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The Undercover Economist: Harford, Tim: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
تفاصيل الكتاب
The Undercover Economist
The Undercover Economist
عن طريق Harford, Tim
الناشر : Abacus
تاريخ الطبع. : 2007/05
Binding : Paperback
رقم الكتاب المتسلسل ( أي أس بي إن) : 9780349119854

مبلغ البوك ويب : AED 52.00

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شرح تفاصيل الكتاب
Times Literary Supplement July 13, 2007 No.5441
Table of Contents
Acknowledgements                                   ix
Introduction                                       1  (4)
    Who Pays for Your Coffee?                      5  (26)
    What Supermarkets Don't Want You to Know       31 (29)
    Perfect Markets and the `World of Truth'       60 (19)
    Crosstown Traffic                              79 (32)
    The Inside Story                               111(28)
    Rational Insanity                              139(19)
    The Men Who Knew the Value of Nothing          158(21)
    Why Poor Countries Are Poor                    179(24)
    Beer, Chips and Globalisation                  203(30)
    How China Grew Rich                            233(24)
Notes                                              257(13)
Index                                              270

Who makes most money from the demand for cappuccinos early in the morning at Waterloo Station? Why is it impossible to get a foot on the property ladder? How does the Mafia make money from laundries when street gangs pushing drugs don't? Who really benefits from immigration? How can China, in just fifty years, go from the world's worst famine to one of the greatest economic revolutions of all time, lifting a million people out of poverty a month? Looking at familiar situations in unfamiliar ways, THE UNDERCOVER ECONOMIST is a fresh explanation of the fundamental principles of the modern economy, illuminated by examples from the streets of London to the booming skyscrapers of Shanghai to the sleepy canals of Bruges. Leaving behind textbook jargon and equations, Tim Harford will reveal the games of signals and negotiations, contests of strength and battles of wit that drive not only the economy at large but the everyday choices we make.
مراجعة وتعليق الأعضاء
The Undercover Economist
By He Shujun 09/Jun/2011 14:12:30
Excellent introduction into the field of Economics, focusing on its daily application. Easily digestible and definitely an enjoyable read.
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