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Berlitz Arabic Vocabulary Study Cards (Study Cards) (CRDS): Berlitz The Language Experts (COR): BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Berlitz Arabic Vocabulary Study Cards (Study Cards) (CRDS)
Berlitz Arabic Vocabulary Study Cards (Study Cards) (CRDS)
Publisher : Berlitz
Published Date : 2010/09
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9789812688675

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Language : Arabic
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Book Description
Source: ARA

With Arabic becoming more widely studied and taught in the UK, this new set of Arabic two-sided Vocabulary Study Cards will help students of all ages learn, review and build confidence. The nature of these cards lend themselves very well to being used as revision tools, helping to prepare for tests and exams individually or in group sessions. The 1,000 cards are totally portable and interactive, and have been compiled by an experienced teacher to help you improve at your own pace.Highlights in the second edition include: An emphasis on the physiology of eating disorders and genetic factors related to anorexia and bulimia Theories on prevention and the identification of at-risk individuals The latest information on therapeutic modalities, including cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, constructionist, and narrative approaches as well as pharmaceutical management Nutritional evaluation and treatment Specific exercise recommendations for women and children with eating disorders An accompanying CD-ROM containing a PowerPoint(R) presentation for each chapter With contributions from acclaimed clinicians widely known for their work with the eating disorder population, this volume recognizes the multifaceted nature of these disorders, addresses the widening demographic range of those afflicted, and delves into the issues behind their development. It provides practical recommendations for treatment from many perspectives, presenting enormous hope for people who painfully struggle with these disorders. In addition, it explores critical measures that can be taken to help the larger population understand and work to prevent eating disorders in their communities.

Identifying and Understanding Eating Disorders An Overview of Eating Disorders; J. J. Robert-McComb, L. Wilson-Barlow, and K. L. Goodheart The Psychology of Eating Disorders; K. L. Goodheart, H. L. Gibson, and J. R. Clopton The Physiology of Anorexia Nervosa; A. Gary, J. Campbell-Ruggaard, K. L. Goodheart, and J. R. Clopton The Physiology of Bulimia Nervosa; J. J. Robert-McComb and B. McCullough Measures of Eating Disorder Symptoms and Body Image Disturbance; S. Kashubeck-West, K. Saunders, and H.-h. Huang The Characteristics of Stress The Physiology of Stress; J. J. Robert-McComb, and B. O. Young The Psychology of Stress and Coping; S. W. Cook, C. L. Thompson, and V. A. Coca-Lyle Society and Eating Disorders Family Dynamics; A. S. Kluck, J. R. Clopton, and J. Snider Kent Body Image; S. Kashubeck-West, K. Saunders, and A. Coker Sexuality and Eating Disorders; A. S. Kluck, S. Garos, and L. Johnson Prevention of Eating Disorders Factors Associated with Eating Disorders in Children; J. L. Rohwer Educational Programs Aimed at Primary Prevention; J. L. Rohwer An Ecological Approach to the Prevention of Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents; M. Massey-Stokes, B. A. Barton, M. Golman, and D. J. Holland Developing Healthy Attitudes and Behaviors to Manage Stress and Eating Disorders Behavior Modification; A. M. Tacon Social-Emotional Learning, Interpersonal Skills, and Resilience; M. Massey-Stokes and S. B. Stokes Exercise Guidelines: Specific Recommendations for Women and Children with Eating Disorders; J. J. Robert-McComb and V. Bayer Nutritional Evaluation and Treatment of Eating Disorders; A. A. Thompson and A. J. Danielson Nutritional Needs in Special Populations with Eating Disorders; S. Rushing Therapeutic Approaches to the Treatment of Eating Disorders Cognitive Behavioral Approaches for Treating Eating Disorders; M. M. Abbott and K. L. Goodheart Interpersonal Approaches for Treating Eating Disorders; K. L. Goodheart, M. M. Abbott, and J. R. Clopton Constructivist and Narrative Approaches for Treating Eating Disorders; K. L. Goodheart and S. L. Harter Pharmaceutical Approaches for Treating Eating Disorders; M. L. Hoes and B. CurtisInorganic Chemistry by Electronic Structure Calculation Methods Exploring Bonding and Nonbonding Intermetallic MaE"aE"aE"M Interactions Exploring the Mechanism of Catalytic Gas Phase Reactions Involving Transition Metals Exploring the Catalytic Cycle of Synthesis Reactions Catalyzed by Transition-Metal-Containing Catalysts NMR Techniques for Investigating the Supramolecular Structure of Coordination Compounds in Solution; G. Ciancaleoni, C. Zuccaccia, D. Zuccaccia, and A. Macchioni NOE NMR Exchange Spectroscopy Diffusion NMR Combining NOE and Diffusion NMR Measurements Pressure-Induced Change of d-d Luminescence Energies, Vibronic Structure, and Band Intensities in Transition Metal Complexes; C. Reber, J. K. Grey, E. Lanthier, and K. A. Frantzen One-Dimensional Normal Coordinate Model Pressure Effects on Vibronic Progressions and Band Energies: Metal-Oxo Complexes Pressure-Induced Increase of Luminescence Intensities: Square-Planar Complexes IndexSamples Independent and Paired t-Tests Mann-Whitney U Sign Test and Wilcoxin Matched-Pairs Signed-Ranks Test Testing for Differences among Three or More Samples Statistical Analysis for Factorial Designs Additional Tools for Analyzing Clinical Data Caution in the Use and Reporting of Statistics Summary Chapter 10. Research Outcomes: Clinical Guidance, Research Reports Knowledge Base for Evaluating Clinical Research Critical Appraisal How Applicable Are the Findings Reporting Research Findings Components of a Research Report More on the Review of Literature Writing Guidelines and Writing Style Disseminating Research Findings Summary IndexLearning Activities 9: Theories of Speech Perception Introduction Topics in Speech Perception Theories of Speech Perception What Babies Can Tell Us About Perception Recommended Internet Sites for Further Learning Instructor-Facilitated Learning Activities Glossary Appendix A: Measurement Conversions Appendix B: Reading Passages Appendix C: Frequencies of the Musical Scale Appendix D: The International Phonetic Alphabet Appendix E: Answer Key Appendix F: Speech Science Taboo Index