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Africa's Agitators: Militant Anti-colonialism in Africa and the West, 1918-1939: Derrick, Jonathan: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Africa's Agitators: Militant Anti-colonialism in Africa and the West, 1918-1939
Africa's Agitators: Militant Anti-colonialism in Africa and the West, 1918-1939
Published Date : 2008/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781850659365

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Book Description
Table of Contents
Abbreviations                                      vii
Introduction                                       1
1. Empire and anti-Empire                          7
  Early African resistance and protest             7
  Europeans against empire                         29
  The First World War and Africa                   45
2. Challenging Triumphant Empires, 1918-25         59
  Africa in the aftermath                          59
  African unrest and protest, 1919-22              62
  The impact of Marcus Garvey                      81
  Africans in Europe                               91
  Friendly natives                                 97
  Communism and the colonial world                 104
  Communists and Africans: South Africa and the    116
  'Negro Question'
  Communists and Africans: activists in France     122
  The first Black militant group in France         141
  Agitators and petitioners                        146
3. Nationalists and Communists, 1925-31            151
  The Rif War protest campaign in France           151
  Agents crossing the Sahara?                      158
  The founding of the Etoile Nord-Africaine        165
  The Brussels Congress and the League Against     172
  The Comintern Congress of 1928 and               182
  anti-colonial militancy
  ANC, ICU and Communists in South Africa          186
  Black militant leaders and the Comintern         193
  Padmore, Wallace Johnson and Small               198
  Communist eyes on colonial Africa                205
  Lamine Senghor and African and Caribbean         216
  militants in France
  Tiemoko Garan Kouyate and the LDRN               221
  West African 'constitutional' politics           226
  Challenges to colonialism in Africa: the         230
  Dualas and Madagascar
  The Congo-Ocean railway and the Gbaya revolt     237
  Anti-colonialists, Socialists and Communists     242
  Germany as an anti-colonial centre               259
  North African challenges and Shakib Arslan       262
  Triumphant colonialism: France's Expo 1931       269
4. Struggles in the Thirties, 1932-39              273
  Red and Black in the early thirties              273
  Kouyate, Padmore and the Comintern               281
  Radical talk in Accra and London                 305
  Paris, Moscow and African nationalists,          316
  Ethiopia, Africa, France and Britain, 1935-36    332
  Stirrings in North Africa, 1936-39               346
  Europe's hostile camps and Africa, 1936-39       361
  A new radical group in London                    382
  Colonial liberals, radicals and African          391
  issues in Britain, 1936-38
  London, Paris and Freetown, 1938-39              408
Conclusions                                        423
Bibliography                                       439
Index                                              465

The period between the two World Wars were troubling years for colonial empire. Individuals and organizations called for major reforms and an end to white supremacy and colonial rule, contributing first to local unrest and protest and then to anticolonial activity not only in Africa but the United States and Europe as well. In this compelling history, Jonathan Derrick recounts the opposition to British and French rule practised both by Africans living on the continent and by European anticolonialists and members of the Black Diaspora. He covers campaigns waged by an early incarnation of the ANC and other groups in South Africa who fought against legal and other aspects of white minority rule.He also analyses the Kikuyu protests against the settler regime in Kenya; Marcus Garvey's African American movement and its role in sparking interest in Africa; the Etoile Nord Africaine, formed mainly by Algerians in France, that called for the independence of French North Africa; protests led by European critics against forced labor in Kenya and French Equatorial Africa; and the activity of small militant groups like the Ligue de Defense de la Race Negre (LDRN) in France and George Padmore's International African Service Bureau (IASB) in Britain. Derrick also examines the role of the Comintern and Western Communist parties that were opposed to Western colonialism and ready to support militant action against it. He shows that, although colonial rulers greatly feared the specter of Communism in Africa, actual Communist activity was in fact quite small. The onset of the Second World War pushed colonial issues to the background, but as Derrick argues, in the long term the anticolonialists of the interwar era helped pave the way for later decolonisation.