Oppenheim), the Church of St StephenIs There a German Decorated Style? Reflections on the Church of St Catherine (Oppenheim) and German Gothic Architecture in the First Half of the Fourteenth CenturyThe Wernerkapelle in BacharachThe High Gothic Liturgical Furnishings of the Church of Our Lady (Liebfrauenkirche) in OberweselCastles in the Middle Rhine Valley, and the Particular Case of FurstenbergKarolus Magnus and Karolus Quartus: Imperial Role Models in Ingelheim, Aachen, and PraguePraguecommanditaires et iconographieKATRINE BOULANGERThirteenth-Century Tile Pavements in AnjouCHRISTOPHER NORTONLa peinture murale angevine au treizieme siecleCHRISTIAN DAVYThe Chateau of the Dukes of Anjou at Saumur, 1360-1480MARY