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The World According to Clarkson: Clarkson, Jeremy: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The World According to Clarkson
The World According to Clarkson
Publisher : Penguin Global
Published Date : 2010/03
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780141017891

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A25600000
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Table of Contents
    Another Day's Holiday? Please, Give Me a       1  (4)
    All This Health and Safety Talk is Just        5  (4)
    Killing Me
    Men are a Lost Cause, and We're Proud of It    9  (4)
    We Let Them Get Away with Murder on Radio      13 (4)
    Willkommen and Achtung, This is Austrian       17 (4)
    Gee Whiz Guys, But the White House is Small    21 (4)
    Flying Round the World, No Seat is First       25 (4)
    They're Trying to Lower the Pulse of Real      29 (4)
    Forget the Euro, Just Give Us a Single         33 (4)
    I'd Have Laid Down My Life for Wotsisname      37 (4)
    Creeping Suburbia isn't Quite What I           41 (4)
    Is It a Plane? No, It's a Flying Vegetable     45 (4)
    Is This a Winner's Dinner or a Dog's           49 (4)
    Call This a Riot? It was a Complete Washout    53 (4)
    Being a Millionaire is Just One Step from      57 (4)
    being Skint
    What Does It Take to Get a Decent Meal         61 (4)
    Round Here?
    Cutting Lawns is the Last Word in              65 (4)
    An Invitation from My Wife I Wish I Could      69 (4)
    How Big a Mistake are You Going to Make?       73 (4)
    America, Twinned with the Fatherland           77 (4)
    Cornered by a German Mob Bent on Revenge       81 (4)
    Wising Up to the EU After My Tussles in        85 (4)
    A Weekend in Paris, the City of Daylight       89 (4)
    It's a Work of Art, and It was Built on Our    93 (4)
    They Speak the Language of Death in Basque     97 (4)
    Reason Takes a Bath in the Swimming Pool       101(4)
    You Can Fly an Awfully Long Way on Patience    105(4)
    What I Missed on My Hols: Everyday Madness     109(4)
    Rule the Waves? These Days We're Lost at Sea   113(4)
    Why Can't We Do Big or Beautiful Any More?     117(4)
    Learn from Your Kids and Chill Out             121(4)
    Going to the Dentist in the Teeth of All       125(4)
    Sea Duel with the Fastest Migrants in the      129(4)
    My Verdict? Juries are As Guilty As Hell .     133(4)
    . .
    The More We're Told the Less We Know           137(4)
    Without a PR Protector, I'm Just Another       141(4)
    Fat Git
    Why Have an Argument? Let's Say It with        145(4)
    Speaking As a Father, I'll Never be a Mother   149(4)
    I'm Just Talkin' 'Bout My Generation,          153(4)
    Chin Up, My Little Angel -- Winning is for     157(4)
    A Murderous Fox Has Made Me Shoot David        161(4)
    I Bring You News from the Edge of the          165(4)
    Go to the Big Top: It's Better than Big        169(4)
    The Nit-picking Twitchers Out to Ground        173(4)
    Cricket's the National Sport of Time Wasters   177(4)
    Have I Got News . . . I'm Another Failed       181(4)
    Home Alone Can be the Perfect State for a      185(4)
    Ivan the Terrible is One Hell of a             189(4)
    In Terror Terms, Rambo Has a Lot to Answer     193(4)
    House-Price Slump? It's the School Run,        197(4)
    The Lottery will Subsidise Everything,         201(4)
    Except Fun
    The Shuttle's Useless, But Book Me on the      205(4)
    Next Flight
    When the Chips are Down, I'm with the          209(4)
    Save the Turtles: Put Adverts on Their         213(4)
    Give Me a Moment to Sell You Staffordshire     217(4)
    A Quick Snoop Behind the Queen's Net           221(4)
    Who Needs Abroad When You Can Holiday in       225(4)
    We Have the Galleries, But Where's the Art?    229(4)
    You Think SARS is Bad? There's Worse Out       233(4)
    Mandela Just Doesn't Deserve His Pedestal      237(4)
    In Search of Lost Time, One Chin and a Life    241(4)
    In Search of a Real Garden at the Chelsea      245(4)
    To Boldly Go Where Nobody's Tried a Dumb       249(4)
    Record Before
    Beckham's Tried, Now It's My Turn to Tame      253(4)
    the Fans
    The Unhappiest People on Earth? You'd Never    257(4)
    Welcome to Oafsville: It's Any Town Near You   261(4)
    If Only My Garden Grew As Well As the Hair     265(4)
    in My Ears
    Men, You Have Nothing to FEAR But Acronyms     269(4)
    Red Sky at Night, Michael Fish's Satellite     273(4)
    is On Fire
    I Wish I'd Chosen Marijuana and Biscuits       277(4)
    Over Real Life
    I've been to Paradise . . . It was an          281(4)
    Absolute Pain
    Eureka, I've Discovered a Cure for Science     285(4)
    Why the Booker Shortlist Always Loses the      289(4)
    Look in the Souvenir Shop and Weep for         293(4)
    Eton -- It's Worse than an Inner-City          297(4)
    A Giant Leap Back for Mankind                  301(7)
    What a Wonderful Flight into National          308(4)
    The Peace Game in Iraq is Jeux sans            312(4)
    The Juries are Scarier than the Criminals      316(4)
    They're Trying to Frame Kristen Scott Donkey   320(4)
    All I Want for Christmas is a Ban on Office    324

The world is an exciting and confusing place for Jeremy Clarkson - a man who can find the overgrown schoolboy in us all.In The World According to Clarkson, one of the country's funniest comic writers has free reign to expose absurdity, celebrate eccentricity and entertain richly in the process.And the net is cast wide: from the chronic unsuitability of men to look after children for long periods or as operators of 'white goods', Nimbyism, cricket and PlayStations, to astronomy, David Beckham, 70's rock, the demise of Concorde, the burden of an Eton education and the shocking failure of Tom Clancy to make it on to the Booker shortlist, The World According to Clarkson is a hilarious snapshot of the life in the 21st century that will have readers wincing with embarrassed recognition and crying with laughter.It's not about the cars!