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Key Business Solutions : Essential Problem-Solving Tools and Techniques That Every Manager Needs to Know (Financial Times Series): Weiss, Antonio E.: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Key Business Solutions : Essential Problem-Solving Tools and Techniques That Every Manager Needs to Know (Financial Times Series)
Key Business Solutions : Essential Problem-Solving Tools and Techniques That Every Manager Needs to Know (Financial Times Series)
Publisher : Ft Pr
Published Date : 2011/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780273750291

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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A48400300
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Continuations: Monograph Series,any number
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Table of Contents
About the author                                   xi
Acknowledgements                                   xii
Publisher's acknowledgements                       xiii
Introduction                                       xiv
Part One The OBTAIN problem-solving process        1   (166)
  1 Outline the question                           3   (18)
    1.1 The problem may be big, but it should      4   (8)
    fit on one page
    1.2 The key issues you need to know to         12  (9)
    solve the problem
  2 Break down the issues                          21  (16)
    2.1 Untangling the mess                        22  (7)
    2.2 Prioritise your workload to maximise       29  (8)
    your effort: output ratio
  3 Test the hypothesis                            37  (10)
    3.1 You are the doctor, the problem is your    38  (9)
  4 Analyse the problem                            47  (26)
    4.1 Without data you have nothing              48  (7)
    4.2 Insightful interviewing                    55  (6)
    4.3 If you want to get to the root cause of    61  (3)
    the problem, just ask 'why?'
    4.4 Making spreadsheet models easy             64  (9)
  5 Imagine the solution                           73  (20)
    5.1 Devising the optimal solution              74  (10)
    5.2 Making change happen                       84  (9)
  6 Notify the stakeholders                        93  (24)
    6.1 Writing compelling reports                 94  (12)
    6.2 Making great presentations                 106 (11)
  7 Managing the stakeholders                      117 (28)
    7.1 Understand who your stakeholders are       118 (10)
    and how to communicate with them
    7.2 Trust makes the world go around            128 (7)
    7.3 You are the most important stakeholder     135 (10)
  8 Managing the team                              145 (21)
    8.1 Setting up the team to ensure success      146 (5)
    8.2 Helping others reach their goal            151 (7)
    8.3 Feedback works both ways                   158 (8)
  A final thought                                  166 (1)
Part Two Critical business tools and frameworks    167 (24)
  9 Critical business tools and frameworks         169 (22)
    4Ps of marketing                               169 (2)
    5Cs of strategy                                171 (1)
    Ansoff matrix                                  172 (2)
    BCG growth-share matrix                        174 (1)
    Benchmarking                                   175 (2)
    Brainstorming                                  177 (1)
    De Bono's six thinking hats                    178 (2)
    Drill-down analysis                            180 (1)
    Kano analysis                                  180 (2)
    McClelland's theory of needs                   182 (2)
    McKinsey 7S framework                          184 (1)
    PESTEL                                         185 (1)
    Porter's five forces                           186 (1)
    SWOT                                           187 (2)
    Value chain analysis                           189 (2)
Appendix: How the tools and techniques fit into    191 (2)
the OBTAIN process
Further reading and references                     193 (4)
Index                                              197

This book explains how to resolve every challenge faced on a day-to-day basis in your business by presenting an unbeatable inventory of proven problem solving tools and techniques to help you tackle your toughest business dilemmas effectively. You will learn how to: * Overcome any business challenge with robust logic and structure * How to break down problems and make your workload lighter * Deliver the 'killer' recommendations * Discover how to successfully implement change in people and organisations * How to keep yourself, your team, and your stakeholders happy * How to use an effective hypothesis-driven approach to problem solving Using case studies, a 'best practice example' and at least one figurative table or figure, every dilemma is bought to life equipping you with the very best tools to confront any problem your business may face. 'The most successful businesses don't avoid problems -- they solve them. This practical, insightful and entertaining book guides you through how to do this. An indispensable resource for any manager.'Richard Newton, Business consultant and best-selling author -------------- 'One of the key attributes in running a business successfully is the ability to see a situation in perspective. Too often the real issues go unrecognised, signs are misread, an opportunity slips by, the wrong problem is addressed. Only in retrospect is it obvious what should have been done. It is not easy, but the tools and techniques covered in Key Business Solutions should help.' Sir George Cox, Author of the HM Treasury Cox Review of Creativity in UK Business and former Chairman of the Design Council

About the author Acknowledgements Publisher's acknowledgements Introduction PART 1: THE OBTAIN PROBLEM-SOLVING PROCESS 1. Outline the question 2. Break down the issues 3. Test the hypothesis 4. Analyse the problem 5. Imagine the solution 6. Notify the stakeholders 7. Managing the stakeholders 8. Managing the team PART 2: CRITICAL BUSINESS TOOLS AND FRAMEWORKS 4Ps of marketing 5Cs of strategy Ansoff matrix BCG growth-share matrix Benchmarking Brainstorming De Bono's six thinking hats Drill-down analysis Kano analysis McClelland's theory of needs McKinsey 7S framework PESTEL Porter's five forces SWOT Value chain analysis Appendix: How the tools and techniques fit into the OBTAIN process Further reading and references Index