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Macaron -- Paperback: Thompson, Alison: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
Macaron -- Paperback
Macaron -- Paperback
Publisher : Apple Press
Published Date : 2011/04
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781845434106

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Book Description
Table of Contents
Introduction                                       1 (1)
    Equipment                                      2 (2)
    Ingredients                                    4 (2)
    Essential Techniques                           6 (3)
    The Perfect Macaron                            9 (75)
      Basic Macaron Shells                         10(3)
      Chocolate Macaron Shells                     13(1)
      Chamomile Macarons                           14(3)
      Black Forest Macarons                        17(1)
      Almond Praline Macarons                      18(3)
      Blackcurrant & Violet Macarons               21(1)
      Chocolate & Coconut Macarons                 22(3)
      Passionfruit Macarons                        25(1)
      Vanilla & Rose Macarons                      26(3)
      Chocolate & Raspberry Macarons               29(1)
      Cinnamon Macarons                            30(3)
      Coconut Macarons                             33(1)
      Raspberry Macarons                           34(3)
      Gianduja Macarons                            37(1)
      Gingerbread-spiced Macarons                  38(3)
      Saffron & Vanilla Macarons                   41(1)
      Hazelnut Praline Macarons                    42(3)
      Honey & Sesame Macarons                      45(1)
      Jasmine Tea & Lime Macarons                  46(3)
      Strawberry, Vanilla & Lychee Macarons        49(1)
      Lime & Coconut Macarons                      50(3)
      Liquorice Macarons                           53(1)
      White Chocolate & Lavender Macarons          54(3)
      Mint-chocolate Macarons                      57(1)
      Passionfruit & Milk Chocolate Macarons       58(3)
      Vanilla Macarons                             61(1)
      Chocolate & Orange Macarons                  62(3)
      Peanut Butter Macarons                       65(1)
      Pistachio & White Chocolate Macarons         66(3)
      Pecan-caramel Macarons                       69(1)
      Espresso Macarons                            70(3)
      Green Tea & Mint Macarons                    73(1)
      Salted-caramel Macarons                      74(3)
      Lemon Macarons                               77(1)
      Chocolate Macarons                           78(3)
      Pistachio, Vanilla & Griottine Macarons      81(1)
      Mango & White Chocolate Macarons             82(2)
Index                                              84

Be seduced by the bite-sized joy of the macaron! Delicately crisp on the outside and luxuriously rich in the middle, macarons are the favourite sweet of France, where they were created by Pierre Desfontaines at the beginning of the twentieth century. Until recently seldom enjoyed outside of France, they can now be found in cafes, restaurants and at weddings around the world. Macaron, with its easy and inspired recipes, shows you all you need to create these delights at home. Eating a macaron is an ecstasy-inducing experience as anyone who has tried one can attest: first you bite through a crisp, shell-like exterior to a slightly chewy almond-meringue biscuit, and finally reach the explosion of flavour carried by the buttercream or ganache filling. When it comes to indulgence, nothing can compare. With the unique and utterly luscious recipes in Macaron, you'll be baking these delectable morsels like a professional in no time.
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