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The Classroom X-Factor : The Power of Body Language and Nonverbal Communication in Teaching: White, John/ Gardner, John: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
The Classroom X-Factor : The Power of Body Language and Nonverbal Communication in Teaching
The Classroom X-Factor : The Power of Body Language and Nonverbal Communication in Teaching
出版社 : Routledge
出版年月 : 2011/09
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780415593151

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言語 : English
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Source: ENG
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Subject Development: Study and Teaching
Academic Level: Professional
Table of Contents
        List of Figures and Tables                 vii
Acknowledgements                                   ix
  PART I The X-Factor and You the Teacher          1  (38)
    1 General Introduction                         3  (7)
    2 Your X--Factor and Classroom Communication   10 (5)
    3 The X--Factor within You                     15 (8)
    4 The X-Factor on the Education Stage of       23 (5)
    Today's World
    5 How Good are Students at Reading your        28 (3)
    6 The X--Factor and Pupil Achievement          31 (3)
    7 The X--Factor and Special Education          34 (5)
      Part Conclusion                              37 (2)
  PART II The X-Factor Orchestra -- Getting to     39 (102)
  know the Various Instruments
    8 Smiling                                      41 (5)
    9 Body Language                                46 (18)
    10 Gestures                                    64 (8)
    11 Vocal Expression                            72 (9)
    12 The X--Factor and `Classroom Eyes'          81 (13)
    13 Our Use of Space                            94 (16)
    14 Facial Expressions                          110(13)
    15 Attractiveness: Dressing for the            123(12)
    Classroom --- `Does My School Bag Look Big
    in This?'
    16 Environment and the Classroom X--Factor     135(6)
  PART III The X--Factor Instruments in a          141(24)
  Classroom Symphony
      Story 1 Your X--Factor and Differentiated    143(5)
      Learning --- The Yellow Teddy Lunchbox
      Story 2 Your X--Factor and Expressing        148(4)
      Your Emotions --- Spartacus
      Story 3 Your X--Factor, Motivation,          152(5)
      Nonverbal Drama and Immediacy --- The
      Great Horse of Troy
      Story 4 Your X--Factor and Motivation ---    157(4)
      The Butterfly
      Story 5 Your X-Factor, Experience and        161(4)
      Reflection --- Bushfires
Concluding Remarks                                 165(2)
Appendix: Self-Evaluation Framework                167(8)
References                                         175(18)
Index                                              193

Why is it that some teachers have a kind of magical charisma and charm which sets them apart from their peers? This book gives us a fresh and exciting answer - They have the classroom X-Factor! White and Gardner's gripping text, The Classroom X Factor, examines the notion of having what the public has come to call the 'X-Factor' from the perspective of the teacher, offering fascinating insights into the use of non verbal communication in the classroom. Using classroom and curricular examples, this book sets out to show how both trainee and practising teachers can identify their own 'X-Factor' in order to help transform their perspectives and perceptions of themselves during the 'live act' of teaching. The book demonstrates how teachers can transform the way in which they connect with their students, whilst also creating meaningful and potent learning experiences for them. White and Gardner show that by following simple methods borrowed from psychology and cognitive science teachers can develop their own 'X-Factor' and in so doing increase their enjoyment and efficacy as professionals.The techniques described include some of the following: Facial and vocal expression Gesture and body language Eye contact and smiling Teacher attire, colour and the use of space Nonverbal communication and pedagogical approaches In addition, the book provides a section containing fictional stories that aim to contextualise the findings detailed throughout the text. The inclusion of chapter summaries, questions aimed at identifying the readers' own 'X-Factor', lesson exemplars and a user-friendly self-evaluation framework all work together to make the book a stimulating and easy read where reflective learning and the practical application of classroom techniques are the order of the day. This comprehensive guide to developing the classroom X-Factor within you will be of value to teaching and learning and is of immense use to both practising and student teachers and to schools seeking to develop models of reflective practice. It will also be of interest to curriculum and assessment agencies, policy makers, academics and others whose roles involve the design, provision, support and evaluation of teachers' efficacy in the classroom.

Section 1 The X-Factor and You the Teacher Chapter 1 General Introduction Chapter 2 Your X-Factor and Classroom Communication Chapter 3 The X-Factor within You. Chapter 4 The X-Factor on the Education Stage of Today's World. Chapter 5 How good are pupils at reading your X-Factor? Chapter 6 The X-Factor and Pupil Achievement Chapter 7 The X-Factor and Special Education. Section Conclusion Section 2 The X-Factor Orchestra - Getting to know the Various Instruments Chapter 8 Smiling Chapter 9 Body Language Chapter 10 Gestures Chapter 11 Vocal Expression Chapter 12 The X-Factor and 'Classroom Eyes' Chapter 13 Our Use of Space Chapter 14 Facial Expressions Chapter 15 Attractiveness: Dressing for the Classroom -Does My school bag look big in this! Chapter 16 Colour and the Classroom X-Factor Section 3 The X-Factor Instruments in a Classroom Symphony Story 1 Your X-Factor and Differentiated Learning - The Yellow Teddy Lunchbox Story 2 Spartacus The X-Factor and Expressing your Emotions Story 3 The Great Horse of Troy. Your X-Factor, Motivation, Nonverbal Drama and Immediacy Story 4 The Butterfly - Motivation Story 5 Bushfires - Experience and Reflection Section 4 Concluding Remarks Section 5 Appendix 1 - Self-Evaluation Framework References