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Handwriting: Ondaatje, Michael: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
著者名 Ondaatje, Michael
出版社 : Jonathan Cape Ltd
出版年月 : 2011/09
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780224093804

BookWeb価格 : AED 65.00

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Table of Contents
      A Gentleman Compares His Virtue ...          3 (2)
      The Distance of a Shout                      5 (1)
      Buried                                       6 (6)
      The Brother Thief                            12(3)
      To Anuradhapura                              15(2)
      The First Rule of Sinhalese Architecture     17(1)
      The Medieval Coast                           18(1)
      Buried 2                                     19(12)
      The Nine Sentiments                          31(14)
      Flight                                       45(1)
      Wells                                        46(3)
      The Siyabaslakara                            49(1)
      Driving with Dominic ...                     50(1)
      Death at Kataragama                          51(2)
      The Great Tree                               53(2)
      The Story                                    55(6)
      House on a Red Cliff                         61(1)
      Step                                         62(2)
      Last Ink                                     64(4)
Notes & Acknowledgements                           68

The poems in Handwriting are memories of Sri Lankatraditions, history and geography, the smells and tastes and colours of his first home. Here are sunless forests, cattle-bells, stilt-walkers 'with the movement of prehistoric birds'; a Buddha buried 'so roots/like fingers of a blind monk/spread for two hundred years over his face'; 'saffron and panic seed, lotus flowers, sandalwood; a lover, who lay her fearless heart/light as a barn owl/against him all night'. Handwriting is an elegy for lost childhood, for a culture and language lost to the turmoil of history, but it is also a glimpse of the source of the writer's delicate, erotic, mysterious imagination. By focussing on writing frankly about beautiful things, Ondaatje takes the poems beyond narrative to these simple, deeply sensual images - given to us in a language that is pared, cursive and exquisite.