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The Big Book of Fun: National Geographic Society (U. S.): BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The Big Book of Fun
The Big Book of Fun
Published Date : 2010/05
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781426306617

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: X01710000
Place of Publication: United States
Cataloging Adult Inventory Demand (Internal Use For Cataloging Services)
Fast Facts - May 2010 #4
Fast Facts - May 2010 #5
Table of Contents
    Out of This World                              6 (2)
      You'll need more than a sense of
      direction to navigate through this outer
      space maze
    We Gave It a Swirl                             8 (1)
      Figuring out which animals appear in
      these swirled images could make you dizzy
    Just for Kicks                                 9 (1)
      Place all of the puzzle pieces correctly
      to win this game
    Trading Places                                 10(2)
      These animals are a long way from home.
      Can you put them back in their correct
    Wild Guess                                     12(1)
      Brain-bending trivia will keep you
    It's a Jungle Out There!                       13(1)
      You might need a compass to get through
      this maze
    What in the World?: Aloha Spirit               14(1)
      Try to identify what's in these photos
      from the tropics
    Surprises in the Teachers' Lounge              15(1)
      You might get an A if you can straighten
      out the mess in this teachers' lounge
    Funny Fill-in: Running Wild!                   16(1)
      Your dog is on the loose in a shopping
      mall. To catch him, fill in the blanks in
      this funny story
    City Gone Wild!                                17(1)
      Find the wacky animals in this city scene
    Read Between the Lines                         18(2)
      Can you figure out what these funny
      doodles mean?
    Eye Magic                                      20(1)
      There's more than meets the eye in this
      optical illusion
    Pet Project                                    21(1)
      Match the people in the pet store to
      their future pets
    Find the Hidden Animals                        22(2)
      Spot the camouflaged animals in these
      amazing photos
    Take the Plunge                                24(1)
      Strange things are hidden in the ocean in
      this game
    Stump Your Parents                             25(1)
      Test your parents to find out if they
      really know everything
    Perfect Match                                  26(2)
      You might need double (or triple) vision
      to spot all of the twins and triplets at
      this summer camp
    What in the World?: Seeing Spots               28(1)
      Your instincts are spot-on if you can        28(1)
      identify what's in these photos
    Funny Fill-in: Breaking News!                  29(1)
      Fill in the blanks in this story to find
      out what's lurking in the woods
    Signs of the Times                             30(1)
      Are these hilarious signs real or fake?
    Teeing Off                                     31(1)
      There may be more t's than tees on this
      miniature golf course
    Lost in Space                                  32(2)
      Help these aliens find their spaceships
    The Funnies                                    34(1)
    Having a Blast!                                35(1)
      Match familiar sayings to the pictures at
      this backyard barbecue
    Go Fish!                                       36(1)
      You might need a fishing rod to reel in
      the objects hidden in this aquarium
    We Gave It a Swirl                             37(1)
      We put more animal photos on the spin
    Wild and Wacky Road Trip U.S.A                 38(2)
      Which of these bizarre roadside
      attractions are not real?
    Splash Down                                    40(2)
      Slip and slide your way to the end of
      this waterslide maze
    Name That Animal                               42(1)
      Meet some worldly cats and dogs in this
      matching game
    The River Wild                                 43(1)
      Brave white water, bears, and beavers in
      this adventurous maze
    The Funnies                                    44(1)
    A Piece of Cake                                45(1)
      Can you find everything that starts with
      the letter b in this bakery?
    Make a Splash!                                 46(1)
      Figure out which familiar sayings are
      illustrated in this swimming pool scene
    What in the World?: Face-to-Face               47(1)
      You'll be all smiles when you play this
      photo game
    Lost and Found                                 48(1)
      Find all of the lost items in this movie
    Signs of the Times                             49(1)
      More funny signs that might fake you out
    Bizarre Laboratory Tale                        50(2)
      Find the BLTs in this mad scientist's
      laboratory Hint: They aren't all
    Mousetrap                                      52(1)
      A mouse is on the loose in this fancy
      restaurant. Can you figure out what he's
      been eating?
    Name That Animal!                              53(1)
      These funny animals actually look like
      their names
    April Showers                                  54(1)
      What else is wrong in this town square
      other than the rainy weather?
    Funny Fill-in: Superhero Surprise!             55(1)
      Use your superpowers to fill in the
      blanks in this story
    Beach Bound                                    56(1)
      Grab your swimsuit and head for the shore
      in this sunny maze
    Funny Money                                    57(1)
      Can you put a price tag on the Eiffel
      Tower or a designer kitten? You'll try in
      this game
    Spaced-Out                                     58(1)
      Translate these pictures into
      out-of-this-world words
    The Funnies                                    58(1)
    Change of Heart                                59(1)
      Fit the puzzle pieces into this
      heartwarming scene
    Save Our Ship!                                 60(1)
      SOS is more than a call for help on this
      cruise ship
    We Gave It a Swirl                             61(1)
      Animal photos with a twist
    Funny Fill-in: A Royal Vacation                62(1)
      Fill in the blanks to go on a European
    What in the World?: Go Undercover!             63(1)
      Use your spying skills to figure out
      which animal patterns appear in these
    Crazy Colors                                   64(2)
      You never know what your food will look
      like in this diner game
    School Daze                                    66(1)
      Try to find your way through the halls of
      this school
    Lucky PENny                                    67(1)
      Put your PENcil to the test in this word
    The Funnies                                    68(1)
    Big Air!                                       69(1)
      Show off your moves at this skateboard
    Ski Patrol                                     70(1)
      What's not quite right at this ski resort?
    We Gave It a Swirl                             71(1)
      These animals have been thrown for a
      loop. Can you help set them straight?
    Picnic Puzzler                                 71(1)
      Figure out the real meaning of each
    Treasure Hunt                                  72(2)
      Explore the jungle to find all of the
      hidden items in this scene
    Bowling Freeze-Frame                           74(1)
      Play this word game with your BFF
Answers                                            75