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The New Scramble for Africa: Carmody, Padraig: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The New Scramble for Africa
The New Scramble for Africa
Publisher : Polity Pr
Published Date : 2011/06
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780745647852

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Academic Level: Graduate
Geographic Designator: Africa
Table of Contents
        List of Figures and Tables                 vii
Acknowledgements                                   viii
        List of Abbreviations                      ix
Resource Map of Africa                             xii
Introduction                                       1   (13)
    1 The New Scramble, Geography and              14  (19)
    2 Old Economic Power Interests and             33  (32)
    Strategies in Africa
    3 Chinese Interests and Strategies in          65  (30)
    Africa [with Ian Taylor]
    4 Other New Economic Power Interests and       95  (17)
    Relations with Africa
    5 Driving the Global Economy: West African     112 (13)
    and Sahelian Oil
    6 Powering and Connecting the Global           125 (14)
    Economy through Conflict: Uranium and Coltan
    7 Furnishing and Feeding the World? Timber,    139 (19)
    Biofuels, Plants, Food and Fisheries
    8 The Asian Scramble for Investment and        158 (18)
    Markets: Evidence and Impacts in Zambia
    [with Godfrey Hampwaye]
    9 Can Africans Unscramble the Continent?       176 (14)
Conclusion: The New Scramble in Perspective        190 (5)
Notes                                              195 (5)
Bibliography                                       200 (29)
Index                                              229

Once marginalized in the world economy, the past decade has seen Africa emerge as a major global supplier of crucial raw materials like oil, uranium and coltan. With its share of world trade and investment now rising and the availability of natural resources falling, the continent finds itself at the centre of a battle to gain access to and control of its valuable natural assets. China's role in Africa has loomed particularly large in recent years, but there is now a new scramble taking place involving a wider range of established and emerging economic powers from the EU and US to Japan, Brazil and Russia. This book explores the nature of resource and market competition in Africa and the strategies adopted by the different actors involved - be they world powers or small companies. Focusing on key commodities, the book examines the dynamics of the new scramble and the impact of current investment and competition on people, the environment, and political and economic development on the continent. New theories, particularly the idea of Chinese "flexigemony" are developed to explain how resources and markets are accessed.While resource access is often the primary motive for increased engagement, the continent also offers a growing market for low-priced goods from Asia and Asian-owned companies. Individual chapters explore old and new economic power interests in Africa; oil, minerals, timber, biofuels, food and fisheries; and the nature and impacts of Asian investment in manufacturing and other sectors. The New Scramble for Africa will be essential reading for students of African studies, international relations, and resource politics as well as anyone interested in current affairs.

Chapter 1Economic Power Resource Interests and Strategies in Africa. Chapter 3: New Economic Power Resource Interests and Strategies in Africa. Chapter 4: Driving the Global Economy: West African and Sahelian Oil. Chapter 5: Minerals: Powering, Connecting and Wiring the Globe: From Uranium to Coltan. Chapter 6: Furnishing and Feeding the World? Timber, Biofuels, Food and Fisheries. Chapter 7: Markets and The Embedding of Asian Investment: Evidence from Zambia. Chapter 8: Can African Unscramble the Continent?