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Ramayana : Divine Loophole: Patel, Sanjay: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
Ramayana : Divine Loophole
Ramayana : Divine Loophole
Publisher : Chronicle Books Llc
Published Date : 2010/02
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9780811871075

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A13322800
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Table of Contents
  Act One: Blue Prince
    Desperate Demon                                13 (1)
    Cosmic Bully                                   14 (3)
    Hostile Takeover                               17 (1)
    Vishnu's Loophole                              18 (2)
    Blue Boy                                       20 (4)
    Deeds of Rama                                  24 (2)
    Break a Bow, Tie the Knot                      26 (3)
    Rama & Sita                                    29 (1)
    Exile                                          30 (4)
    Royal Rescue                                   34 (2)
    Sacred Shoes                                   36 (5)
  Act Two: Jungle Drama
    Forest Dwellers                                41 (1)
    Hermit Handouts                                42 (4)
    Fatal Attraction                               46 (3)
    Nosey Demon                                    49 (4)
    Divine Arrow                                   53 (3)
    Aftermath                                      56 (5)
    Deer of Deception                              61 (2)
    Abduction                                      63 (1)
    Valiant Eagle                                  64 (2)
    Search for Sita                                66 (6)
    Monkey God                                     72 (5)
    Princess Prisoner                              77 (2)
    Burning Tail                                   79 (6)
  Act Three: Endless War
    Oceans Apart                                   85 (8)
    Battle of Lanka                                93 (6)
    Evil Arrows                                    99 (2)
    Ravana's Rampage                               101(1)
    Leaf of Life                                   102(2)
    Mountain of Medicine                           104(6)
    Undying Demon                                  110(4)
    Sita's Honor                                   114(3)
    Glowing Goddess                                117(2)
    Time Flies                                     119(1)
    King at Last                                   120
  Gods & Sages/Devas & Rishis
      Vishnu                                       126
      Vayu                                         128
      Brahma                                       129
      Vishvamitra                                  130
      Agastya                                      131
      Dasaratha                                    134
      Kausalya                                     136
      Sumitra                                      137
      Kaikeyi                                      138
      Rama                                         140
      Lakshman                                     141
      Bharata                                      142
      Shatrughna                                   143
      Sita                                         144
      Jambavan                                     148
      Jatayu                                       150
      Hanuman                                      152
      Sugriva                                      154
      Ravana                                       158
      Tataka                                       160
      Maricha                                      161
      Soorpanaka                                   162
Geography/Route of Rama

Written and illustrated by a veteran Pixar animator with an amazing eye for color and action, "Ramayana" is the perfect blend of pop culture and art - a humorous and entertaining text that makes the story of the "Ramayana" (the most famous tale in Hindu mythology) accessible to the general reader. "The Ramayana" is the story of Rama, the blue prince, who is an avatar of the god Vishnu, sent to earth to battle a terrible demon, Ravana. At the begininning of the story, Rama's stepmother deceives his father into banishing Rama and his wife Sita from the kingdom for fourteen years. While in the forest, Ravana takes advantage of their vulnerability and kidnaps Sita and imprisons her in his palace on Sri Lanka. Rama goes on a quest to rescure her with the help of an army of monkeys and bears - including Hanuman, the monkey king. A great battle ensues, which, after great losses on both sides, Rama wins in a duel by firing a shot from an enchanted bow. He then returns to his kingdom with Sita and reigns over an era of peace and prosperity.