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Grand Pursuit : The Story of Economic Genius (Reprint): Nasar, Sylvia: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Grand Pursuit : The Story of Economic Genius (Reprint)
Grand Pursuit : The Story of Economic Genius (Reprint)
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Published Date : 2012/07
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780684872995

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A23306400 A45120000
Place of Publication: United States
Subject Development: History
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Kirkus Reviews 2011 June #2
Baker & Taylor Forecast - July 2012
Booklist Reviews 2011 July #1
Choice Reviews 2012 February
LJ Reviews 2011 April #1
Table of Contents
Preface: The Nine Parts of Mankind                 xi
      Prologue: Mr. Sentiment Versus Scrooge       3  (8)
    Chapter I Perfectly New: Engels and Marx in    11 (37)
    the Age of Miracles
    Chapter II Must There Be a Proletariat?        48 (43)
    Marshall's Patron Saint
    Chapter III Miss Potter's Profession: Webb     91 (48)
    and the Housekeeping State
    Chapter IV Cross of Gold: Fisher and the       139(32)
    Money Illusion
    Chapter V Creative Destruction: Schumpeter     171(26)
    and Economic Evolution
      Prologue: War of the Worlds                  197(10)
    Chapter VI The Last Days of Mankind:           207(28)
    Schumpeter in Vienna
    Chapter VII Europe Is Dying: Keynes at         235(27)
    Chapter VIII The Joyless Street: Schumpeter    262(19)
    and Hayek in Vienna
    Chapter IX Immaterial Devices of the Mind:     281(25)
    Keynes and Fisher in the 1920s
    Chapter X Magneto Trouble: Keynes and          306(32)
    Fisher in the Great Depression
    Chapter XI Experiments: Webb and Robinson      338(16)
    in the 1930s
    Chapter XII The Economists' War: Keynes and    354(18)
    Friedman at the Treasury
    Chapter XIII Exile: Schumpeter and Hayek in    372(11)
    World War II
      Prologue: Nothing to Fear                    383(7)
    Chapter XIV Past and Future: Keynes at         390(9)
    Bretton Woods
    Chapter XV The Road from Serfdom: Hayek and    399(10)
    the German Miracle
    Chapter XVI Instruments of Mastery:            409(17)
    Samuelson Goes to Washington
    Chapter XVII Grand Illusion: Robinson in       426(20)
    Moscow and Beijing
    Chapter XVIII Tryst with Destiny: Sen in       446(15)
    Calcutta and Cambridge
Epilogue: Imagining the Future                     461(4)
Acknowledgments                                    465(2)
Notes                                              467(60)
Index                                              527(29)
Photo Credits                                      556