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Stem Cells for Dummies (For Dummies (Health & Fitness)): Goldstein, Lawrence S. B./ Schneider, Meg: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Stem Cells for Dummies (For Dummies (Health & Fitness))
Stem Cells for Dummies (For Dummies (Health & Fitness))
Publisher : For Dummies
Published Date : 2010/02
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780470259283

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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A60670000 A60563000
Place of Publication: United States
Continuations: Monograph Series,any number
Academic Level: Extracurricular
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Table of Contents
Introduction                                       1  (1)
      About This Book                              2  (1)
      Conventions Used in This Book                2  (1)
      What You're Not to Read                      3  (1)
      Foolish Assumptions                          3  (1)
      How This Book Is Organized                   4  (2)
        Brushing Up on Biology                     4  (1)
        Delving into Stem Cell Science             4  (1)
        Discovering How Stem Cells Can Affect      5  (1)
        the Future
        Putting Stem Cells to Use Today            5  (1)
        Understanding the Debate: Ethics, Laws,    5  (1)
        and Money
        The Part of Tens                           6  (1)
      Icons Used in This Book                      6  (1)
      Where to Go from Here                        7  (2)
  Part I: Brushing Up on Biology                   9  (42)
    Painting the Broad Strokes of Stem Cell        11 (10)
      Working with Animals and Other Organisms     12 (4)
        Understanding the mouse's role in stem     13 (1)
        cell research
        Using mice in today's labs                 13 (3)
      Exploring What Scientists Know (And Don't    16 (5)
      Know) About Stem Cells
        Understanding stem cells' key properties   16 (2)
        Confirming that cells really are stem      18 (1)
        Figuring out how to use stem cells         19 (1)
        Looking at some unanswered questions       19 (2)
    Understanding Cells and Tissues                21 (16)
      Exploring Cell Structure and Function        21 (8)
        Sizing cells                               23 (2)
        Decoding cell messages: DNA and RNA        25 (1)
        Covering entrances and exits: How          25 (4)
        things get in and out of cells
        Understanding how cells communicate        29 (1)
      Building Tissues and Organs                  29 (4)
      Comparing Stem Cells to Other Kinds of       33 (4)
    Tracing the History of Stem Cell Research      37 (14)
      Regenerating Body Parts: Legends, Tales,     38 (3)
      and Truths
        Taking a look at ancient regeneration      38 (1)
        Looking at animals that can regenerate     39 (1)
        You do it, too: Regenerating human skin    40 (1)
        and blood
      Discovering the Genetic Controls in Cells    41 (5)
        Comparing ideas about heredity             41 (1)
        Understanding DNA                          42 (2)
        Mapping the genetic library                44 (1)
        Discovering growth factors                 44 (1)
        Identifying stem cells                     45 (1)
      Recapping Developments Since the 1950s       46 (5)
        Transplanting organs and tissues           46 (3)
        Developing in vitro fertilization          49 (1)
        Cloning animals                            50 (1)
  Part II: Delving into Stem Cell Science          51 (70)
    Starting with Embryonic Stem Cells             53 (18)
      Exploring the Stages of Embryonic            54 (3)
      Looking at the Role of In Vitro              57 (1)
      Fertilization in Creating Blastocysts
      Growing Embryonic Stem Cells from Extra      57 (2)
      Exploring Embryonic Stem Cell Properties     59 (3)
        Growing and growing and growing            59 (2)
        Generating any kind of cell                61 (1)
      Making Cells and Tissues                     62 (3)
        Directing cell specialization              62 (2)
        Growing pure cells                         64 (1)
      Touring the Lab: What Scientists Are         65 (3)
      Doing with Embryonic Stem Cells
        Looking at examples of current research    66 (1)
        Creating a basis for future research       67 (1)
      Understanding the Possibilities and          68 (3)
      Limitations of Embryonic Stem Cells
        What embryonic stem cells can do           68 (1)
        What embryonic stem cells can't do         69 (1)
        What embryonic stem cells may be able      69 (2)
        to do
    Understanding Adult Stem Cells                 71 (16)
      Demonstrating the Existence of Tissue        72 (1)
      Stem Cells
      Defining Adult Stem Cells (And the           72 (2)
      Problem with Definitions)
      Exploring the Abilities of Adult Stem        74 (3)
        Understanding how they work                75 (1)
        Figuring out their uses and limitations    76 (1)
      Finding Stem Cells in Tissues                77 (7)
        In bone marrow                             78 (3)
        In the brain                               81 (1)
        Miscellaneous adult stem cells             82 (2)
      Exploring Cord Blood Stem Cells              84 (1)
      Working with Adult Stem Cells                85 (2)
    Exploring Other Stem Cell Sources              87 (14)
      Why the Uproar?                              87 (1)
      Understanding Nuclear Transfer Techniques    88 (5)
        Getting inside somatic cell nuclear        89 (2)
        Bringing embryo development to a halt      91 (2)
        with altered nuclear transfer
      Exploring Other Techniques for Generating    93 (3)
      Pluripotent Cells
        Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis         93 (1)
        Males need not apply: Parthenogenesis      94 (2)
      Investigating Other Pluripotent Cell Types   96 (5)
        Collecting stem cells from tumors          96 (1)
        Exploring reproductive sources of          97 (1)
        pluripotent cells
        Engineering stem cells                     98 (3)
    Understanding Why Scientists Mix and Match     101(20)
      Exploring Hybrids                            102(3)
        Creating stronger versions of species      104(1)
        Using hybrids in the lab                   104(1)
      Decoding Chimeras                            105(3)
        Finding the chimera within                 106(1)
        Using chimeras to improve medicine         107(1)
      Comprehending Clones                         108(6)
        Using cloning methods to develop           109(2)
        Using cloning for research                 111(1)
        Understanding the difficulties of          111(3)
        cloning primates
      Discovering Cybrids                          114(3)
        Using cybrids to understand development    117(1)
        and disease
      Understanding the Uproar over                117(4)
      Cell-Swapping Technology
  Part III: Discovering How Stem Cells Can         121(60)
  Affect the Future
    Looking into Cancer's Cradle: Cancer Stem      123(14)
      Battling the Age-Old War on Cancer           123(1)
      Understanding What Cancer Is                 124(5)
        Changing cells' genetic instructions       125(1)
        Losing control of growth                   126(1)
        Cheating death                             127(1)
        Breaking out of tissue jail                128(1)
      Exploring the Idea of Cancer Stem Cells      129(5)
        Figuring out differences in cancer cells   132(1)
        Discovering similarities in normal and     133(1)
        cancerous stem cells
      Connecting Cancer, Stem Cells, and           134(3)
      Possible Therapies
    Using Stem Cells to Understand and Treat       137(22)
    Neurodegenerative Diseases
      Understanding Neurodegenerative Diseases     137(1)
      Attacking Alzheimer's Disease                138(7)
        Figuring out what happens in Alzheimer's   139(1)
        Testing cause-and-effect theories in       140(1)
        clinical trials
        Exploring genetic causes of Alzheimer's    141(1)
        Bringing stem cells into Alzheimer's       142(3)
      Treating Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS)          145(4)
        Understanding why ALS is so difficult      146(1)
        to treat
        Using stem cells to find new drugs and     147(2)
        save motor neurons
      Fighting Batten Disease                      149(1)
      Finding Treatments for Cerebral Palsy        150(1)
      Getting a Grip on Huntington's Disease       151(1)
      Tackling Niemann-Pick Disease                152(1)
      Treating Parkinson's Disease                 153(3)
        Understanding what happens in the          154(1)
        Parkinson's brain
        Using stem cells to replace critical       155(1)
        brain cells and seek drug treatments
      Creating New Treatments for Spinal Cord      156(1)
      Limiting the Effects of Stroke               157(2)
    Improving Therapies for Diseases of the        159(12)
    Heart, Liver, and Pancreas
      Different Diseases, Common Problems          159(1)
      Getting to the Core of Heart Disease         160(4)
        Using stem cells to look for new           161(1)
        Looking at a current clinical trial        162(1)
        involving stem cells
        Considering challenges to using stem       163(1)
        cell treatments for heart disease
      Looking into Potential Treatments for        164(2)
      Liver Disease
      Treating Diseases of the Pancreas            166(5)
        Investigating stem cell therapies for      167(1)
        Type 1 diabetes
        Exploring stem cell treatment ideas for    168(3)
        Type 2 diabetes
    Improving Drug Development                     171(10)
      Weighing the Pros and Cons of Current        172(2)
      Drug Treatments
        Doing their job well                       172(1)
        Bringing along unwanted guests             173(1)
      Looking at Why Drugs Are So Expensive        174(5)
        Finding promising drug-like chemicals      175(1)
        Proving a drug's safety and                176(2)
        Getting the regulatory green light         178(1)
      Getting Stem Cells into the Act              179(2)
  Part IV: Putting Stem Cells to Use Today         181(50)
    Where We Are Now: Stem Cell Treatments,        183(18)
    Trials, and Possibilities
      Looking at Treatments That Work Well Now     184(3)
        Using bone marrow transplants in           185(1)
        Grafting skin to treat burns               186(1)
      Assessing Treatments Currently Being         187(6)
        Going after other cancers                  187(2)
        Keeping heart disease at bay               189(1)
        Treating multiple sclerosis                190(1)
        Easing the effects of Type 1 diabetes      191(1)
        Attacking Iupus                            192(1)
      Investigating Promising Leads                193(3)
        Improving function in patients with        193(2)
        spinal cord injury
        Finding a treatment for Batten Disease     195(1)
      Exploring the Human Potential in Animal      196(1)
      Understanding the Challenges of Clinical     197(4)
      Trials and Experimental Treatments
        Understanding safety issues                197(1)
        Racing the clock                           198(3)
    Understanding the Role of Stem Cells in        201(20)
      Exploring Circumstances When Stem Cell       202(1)
      Transplant Is Appropriate
      Understanding the Challenges in Stem Cell    203(8)
        Choosing a source of stem cells            203(3)
        Finding and matching donors                206(4)
        Overcoming the body's immune response      210(1)
        Preventing disease relapse                 211(1)
      Going Through the Stages: What Happens in    211(4)
      a Stem Cell Transplant
        Evaluating the potential transplant        212(1)
        Preparing your body for the procedure      213(1)
        Receiving the transplant                   214(1)
        Waiting for old and new to work together   214(1)
      Seeing How It Works: Becoming a Donor        215(3)
        Donating blood-forming stem cells          216(1)
        Donating solid organs and tissues          216(1)
        Signing up to donate                       217(1)
      Understanding the Current State of           218(3)
      Transplant Medicine
    Putting Stem Cells in the Bank                 221(10)
      Examining Medical Uses of Cord Blood         221(1)
      Understanding How Cord Blood Banking Works   222(5)
        Weighing the pros and cons of private      223(1)
        and public banks
        Making a deposit                           224(2)
        Knowing what can go wrong                  226(1)
      Conducting Due Diligence: What You Need      227(3)
      to Know in Choosing to Bank
        Exploring standards of practice            228(2)
        Finding the right bank for you             230(1)
      Exploring the Future of Stem Cell Banking    230(1)
  Part V: Understanding the Debate: Ethics,        231(54)
  Laws, and Money
    Exploring Ethical, Religious,                  233(16)
    Philosophical, and Moral Questions
      Deciding When Personhood Begins              234(5)
        Considering definitions of personhood      234(4)
        ``Living and human'' versus ``living       238(1)
      ``Cooperating with Evil''---Another          239(2)
      Ethical Dilemma
      Looking at the Ethical Views of Creating     241(2)
      Embryos, Clones, and Chimeras
      Exploring the Questions on Fetal Tissue      243(2)
      Understanding the Ethical Concerns of        245(2)
      Genetic Testing and Manipulation
        Tracing the history of eugenics            245(2)
        Looking at genetic testing                 247(1)
      Dissecting the Goals of Stem Cell Research   247(2)
    Getting a Handle on Current Stem Cell Laws     249(20)
    and Policies
      Exploring the Relationship between           250(12)
      Science and Government
        Looking at the relationship between        251(1)
        funding and regulation in the United
        Providing funding                          252(4)
        Encouraging basic research and             256(2)
        Regulating for safety                      258(1)
        Restricting questionable practices         259(3)
      Undestanding General Political Pressures     262(2)
      Exploring Stem Cell Policies in              264(2)
      Individual States
      Looking at What Other Countries Are Doing    266(1)
      with Stem Cell Research
      Exploring the Roles of Science and           267(2)
      Medical Societies
    Following the Money: Understanding Stem        269(16)
    Cell Funding and Profits
      Taking a Look at Funding in the United       269(2)
      Looking at Government Funding                271(4)
        Considering arguments for and against      273(1)
        government funding
        Exploring how federal money can advance    274(1)
        stem cell research
      Understanding Academic Funding               275(1)
      Getting Private Foundations Involved         276(1)
      Understanding the Role of Private Industry   277(2)
      Establishing Ownership Through Patents       279(6)
      and Licenses
        Understanding how patents work             279(1)
        Exploring patens in stem cell research     280(1)
        Looking at objections to the WARF          281(1)
        Cutting through patent thickets            282(1)
        Seeing how patents affect funding          283(2)
  Part VI: The Part of Tens                        285(44)
    Ten (or So) Stem Cell Myths                    287(8)
      Stem Cells Come Only from Aborted Fetuses    287(1)
      Embryos Are Created Just to Be Destroyed     288(1)
      Stem Cells from Adults Can Do Everything     289(1)
      Embryonic Stem Cells Can
      Reserachers Don't Need to Create Any More    289(1)
      Embryonic Stem Cell Lines
      Advances in Drug Therapies Eliminate the     290(1)
      Need for Stem Cell Research
      Stem Cell Research Will Lead to Human        291(1)
      If The Research Were Really So Powerful,     291(1)
      Private Companies Would Fund It
      Stem Cells From Adults Are Already Curing    292(1)
      Many Diseases
      Nothing Has Yet Come Out of Embryonic        293(1)
      Stem Cell Research
      Hope Equals Hype                             294(1)
      President Bush Banned Embryonic Stem Cell    294(1)
    Ten Hurdles to Stem Cell Use                   295(8)
      Knowing Whether Stem Cells Can Actually      295(1)
      Fix What Ails You
      Cultivating Enough Cells                     296(1)
      Getting the Right Cells for the Job          297(1)
      Eliminating Unwanted Cells                   297(1)
      Matching Cells and Patients                  298(1)
      Delivering Cells to Their Destination        299(1)
      Keeping Track of Cells                       300(1)
      Ensuring Safety                              300(1)
      Setting Up Clinical Trials                   301(1)
      Figuring Out Healthcare Delivery             302(1)
    Ten Possibilities for the Future of Stem       303(8)
      Fighting and Winning the War on Cancer       303(1)
      Developing Drugs that Tell Your Stem         304(1)
      Cells What to Do
      Growing Replacement Tissues in the Lab       305(1)
      Healing Spinal Cord Injuries                 306(1)
      Improving Treatments for Huntington's,       306(1)
      Lou Gehrig's, and Parkinson's Disease
      Helping Stroke Victims                       307(1)
      Beating Multiple Sclerosis                   308(1)
      Reversing Retinal Degeneration               308(1)
      Fixing a Broken Heart                        309(1)
      Assisting Diabetes Patients                  309(2)
    Ten (or So) things to Do Before you            311(12)
    Consider Stem Cell Treatment
      Look for Independent Oversight and           312(1)
      Regulation of the Clinic
      Understand Your Disease and Why the          312(1)
      Treatment Might Work
      Find Out How the Treatment Was Developed     313(1)
      Know What You're Getting with                314(1)
      Experimental Treatments
      Ask About Risks and Side Effects             315(2)
      Look for valid Confirmation                  317(1)
      Beware of Patient Testimonials               317(1)
      Watch Out for Hidden Costs                   318(1)
      Get a Second (and Third) Reputable,          319(1)
      Expert Opinion
      Make Sure That Your Consent Really is        319(1)
      Know How to spot Scams and Charlatans        320(3)
    Ten (or So) Great Resources to Stay Up to      323(6)
      National Academies/National Academy of       323(1)
      National Institutes of Health                324(1)
      International Society for Stem Cell          325(1)
      Harvard Stem Cell Institute                  325(1)
      University of California-San Diego Stem      325(1)
      Cell Initiative
      NIH Clinical Trials Registry                 326(1)
      National Bone Marrow Program/C.W. Bill       326(1)
      Young Cell Transplantation Program
      The Nobel Foundation                         327(1)
      American Society of Reproductive Medicine    327(1)
      National Bioethics Panels                    327(1)
      Stem Cell News Sites                         328(1)
Glossary                                           329(10)
Index                                              339

The first authoritative yet accessible guide to this controversial topic Stem Cell Research For Dummies offers a balanced, plain-English look at this politically charged topic, cutting away the hype and presenting the facts clearly for you, free from debate. It explains what stem cells are and what they do, the legalities of harvesting them and using them in research, the latest research findings from the U.S. and abroad, and the prospects for medical stem cell therapies in the short and long term. Explains the differences between adult stem cells and embryonic/umbilical cord stem cells Provides both sides of the political debate and the pros and cons of each side's opinions Includes medical success stories using stem cell therapy and its promise for the future Comprehensive and unbiased, Stem Cell Research For Dummies is the only guide you need to understand this volatile issue.

Introduction. Part IBroad Strokes of Stem Cell Science. Chapter 2: Understanding Cells and Tissues. Chapter 3: Tracing the History of Stem Cell Research. Part II: Delving into Stem Cell Science. Chapter 4: Starting with Embryonic Stem Cells. Chapter 5: Understanding Adult Stem Cells. Chapter 6: Exploring Other Stem Cell Sources. Chapter 7: Understanding Why Scientists Mix and Match Cells. Part III: Discovering How Stem Cells Can Affect the Future. Chapter 8: Looking into Cancer's Cradle: Cancer Stem Cells. Chapter 9: Using Stem Cells to Understand and Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases. Chapter 10: Improving Therapies for Diseases of the Heart, Liver, and Pancreas. Chapter 11: Improving Drug Development. Part IV: Putting Stem Cells to Use Today. Chapter 12: Where We Are Now: Stem Cell Treatments, Trials, and Possibilities. Chapter 13: Understanding the Role of Stem Cells in Transplants. Chapter 14: Putting Stem Cells in the Bank. Part V: Understanding the Debate: Ethics, Laws, and Money. Chapter 15: Exploring Ethical, Religious, Philosophical, and Moral Questions. Chapter 16: Getting a Handle on Current Stem Cell Laws and Policies. Chapter 17: Following the Money: Understanding Stem Cell Funding and Profits. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 18: Ten (or So) Stem Cell Myths. Chapter 19: Ten Hurdles to Stem Cell Use. Chapter 20: Ten Possibilities for the Future of Stem Cells. Chapter 21: Ten (or So) Things to Do Before You Consider Stem Cell Treatment. Chapter 22: Ten (or So) Great Resources to Stay Up to Date. Glossary. Index.