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Paper View : The Best of the Sunday Times Television Columns -- Paperback: Gill, A. A.: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
Paper View : The Best of the Sunday Times Television Columns -- Paperback
Paper View : The Best of the Sunday Times Television Columns -- Paperback
Publisher : Orion Publishing Co
Published Date : 2009/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780753826133

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Book Description
Table of Contents
Acknowledgements                                   ix
Introduction                                       xi
      Cops                                         3  (7)
      Doctors                                      10 (3)
      Children                                     13 (11)
      Costume Drama                                24 (19)
      Poliakoff                                    43 (3)
      Soap                                         46 (11)
      The Waltons                                  57 (3)
      Comedy                                       60 (12)
      Dennis Potter                                72 (3)
      Actors                                       75 (17)
      Sci-fi                                       92 (7)
      Golden Rose of Montreux                      99 (2)
      Cathy Come Home                              101(6)
      Batman TV                                    107(3)
      Sport                                        110(18)
      News                                         128(13)
      Aids                                         141(3)
      Class                                        144(3)
      Reality TV                                   147(14)
      Cookery                                      161(10)
      Philosophy                                   171(4)
      Music                                        175(3)
      Art                                          178(8)
      Presenting                                   186(17)
      Un-facts                                     203(2)
      Nature                                       205(12)
      Politics                                     217(18)
      The Queen                                    235(2)
      Michael Jackson                              237(2)
      History                                      239(22)
      Trooping the Colour                          261(2)
      Travel                                       263(11)
      Science                                      274(7)
      Quiz Shows                                   281(6)
      The Great War                                287(3)
Afterword                                          290(3)
Dates                                              293(4)
Index                                              297

A.A. Gill has been the must-read television critic in the SUNDAY TIMES 'Culture' section for more than ten years. This collection of some of the best writing from his columns is broken down into themes - Sport, Costume Drama, Detectives, Children's Television, and News. And now it's over to A.A. Gill: 'Those who complain, usually from the Parnassian heights of print journalism, that TV is dumbed-down and peddles dross to the lowest common denominator, citing Big Brother or Celibate Love Island, miss the point...In barely a generation, the information from television has changed the way we see the world and everyone in it. That's no small achievement. Television really does make a difference...It can bring down walls, save lives and right wrongs. It can also tell you how to put a water feature on your patio...'