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Now, Discover Your Strengths : How to Develop Your Talents and Those of the People You Manage -- Paperback (New ed): Buckingham, Marcus/ Clifton, Donald O.: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Now, Discover Your Strengths : How to Develop Your Talents and Those of the People You Manage -- Paperback (New ed)
Now, Discover Your Strengths : How to Develop Your Talents and Those of the People You Manage -- Paperback (New ed)
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Published Date : 2005/06
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781416502654

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Book Description
Table of Contents
Introduction: The Strengths Revolution at Work
  The Revolution
    "What are the two assumptions on which         5  (6)
    great organizations must be built?"
  Two Million Interviews
    "Whom did Gallup interview to learn about      11 (8)
    human strengths?"
I. The Anatomy of a Strength
  Chapter 1. Strong Lives
    The Investor, the Director, the Skin
    Doctor, and the Editor
      "What does a strong life look like?"         19 (6)
    Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, and Cole Porter
      "What is a strength?"                        25 (3)
    Three Revolutionary Tools
      "What do you need to build your life         28 (11)
      around your strengths?"
  Chapter 2. Strength Building
    Is He Always This Good?
      "What can we learn about strengths from      39 (2)
      Colin Powell?"
    Knowledge and Skills
      "Which aspects of you can you change?"       41 (7)
      "Which aspects of you are enduring?"         48 (19)
II. Discover the Source of Your Strengths
  Chapter 3. Strengths Finder
    The Traces of Talent
      "How can you identify your own talents?"     67 (9)
    The Strengths Finder Profile
      "How does it work, and how do I complete     76 (7)
  Chapter 4. The Thirty-four Themes of
  Strengths Finder
    Achiever                                       83 (1)
    Activator                                      84 (1)
    Adaptability                                   85 (1)
    Analytical                                     86 (1)
    Arranger                                       87 (1)
    Belief                                         88 (1)
    Command                                        89 (1)
    Communication                                  90 (1)
    Competition                                    91 (1)
    Connectedness                                  92 (1)
    Context                                        93 (1)
    Deliberative                                   94 (1)
    Developer                                      95 (1)
    Discipline                                     96 (1)
    Empathy                                        97 (1)
    Fairness                                       98 (1)
    Focus                                          99 (1)
    Futuristic                                     100(1)
    Harmony                                        101(1)
    Ideation                                       102(1)
    Inclusiveness                                  103(1)
    Individualization                              104(1)
    Input                                          105(1)
    Intellection                                   106(1)
    Learner                                        107(1)
    Maximizer                                      108(1)
    Positivity                                     109(1)
    Relator                                        110(1)
    Responsibility                                 111(1)
    Restorative                                    112(1)
    Self-assurance                                 113(1)
    Significance                                   114(1)
    Strategic                                      115(1)
    Woo                                            116(5)
III. Put Strengths to Work
  Chapter 5. The Questions You're Asking
    Are there any obstacles to building my         121(10)
    Why should I focus on my signature themes?     131(3)
    Is there any significance to the order of      134(2)
    my signature themes?
    Not all of the phrases in the theme            136(1)
    description apply to me. Why?
    Why am I different from other people with      137(2)
    whom I share some of the same themes?
    Are any of the themes "opposites"?             139(2)
    Can I develop new themes if I don't like       141(3)
    the ones I have?
    Will I become too narrow if I focus on my      144(4)
    signature themes?
    How can I manage around my weaknesses?         148(12)
    Can my themes reveal whether I am in the       160(11)
    right career?
  Chapter 6. Managing Strengths
    "Fidel," Sam Mendes, and Phil Jackson
      "What is the secret of their success?"       171(5)
    One By One
      "How can you manage each of the              176(37)
      thirty-four themes of Strengths Finder?"
  Chapter 7. Building a Strengths-based
    The Full Story
      "Who is leading the strengths revolution     213(5)
      at work?"
    The Practical Guide
      "How can you build a strengths-based         218
Appendix A Technical Report on Strengths Finder
  "What research underpins the Strengths Finder    247
  Profile, and what research is planned to
  refine the instrument?"

Based on a Gallup study of over two million people who have excelled in their careers, NOW, DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS uses a revolutionary programme to help readers discover their distinct talents and strengths. The product of a twenty-five year, multi-million pound effort to identify the most prevalent human talents, the StrengthsFinder programme introduces thirty-four talents or 'themes' and reveals how they can best be translated into personal and career success. Each copy of the book contains a unique password that gives the reader access to the StrengthsFinder Profile, a Web-based interview that analyses people's instinctive reactions and immediately presents them with their five most dominant strengths. Once readers know which of the thirty-four talent themes dominates their personality, they can make practical applications at three levels: as an individual, as a manager and within an organisation. Readers learn what kind of environments will allow them to flourish; how managers can better cultivate their employers' talents; and how almost all organisations inhibit the talents of their people and need to change.durability performances of concrete structures. Large-scale monitoring of creep, shrinkage and cracking of structures. Model-based monitoring of cracking and durability in early-age structures. Creep and shrinkage of new concrete products. Shrinkage reducing methods and agents. From creep, shrinkage and durability experiments to the design of concrete structures. Creep, shrinkage and durability in structural mechanics, standard recommendations and codes. Uncertainty and probabilistic modeling of creep and durability.
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