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Making Dyslexia Work for You (2ND): Goodwin, Vicki/ Thomson, Bonita: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Making Dyslexia Work for You (2ND)
Making Dyslexia Work for You (2ND)
Publisher : Routledge
Published Date : 2012/01
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780415597562

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Edition: Subsequent
Table of Contents
Acknowledgements                                   vii
Introduction                                       ix
Using our website                                  xi
  PART 1 Dyslexia and you                          1  (58)
    1 Finding out about dyslexia and the brain     3  (15)
    2 Exploring your dyslexia                      18 (19)
    3 How dyslexia affects you                     37 (15)
    4 Support from those close to you              52 (7)
  PART 2 Finding the best way for you              59 (108)
    5 Reading and the world of print               61 (23)
    6 Getting down what you want to say            84 (27)
    7 Getting done what you want to do             111(13)
    8 Self-esteem and motivation                   124(9)
    9 Handling numbers                             133(16)
    10 Making memory work for you                  149(18)
  PART 3 Resources for you                         167(40)
    11 Helping yourself with technology            169(20)
    12 Looking wider                               189(18)
      Appendix A Checklist for dyslexia            207(4)
      Appendix B Useful and interesting books      211(3)
      Appendix C Useful addresses                  214(3)
      Appendix D Glossary                          217(6)
Index                                              223

Written for dyslexic adults or anyone who thinks they might be dyslexic, this bold and imaginative book is deliberately concise and easy to dip into. User-friendly, essential guide to the world of study and work for anyone with dyslexia; Identifies the key needs of adults and young people who are dyslexic; Encourages them to put together their own package of ideas and strategies for success; Offers practical activities, examples and support covering reading, memory, organization, self-esteem, IT and dyslexia in the workplace; Over 100 topics from this book are expanded on our online resource. This unique guide to overcoming the day-to-day difficulties associated with dyslexia will also be of great interest to employers, colleagues, teachers, friends and family of those with dyslexia.

Part 1. Dyslexia and you Chapter 1. Finding out about dyslexia Chapter 2. Exploring your dyslexia Chapter 3. Finding out about the way you learn and what you need Chapter 4. Support from those close to you Part 2. Finding the best way for you Chapter 5. The world of print Chapter 6. Getting down what you want to say Chapter 7. Getting done what you want to do Chapter 8. Self-esteem and motivation Chapter 9. Handling numbers Chapter 10. Memory Part 3. Resources for you Chapter 11. Helping yourself with technology Chapter 12. Looking wider Appendix A. Checklist for Dyslexia Appendix B. Useful and interesting books Appendix C. Useful addresses Appendix D. GlossaryCassandra Phoenix 2. Fell running in post-sport territories Michael Atkinson 3. Talking T-shirts: a visual exploration of youth material culture Clive C. Pope 4. Setting the scene: hailing women into a running identity Meridith Griffin 5. Power and focus: self-representation of female college athletes Vikki Krane, Sally R. Ross, Montana Miller, Julie L. Rowse, Kristy Ganoe, Jaclyn A. Andrzejczyk and Cathryn B. Lucas 6. Embodying understanding: drawing as research in sport and exercise Hannah M. Gravestock 7. 'What it was in my eyes': picturing youths' embodiment in 'real' spaces Laura Azzarito and Jennifer Sterling 8. The influence of marianismo beliefs on physical activity of mid-life immigrant Latinas: a Photovoice study Karen T. D'Alonzo and Manoj Sharma 9. Renewal, strength and commitment to self and others: older women's reflections of the benefits of exercise using Photovoice Joanie Sims-Gould, Laura Hurd Clarke, Maureen C. Ashe, John Naslund and Teresa Liu-Ambrose 10. Shooting a diary, not just a hoop: using video diaries to explore the embodied everyday contexts of a university basketball team Jim Cherrington and Beccy Watson 11. Seeing is believing: telling the 'inside' story of a beginning masters athlete through film Mary Ann Kluge, Bevan C. Grant, Lorraine Friend and Linda Glick