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Plating for Gold : A Decade of Dessert Recipes from the World and National Pastry Team Championships: Boyle, Tish: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Plating for Gold : A Decade of Dessert Recipes from the World and National Pastry Team Championships
Plating for Gold : A Decade of Dessert Recipes from the World and National Pastry Team Championships
著者名 Boyle, Tish
出版社 : John Wiley & Sons Inc
出版年月 : 2012/06
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9781118059845

BookWeb価格 : AED 215.00

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言語 : English
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Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A97405000
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Extracurricular
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Learn to create plated desserts like a master, with recipes from the World and National Pastry Team Championships

Considered the Olympics of the pastry arts, the World and National Pastry Championships were founded by Michael Schneider in 1999. Since then, it has grown into the United States' most prestigious and popular pastry competition, aired annually on TLC. Now, in Plating for Gold, pastry chef Tish Boyle presents the most spectacular dessert recipes from the first decade of the competition and shows how you can recreate the same award-winning desserts in your own kitchen.

Plating for Gold includes 50 recipes for absolutely spectacular desserts created by expert pastry chefs like Ewald Notter, Jacquy Pfeiffer, and Sebastien Cannone, all presented in easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. You'll find whimsical and delicious one-of-a-kind recipes like Strawberry Soup, Vanilla Panna Cotta Napoleon, and Almond Tartlet; Hot Chocolate Souffle, Ginger Mousse, and Tropical Parfait; and Yin-Yang Flourless Chocolate Cake, as well as insight and advice from top pastry chefs on perfect plating.* Includes advice on essential equipment, stocking your pastry kitchen, and perfect flavor pairings to help you create your own original recipes * Features enticing full-color photographs of finished desserts, as well as hand-drawn sketches to illustrate plating techniques and provide endless inspiration * Offers a behind-the-scenes look at the world of pastry competition, with candid photos and insider advice from some of today's best pastry chefs

Whether you aspire to compete with the best at the Pastry Team Championships or simply want to impress guests at your next big dinner party, Plating for Gold is the gold standard in dessert cookbooks.






The Recipes 35

Banana and Malted Milk Chocolate Mousse with Cherry Sauce TEAM BOOS 2000 37

Citrus TEAM HO 2000 41

Strawberry and Almond Milk Delight, Red Currant and Wine Jus TEAM NOTTER 2000 47

Vanilla and Passion Fruit Dome with Mixed Berry Coulis TEAM SETTEPANI 2000 53

Chocolate Dome with Summer Berry Compote TEAM SHOTTS 2000 57

Warm Almond Savarin with Raspberry Gelee Center, and Raspberry Sorbet Served with Mascarpone Mousse, Vanilla Foam, and Candied Almond Dust TEAM KLOCKO 2003 63

Japanese-Style Cheesecake with Caramelized Apples and Apple Sorbet TEAM LHUILLIER 2003 67

Fraicheur de Cavaillon TEAM SCHOENBECK 2003 73

Chocolate Banana Caramel Crunch TEAM WEIDER 2003 79

Volcanic Eruption TEAM AUSTRALIA 2004 83

Hot Chocolate Souffle, Ginger Mousse, and Tropical Parfait TEAM BELGIUM 2004 89

Apple Savarin with Mascarpone Cream and Cranberry Gelee TEAM SWITZERLAND 2004 95

Taste of Paradise TEAM USA 2004 101

Peach Mint Financier with Roasted Peaches and Apricot Sorbet TEAM ANGNARDO 2005 107

Esprit TEAM CANILLO 2005 113

Dyaus TEAM DANKS 2005 117

Strawberry Tian TEAM DE SILVA 2005 121

Fruit for Thought TEAM EDWARDS 2005 125

Coconut Cream with Strawberry Confit and Fromage Blanc Ice Cream TEAM LHUILLIER 2005 131

Vanilla Honey Hazelnut Mousse with Peach Sorbet TEAM MCNAMARA 2005 137

Strawberry Floating Island with Fennel Pollen, Spring Fruit Salad and Mascarpone Sherbet TEAM RUSKELL 2005 141

Les Pommes TEAM FRANCE 2006 147

Fruit Emotions TEAM ITALY 2006 153

Fusion TEAM SWITZERLAND 2006 159

Yin-Yang Flourless Chocolate Cake TEAM USA 2006 165

Brown Butter Financier with Fresh Marinated Raspberries and Vanilla Diplomat Cream, Pineapple Passion Fruit Cloud, Banana Passion Beignet, and Exotic Coulis TEAM BRANLARD 2007 171

Georgia (Peaches and Cream) TEAM CALDWELL 2007 179

A Taste of Honey: Cornmeal Almond Cake Filled with Vanilla Bean Custard, Served with Thyme-Scented Candied Citrus Zest and Honey Gelato TEAM DANKS 2007 185

Old El Paso TEAM HOLDEN 2007 191

Dolly's Duo: Chocolate Napoleon with Two Mousses TEAM KNUDSEN 2007 197

Gingered Honey Panna Cotta with Lemongrass Consomme, Mango Gelee, and Lace Tuile TEAM PAGANO 2007 201

Creole TEAM RUSKELL 2007 205

Litchi Cream with Red Fruit Compote TEAM CHINA 2008 209

Imagination Box TEAM ITALY 2008 215

Aurora TEAM JAPAN 2008 219

Strawberry Soup, Vanilla Panna Cotta Napoleon, and Almond Tartlet TEAM SWITZERLAND 2008 225

Pineapple Rum Cake, Raspberry Florentine, Coconut Sorbet, Pineapple Compote, and Rum Anglaise TEAM CHOWDHURY 2009 233

Tropical Napoleon TEAM CO 2009 237

Banana Walnut Financier, Pineapple Jelly Center, Crunchy Passion Tuile, Coconut Cream, and Lemon Creme Fraiche Ice Cream TEAM DADZIE 2009 241

Orange Savarin, Orange Chiboust, Banana Croustillant, Blood Orange Sorbet, and Orange Caramel Sauce TEAM DEWITT 2009 247

Passion Fruit Banana Parfait TEAM MILLICAN 2009 251

Peach Melba Modern TEAM SALAZAR 2009 257

Chocolate-Pear Mousse and Crepe Souffle with Passion Fruit Sauce TEAM TREVETHAN 2009 263

Childhood Bubbles TEAM DENMARK 2010 271

Adventure TEAM JAPAN 2010 277

Spiced Coco TEAM MEXICO 2010 283

Rosebud Creme Brulee with Strawberry Jelly and Champagne Rose Sorbet TEAM SINGAPORE 2010 289

Le Blanc TEAM SOUTH KOREA 2010 295

Cheesecake with Cherry and Pistachio TEAM UNITED KINGDOM 2010 299

Citrus Olive Oil Cake with Vanilla-Mint Panna Cotta and Berry Gelee TEAM USA 2010 303





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