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The Knitting & Crochet Bible : Jthe Complete Handbook for Creative Knitting and Crochet: Compton, Claire/ Whiting, Sue: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
The Knitting & Crochet Bible : Jthe Complete Handbook for Creative Knitting and Crochet
The Knitting & Crochet Bible : Jthe Complete Handbook for Creative Knitting and Crochet
出版社 : David & Charles
出版年月 : 2009/04
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780715332801

BookWeb価格 : AED 130.00

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言語 : English
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Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A04505660
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Phoenix Public Library Holdings (Internal Code for CLS)
Table of Contents
Introduction to Knitting                           8  (1)
      Getting Started                              8  (1)
      How to use this section                      8  (2)
      Introducing Yarns                            10 (2)
      Choosing Yarns                               12 (4)
      Needles and Equipment                        16 (2)
      Holding the Needles                          18 (1)
      Casting On                                   19 (1)
      Introducing Knit Stitch                      20 (2)
      Binding (Casting) Off                        22 (1)
      Introducing Purl Stitch                      23 (2)
      Combining Knit and Purl                      25 (1)
      Advanced Casting On                          26 (1)
      Advanced Binding (Casting) Off               27 (1)
      Increasing Stitches                          28 (2)
      Decreasing Stitches                          30 (2)
      Ribs                                         32 (1)
      Gauge (Tension)                              33 (1)
      Knit Perfect                                 34 (1)
      Abbreviations                                35 (1)
    Creative options                               36 (18)
      Introduction                                 36 (1)
      Lace Knitting                                36 (3)
      Fair Isle                                    39 (3)
      Cables                                       42 (2)
      Embossed Knitting                            44 (2)
      Short Rows                                   46 (2)
      Twisted Stitches                             48 (1)
      Intarsia                                     49 (3)
      Circular Knitting                            52 (2)
    Exploring the choices                          54 (36)
      Introduction                                 54 (1)
      Medallion Knitting                           54 (2)
      Beaded Knitting                              56 (1)
      Looped Knitting                              57 (1)
      Entrelac                                     58 (2)
      Mitred Squares                               60 (2)
      Fulling                                      62 (2)
      Smocking                                     64 (1)
      Reading Knitting Patterns                    65 (1)
      Knitting a Garment                           66 (4)
      Other Garment Details                        70 (4)
      Adapting a Pattern                           74 (2)
      Knitting a Patterned Garment                 76 (2)
      Tassels, Fringes and Cords                   78 (2)
      Edgings                                      80 (2)
      Buttons                                      82 (2)
      Flowers and Leaves                           84 (1)
      Embroidery                                   85 (3)
      Correcting Mistakes                          88 (2)
    Stitch library                                 90 (40)
      Introduction                                 90 (1)
      Knit and Purl Stitches                       91 (8)
      Gansey Patterns                              99 (4)
      Texture Stitches                             103(5)
      Rib Stitches                                 108(2)
      Cable Stitches                               110(9)
      Lace Stitches                                119(8)
      Edgings                                      127(3)
    Projects                                       130(30)
      Introduction                                 130(1)
      Garter Stitch Scarf                          131(1)
      Flower Top                                   132(1)
      Striped Bag                                  133(1)
      Cable Throw                                  134(1)
      Place Mat and Coaster                        135(1)
      Fun Children's Mittens                       136(1)
      Rib Stitch Scarf                             137(1)
      Short Row Cushion                            138(1)
      Beret                                        139(1)
      Garden Plot Squares Throw                    140(1)
      Beaded Bag                                   141(1)
      Sheep Toy                                    142(1)
      Fair Isle Baby Blanket                       143(1)
      Scented Sachets and Cover                    144(1)
      Lace Bags                                    145(1)
      Funnel Neck Sweater                          146(2)
      Lace Cardigan                                148(1)
      Baby Bootees                                 149(1)
      Dainty Knitted Trims                         150(1)
      Drawstring Bags                              151(1)
      Patchwork Cushion                            152(1)
      Greetings Cards                              153(1)
      Gift Bags                                    154(1)
      House Sampler                                155(1)
      Intarsia Cushion                             156(1)
      Motifs                                       157(3)
    Introduction to Crochet                        160(6)
      How to use this section                      160(1)
      Equipment                                    161(1)
      Yarn textures                                162(1)
      Yarn weights                                 163(1)
      Yarn fibres                                  164(2)
    Techniques                                     166(72)
      Basic stitches                               168(4)
      Placing the crochet stitches                 172(3)
      Making crochet fabrics                       175(3)
      Tension                                      178(2)
      Combination stitches                         180(2)
      Relief stitches                              182(4)
      Picots                                       186(1)
      Bullion stitches and clones knots            187(1)
      Linked stitches                              188(1)
      Crossed stitches                             189(1)
      Branched stitches                            190(1)
      Fur stitch                                   191(1)
      Solomon's knots                              192(1)
      Joining in new balls of yarn                 193(1)
      Changing colour of yarn                      194(2)
      Multi-coloured designs                       196(2)
      Shaping in crochet                           198(6)
      Following a crochet pattern                  204(3)
      Filet crochet                                207(3)
      Joining pieces of crochet                    210(4)
      Making crochet motifs                        214(6)
      Pressing crochet items                       220(2)
      Borders and edgings                          222(6)
      Decorative details                           228(2)
      Working with beads                           230(2)
      Embroidery on crochet                        232(2)
      Tartan effects                               234(2)
      Fringes, tassels and pompons                 236(2)
    Stitch library                                 238(18)
      Basic stitches                               239(1)
      Textured stitches                            240(2)
      Chevron and wave stitches                    242(3)
      Spike stitches                               245(1)
      Lacy stitches                                246(4)
      Edgings                                      250(2)
      Motifs                                       252(4)
    Projects                                       256(56)
      Band of bunnies                              258(3)
      Sunny day stripes                            261(2)
      Precious pastels baby set                    263(3)
      Pretty in pink cardigan and shawl            266(3)
      Autumn colour coat                           269(3)
      Corsage                                      272(1)
      Glorious glamour scarves                     273(1)
      Peruvian-style bag                           274(3)
      Solomon's knot wrap                          277(1)
      Circles and stripes set                      278(3)
      Seaside and shells set                       281(3)
      Tartan-style set                             284(2)
      Summer sky mesh top                          286(2)
      Bead-edged beauty                            288(3)
      Flower-trimmed cardigan                      291(3)
      Multi-coloured motif shrug                   294(2)
      Lazy stripe wrap jacket                      296(2)
      Casual comfort sweaters                      298(2)
      Pot pourri sachets                           300(1)
      Rose-red heart rug                           301(2)
      Three-colour baby blanket                    303(1)
      Rainbow ribbon throw                         304(2)
      Picture-perfect cushion covers               306(4)
      Heirloom bedspread                           310(2)
Yarn Details                                       312(3)
Suppliers                                          315(1)
Acknowledgments                                    316(1)
Index                                              317

The Knitting & Crochet Bible Learn how to knit and how to crochet with expert instruction from bestselling authors Claire Crompton and Sue Whiting. Contains essential advice on choosing yarns, needles and hooks, and working the basic knitting and crochet stitches, as well as instruction for more advanced techniques, such as cable and circular knitting, Fair Isle, making and joining crochet motifs, and shaping. Discover endless design possibilities with our extensive charted stitch libraries and create over 45 easy-to-follow projects as you develop your new skills. Inside The Knitting & Crochet Bible: The Knitter's Bible - learn how to knit with The Knitter's Bible, by Claire Crompton. This section of the book includes clear instruction for all the basic knitting techniques and knit stitches, as well as advanced techniques such as Fair Isle knitting, adapting a garment pattern, knitted flowers and circular knitting. Also includes a comprehensive stitch library of 100 knitting stitches and motifs, as well as 25 easy-to-follow projects for you to knit as you discover new techniques. The Crochet Bible - learn how to crochet with The Crochet Bible, by Sue Whiting.The second part of the book explains all of the basic crochet techniques, from basic crochet stitches to making crochet motifs and shaping in crochet. The comprehensive stitch library has crochet patterns for all of the essential stitches and motifs that you will need to know and you will also find instructions and patterns for over 30 irresistible crochet projects, from garments to homestyle embellishments. The complete handbook for creative knitting and crochet!

THE KNITTER'S BIBLE Introduction to Knitting Getting Started How to use this section Introducing Yarns Choosing Yarns Needles and Equipment Holding the Needles Casting On Introducing Knit Stitch Binding (Casting) Off Introducing Purl Stitch Combining Knit and Purl Advanced Casting On Advanced Binding (Casting) Off Increasing Stitches Decreasing Stitches Ribs Gauge (Tension) Knit Perfect Abbreviations Creative Options: Introduction Lace Knitting Fair Isle Cables Embossed Knitting Short Rows Twisted Stitches Intarsia Circular Knitting Exploring the Choices: Introduction Medallion Knitting Beaded Knitting Looped Knitting Entrelac Mitred Squares Fulling Smocking Reading Knitting Patterns Knitting a Garment Other Garment Details Adapting a Pattern Knitting a Patterned Garment Tassels, Fringes and Cords Edgings Buttons Flowers and Leaves Embroidery Correcting Mistakes Stitch Library: Introduction Knit and Purl Stitches Gansey Patterns Texture Stitches Rib Stitches Cable Stitches Lace Stitches Edgings Knitting Projects: Introduction Garter Stitch Scarf Flower Top Striped Bag Cable Throw Place Mat and Coaster Fun Children's Mittens Rib Stitch Scarf Short Row Cushion Beret Garden Plot Squares Throw Beaded Bag Sheep Toy Fair Isle Baby Blanket Scented Sachets and Cover Lace Bags Funnel Neck Sweater Lace Cardigan Baby Bootees Dainty Knitted Trims Drawstring Bags Patchwork Cushion Greetings Cards Gift Bags House Sampler Intarsia Cushion Motifs THE CROCHET BIBLE Introduction to Crochet How to use this section Equipment Yarn textures Yarn weights Yarn fibres Crochet Techniques: Basic stitches Placing the crochet stitches Making crochet fabrics Tension Combination stitches Relief stitches Picots Bullion stitches and clones knots Linked stitches Crossed stitches Branched stitches Fur stitch Solomon's knots Joining in new balls of yarn Changing colour of yarn Multi-coloured designs Shaping in crochet Following a crochet pattern Filet crochet Joining pieces of crochet Making crochet motifs Pressing crochet items Borders and edgings Decorative details Working with beads Embroidery on crochet Tartan effects Fringes, tassels and pompons Stitch Library: Basic stitches Textured stitches Chevron and wave stitches Spike stitches Lacy stitches Edgings Motifs Crochet Projects: Band of bunnies Sunny day stripes Precious pastels baby set Pretty in pink cardigan and shawl Autumn colour coat Corsage Glorious glamour scarves Peruvian-style bag Solomon's knot wrap Circles and stripes set Seaside and shells set Tartan-style set Summer sky mesh top Bead-edged beauty Flower-trimmed cardigan Multi-coloured motif shrug Lazy stripe wrap jacket Casual comfort sweaters Pot pourri sachets Rose-red heart rug Three-colour baby blanket Rainbow ribbon throw Picture-perfect cushion covers Heirloom bedspread Yarn Details Suppliers Acknowledgments Index
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