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History of the World : From the Earliest Times to the Present Day -- Hardback: Welsh, Frank: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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History of the World : From the Earliest Times to the Present Day -- Hardback
History of the World : From the Earliest Times to the Present Day -- Hardback
Publisher : Quercus Publishing
Published Date : 2011/10
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9780857384768

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10000 - 500 BCEarly empires; China to the Zhou; Egypt; Mycenae and Knossos. 500 BC - 1000 AD: An Axial Age?; Plato; Ezra; Buddha; Confucius; The glory that was Greece; Alexander and his successors; Rome to Byzantium; Republic to empire; Jews and Christians, Constantine; Islam; Rise of Islam, Muslim Spain, Early America; India to the Guptas; Gaul and Britannia; Clovis to Charlemagne, Angles and Saxons, Carolingian State, Vikings. 1000 - 1600: Clash of cultures; Holy Roman Empire and the papacy; Crusades; Great Schism; Africa and America; Sudanese empires; Aztecs and Incas; Plans and Forest Indians; Pueblos and Beotuk; China and Asia; The horse in history; China and the Mongols; SE Asia; Buddhism and the Jains; Persia; India.1600 - 1789: Renaissance and Reformation; Humanism and art; Constance and Hussites; printing and paper; Germany; France; Britain; New Worlds; Portuguese and Dutch East Indies; Spanish America; North America; Gunpowder Empires; Turkey; Persia; Moghuls; Europe in America; Colonial wars; development of the New World; The East; China to the 16thc; Japan; Korea; SE Asia; E Indies; Birth of Modern Europe; English Commonwealth; Union; 30 Yrs War; Russia; Poland; Ukraine; Enlightenment; Romanticism; European thought; women writers; American Revolution. 1789 - 1914: French Revolution; Napoleon; Reactions; influence; Reconstruction; Industrial Revolution; Congress system; unification of Italy; German Empire; Ottoman decline; India and China; Raj; Qing China; Opium Wars; US-UK rivalry; Japanese empire; Americas; Manifest Destiny; Mexican Wars; slavery; Civil War; Reconstruction; Explorations; Australia and New Zealand; Pacific; Arctic; cartography; New Empires; France; Germany; Belgium; Scramble for Africa; New Revolutions; Mexico; China; South Africa; India.1914 - 2003: Stumbling into war; Germany and Austria; Russia; Conduct of war; Post WW1; Versailles; Russian Revolution; Spanish Civil War; WW2; Hitler; Conduct of War; Post WW2; UN; genocide; China; Decolonization; Cold War; Middle East; Shrinking the World; air travel; Internet; IT; Soviet collapse; Balkan Wars; Rise of China. Epilogue.

Introduction. Farmers to Emperors, timeline 6000 BC-500 AD. The River Civilizations, c.6000-600 BC. Early Empires, c.6000-c.610 BC. Persians and Greeks, c.2000-c.350 BC. Alexander and his Successors, 336 BC-c. AD 140. Roman Imperium: Republic and Empire, c.150 BC-c.AD 500. Early Civilizations of Africa and the Americas, c.1500 BC-AD 1500. Clash of Cultures, timeline 500-1600. The Rise of Islam, AD 622-1000. From Gauls to French, AD 407-1130. The Crusades, AD 1095-1396. China to the Mongols, 221 BC-AD 1294. Reformation and Renaissance, 1414-1648. New Worlds, 1494-1610. Gunpowder Empires, 1453-1707. The Modern World Forms, timeline 1600-1820. Early Modern Europe, 1648-1796. European Imperial Expansion, 1620-1720. Europeans and the Orient, 1368-1799. The Age of Enlightenment and the American Revolution, 1700-1776. The French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, 1789-1815. A New World Order, 1776-1845. Imperialism, timeline 1820-1900. Post-Napoleonic Europe, 1814-1871. Eastern Superpowers: India and China, 1730-1856. Continental Empires, c.1800-1871. Exploration and Empire-building, 1770-1902. The Energy Revolution: The East Reacts to a Changing World, 1850-1905. A Century of Wars, timeline 1900-present. Stumbling into War, 1906-1919. The Interlude, 1920-1939. The Second World War and After, 1937-1953. New Nations, 1948-1968. Cautious Optimism, 1970-1994. Towards the Third Millennium, 2000-. Human achievements, timeline 6000 BC-present. Epilogue. Index.
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