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StrengthsFinder 2.0 : By the New York Times Bestselling Author of Wellbeing: Rath, Tom: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
تفاصيل الكتاب
StrengthsFinder 2.0 : By the New York Times Bestselling Author of Wellbeing
StrengthsFinder 2.0 : By the New York Times Bestselling Author of Wellbeing
عن طريق Rath, Tom
الناشر : Gallup Pr
تاريخ الطبع. : 2007/02
Binding : Hardcover
رقم الكتاب المتسلسل ( أي أس بي إن) : 9781595620156

مبلغ البوك ويب : AED 120.00

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اللغة : English
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Source: ENG
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Professional
Baker & Taylor Book Watch Fall 2010
Baker & Taylor Book Watch Spring 2011
Baker & Taylor Book Watch Fall 2012
Baker & Taylor Book Watch Spring 2012
Baker & Taylor Book Watch Spring 2013
Table of Contents
StrengthsFinder: The Next Generation               i
  PART I: Finding Your Strengths --- An            1  (32)
  PART II: Applying Your Strengths                 33 (142)
    The 34 Themes and Ideas for Action
      Achiever                                     37 (4)
      Activator                                    41 (4)
      Adaptability                                 45 (4)
      Analytical                                   49 (4)
      Arranger                                     53 (4)
      Belief                                       57 (4)
      Command                                      61 (4)
      Communication                                65 (4)
      Competition                                  69 (4)
      Connectedness                                73 (4)
      Consistency                                  77 (4)
      Context                                      81 (4)
      Deliberative                                 85 (4)
      Developer                                    89 (4)
      Discipline                                   93 (4)
      Empathy                                      97 (4)
      Focus                                        101(4)
      Futuristic                                   105(4)
      Harmony                                      109(4)
      Ideation                                     113(4)
      Includer                                     117(4)
      Individualization                            121(4)
      Input                                        125(4)
      Intellection                                 129(4)
      Learner                                      133(4)
      Maximizer                                    137(4)
      Positivity                                   141(4)
      Relator                                      145(4)
      Responsibility                               149(4)
      Restorative                                  153(4)
      Self-Assurance                               157(4)
      Significance                                 161(4)
      Strategic                                    165(4)
      Woo                                          169(4)
    Vfaq (Very Frequently Asked Question)          173(2)
    Learn More                                     175

DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO BEST EVERY DAY? Chances are, you don't. From the cradle to the cubicle, we devote more time to fixing our shortcomings than to developing our strengths. To help people uncover their talents, Gallup introduced StrengthsFinder in the 2001 management book "Now, Discover Your Strengths." The book ignited a global conversation, while StrengthsFinder helped millions discover their top five talents. In "StrengthsFinder 2.0," Gallup unveils the new and improved version of its popular online assessment. With hundreds of strategies for applying your strengths, "StrengthsFinder 2.0" will change the way you look at yourself -- and the world -- forever. AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY IN "STRENGTHSFINDER 2.0" (using the access code included with each book): The StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment, fine-tuned to be faster and more accurate A "Strengths Discovery and Action-Planning Guide" featuring: a customized version of your top five theme report; 50 Ideas for Action for building on your top five themes; and a strengths-based action plan for setting goals And much more on the StrengthsFinder 2.0 website: A strengths community area; resources, activities, and discussion guides; a strengths screensaver; and a program for creating display cards of your top five themes
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