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Designing for Growth : A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers: Liedtka, Jeanne/ Ogilvie, Tim: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
تفاصيل الكتاب
Designing for Growth : A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers
Designing for Growth : A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers
عن طريق Liedtka, Jeanne / Ogilvie, Tim
الناشر : Columbia Univ Pr
تاريخ الطبع. : 2011/06
Binding : Hardcover
رقم الكتاب المتسلسل ( أي أس بي إن) : 9780231158381

مبلغ البوك ويب : AED 129.00

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اللغة : English
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شرح تفاصيل الكتاب
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A48400300 A48404000
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Baker & Taylor Forecast - June 2011
Shelf Worthy - Adult Trade - Spring 2012
Table of Contents
Acknowledgements                                   ix
  Section I The Why and How of Design Thinking     1  (38)
    Chapter One Why Design?                        3  (18)
    Chapter Two Four Questions, Ten Tools          21 (18)
  Section II What is?                              39 (54)
    Chapter Three Visualization                    49 (12)
    Chapter Four Journey Mapping                   61 (14)
    Chapter Five Value Chain Analysis              75 (6)
    Chapter Six Mind Mapping                       81 (12)
  Section III What if?                             93 (28)
    Chapter Seven Brainstorming                    103(10)
    Chapter Eight Concept Development              113(8)
  Section IV What wows?                            121(30)
    Chapter Nine Assumption Testing                131(10)
    Chapter Ten Rapid Prototyping                  141(10)
  Section V What works?                            151(28)
    Chapter Eleven Customer Co-Creation            159(8)
    Chapter Twelve Learning Launch                 167(12)
  Section VI Leading Growth and Innovation in      179(20)
  Your Organization
  Appendix                                         199(22)
      The Project Management Aids                  201(12)
      CNVC's List of Universal Human Needs         213(8)
        Further Reading                            217(4)
Notes                                              221(4)
About the Authors                                  225

Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie educate readers in one of the hottest trends in business: "design thinking," or the ability to turn abstract ideas into practical applications for maximal business growth. Liedtka and Ogilvie cover the mind-set, techniques, and vocabulary of design thinking, unpack the mysterious connection between design and growth, and teach managers in a straightforward way how to exploit design's exciting potential. Exemplified by Apple and the success of its elegant products and cultivated by high-profile design firms such as IDEO, design thinking unlocks creative right-brain capabilities to solve a range of problems. This approach has become a necessary component of successful business practice, helping managers turn abstract concepts into everyday tools that grow business while minimizing risk.
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